May I Borrow A piece of You? (Part 1)

May I Borrow A piece of You? (Part 1)

A Chapter by Lady Cardinal

How far would you go to help your love one...


            "So what do you do for a living?"

            "I'm a medical examiner," Leko replied as he took a sip of red wine.  The young woman sitting across him was Mary Ann Leta.  She was the journalist for the New York Times.

            "Really?  A true medical examiner?  That must be an interesting career."  She flipped a piece of her curly black hair over her shoulder and leaned in slowly.  Leko had to hold back his grimace a he had a perfect view down her revealing blouse.  He knew exactly what she wanted.  He smiled instead.

            "The actual examination is quite dull in my opinion but the story behind the body is the fascinating part."  This time it was Leko's turn to lean in as he stared into her sickening blue eyes.  "Do you know what it takes to kill a person?"

            Mary Ann held her breath as she looked into his eyes.  If it had been any other guy that had asked that, she would have been crept out and made an excuse to leave but Leko was something different.  Something about him drew her in.  It was hard for her to focus on what he was saying let alone keep her mind clean.

            "No, I don't know," she said breathlessly.  Leko's green eyes were sparkling with delight.

            "Guts.  Guts to do the unforgiving.”

            "Can you kill someone?" she whispered.  She leaned in closer.  She was more than half way across the tiny dinner table.  Her face was inches away from his.  She could feel his hot breath blowing across her face.  There was tension between them.  She could feel it in her bones and it only excited her more.

            Leko laughed and leaned away from her quickly.  He had broken the tension that she had felt.  She leaned back into her chair.  How long had she been sweating?  She quickly wiped her forehead with her napkin.

            "No.  I don't think I could kill someone.  Anyone that kills must have a very disturbing and sick mind.  Don't you agree?" Leko asked as he took a sip of wine.

            "Oh course!  I couldn't agree with you more," she said quickly.  Leko smiled at her.  She wanted to please him in any way she could.  He was sure that if he told her to stab her eye out with that fork for him, she would do it without hesitation.  He just had that gift for wooing anyone.

            He glanced down at his watch.  It was time to go.  The quicker this was over, the quicker he could get Jessica re-attached.

            "Hey why don't we ditch this place and perhaps go over to my house?  I only live a block away from here," he hinted.  He was sure that was what she was waiting to hear during the whole dinner.

            "That sounds like a wonderful idea!" she squeaked with excitement.  Leko called for a check and five minutes later the two of them were walking down the street, hand in hand.

            His heart was thumping faster with every step.  His excitement was getting a hold of him.  He had waited for five months of trying to find the perfect girl.  It was just a stroke of luck that he saw her interviewing one of his co-workers.  She was just the right size, shape, and color.  He was afraid that he was going to have to break his promise to Jessica.  He couldn't bear the thought of doing that to her.

            "Here we are," he said.  His house was the one on the far corner.  It was a lonely street because every house on his street was empty.  Leko made sure that it stayed like that.

            "You have such a beautiful house," Mary Ann said in awe.

            "Thank you," Leko replied absentmindedly.  His mind was still on Jessica and the promise.  He opened the door and led her in.  The lights automatically came on.

            "Wow that is so neat.”  She was looking up at the lights.

            "Mhm," Leko wanted to shoot himself.  This lady was annoying in so many ways.  He sighed heavily.  He was going to hate every minute after this.

            He grabbed hold of her and pressed her against the wall.  His lips crushed into hers grudgingly.  Jessica had better appreciate how far I'm going.  This is all for her, he thought painfully. 

            He broke the kiss long enough to grab hold of her shirt and pulled it over her head.  He wanted to puke as he saw her over-sized breasts that were practically rolling out of her bra.  She felt dirty to him.  She probably slept with every man she knew; maybe everyone in this whole damn city.

            If only he could snap her neck now and get on with the procedure but then he wouldn't have his own version of fun with her.  He was going to have to suffer a little bit more.  No pain, no game. 

Mary Ann had followed his act by taking off his shirt.  Her hands ran up and down his chest.  She bit her bottom lip as she looked at him.  She traced his abs with her finger.  How she wanted to devour him.  Why hadn’t she seen this man before?  Where was he hiding all this time?  Well he was a medical examiner so he must have been looked up in a lab.  What a shame, she thought.  To have such a sexy man locked up with dead bodies. 

            Leko grabbed her arms and started pushing her toward the basement door that was a little way down the hallway. 

            “I think there is a more comfortable place for this event,” Leko whispered into her ear.  Her face grew hot.  Her face must have been as red as a tomato.

            “Here is just fine,” she kissed his neck.  Her hands were sliding down to undo his pants but Leko took hold of both her hands in his.  His patience was dwindling down quickly.

            “My house, my rules,” he said as playfully as possible.  He was going to have to put more force into this if she didn’t do what he had asked. 

            “Oh ok then.  Where at?” she sighed and backed up a little.  Leko smiled sweetly and pointed at the door leading down to the basement still holding her hand.  She wrinkled her nose.  “The basement?”

            “Oh yes the basement.  I have a really special surprise down there that I just can't wait to show you," Leko said.  Mary's eyes lit up at the mention of a special surprise.

            "Is it a present for me?  We haven't even known each other for a day," she exclaimed.

            "Oh but I already know so much about you.  Who doesn’t know about the gorgeous reporter in the city?  It's never too soon to spring a pleasant surprise on such a pleasant girl like you, but let me place this blind fold on you. I don't want to give it away too quickly now."  Mary giggled as Leko took out a velvet red cloth out of his pocket and wrapped it tightly around her eyes.
            "Oh Leko.  I haven't had this much fun for a long time."
            “Oh, it will get even better.  I know I'll enjoy myself.”  Leko sneered.

“Maybe after the surprise I can blindfold you and give you a pleasant surprised,” she purred.  Leko was glad she was already blindfolded because he couldn’t help but gag.  He couldn’t imagine anyone else but Jessica to touch him.  He was already planning to scrub his skin raw when he gets the moment to take a shower.  But he had too many things to do.  He looked at the basement door.

He couldn't remember how many times he came down here and look at Jessica.  He would talk to her through the glass every night though he knew she couldn't hear him.  He had lost count how many times he had pictured this moment in his mind.  He combed through the procedure plenty of times that it felt surreal to him that he was actually going to do it tonight.

            He led the blind Mary carefully down the wooden stairs of where everything was.  The basement was completely bear for the exception of a table and a cart covered with a gray tarp in the middle of the room.  Opposite from the stairs was another door that had five different types of locks on it.  Goosebumps were forming up and down Mary's arms.

"Why is it so cold in here?" she complained.

            "You won't have to worry about the cold for long.  I can turn up the heat anywhere."  Mary giggled again.  He hoped that would be her last giggle.  The sound was nauseating to him.  He led her to the side of the table and let go her hand.

            Mary stood there uncertainly.  Leko looked away from her in disgust and walked towards the locked door.

            "Take the rest of your clothes off but keep the blind fold on a little longer," he called over his shoulder as he fished out his keys and started unlocking the locks on the door.

            "I thought that was your job."  She bit her finger as the excitement inside her grew even more.
            "Oh no.  I have a different job to work.  Just be a good girl and do what I asked.  While you're getting undressed, I'm going to get everything ready for I'm going to make sure this is a night you will never forget."  Mary snapped off her bra and unbuttoned her pants.  She knew for a fact that there was no way she was going to be able to forget this night or any other night that she would spend with this erotic man. 

            She heard a door open and footsteps fading away.  She stood there naked and started to shiver from the cold.  It was as if she was in a refrigerator.  She lightly jumped when she felt a pair of warm hands on her hips.  She didn’t hear up come up behind her.

            “Sleep tight for a second.  I still have preparation to do,” Leko whispered softly in her right ear.  Confusion washed over her.

            “Wha-” she started to ask before she felt a sharp pinch on her neck and darkness took over her.

            She dreamt she was in the middle of the desert.  She looked around her but saw nothing.  She felt like she needed to panic.

            “Hello Mary,” a voice called from behind her.  She smiled as she recognized his voice.

            “Leko I’m so glad you’re here.  I’m lost.”  She turned around but her smile slid off her face.  Leko was standing in front of her but his appearance was altered.  He was shirtless but on his back was a pair of black skeleton wings.  Long horns were sprouting out from the top of his jet black hair and started to coil.  A long black leather whip was in his hands.  She looked into his eyes and only saw neon green cat eyes looking back at her.  “I don’t understand.”

            “What is there to understand?”  He flicked the whip so it would make the cracking sound.  “I am a soul that’s trapped in another body and have to walk the Earth for all eternity.  Every day I am becoming more human but more psychotic.  I’m just living life like everyone else.”  He cracked his whip again.  Mary turned around and started to run but the whip was around his feet.  She fell hard in the sand.

            “You should be honored.  You’re giving your life to the one that I love.”

            Mary woke up with a start.  The blindfold was gone and she was staring at the basement ceiling.  She could feel the cool metal table on her naked body.

            “I see that you are awake.  Lovely.”  Leko came into her view.  He was wearing a white lab coat with a surgical mask.  His white gloved hands brushed against her cheek.  Chills went down her spine.  She tried to yank his hand away from her but her wrists were strapped down on the table.  She looked down to see what he had done.  Her feet, wrists, and waist were strapped down with heavy brown buckled straps.  There were dotted lines on her ankles, thigh, wrists, elbows, and right down the middle of her stomach.

            “What are you going to do to me?” Mary whispered.  Tears were streaming down her cheeks.

            “Oh don’t cry.  This is the surprise!  This is where the real fun begins.  You see this gorgeous girl on the other table?”  Leko pointed to the left.  She looked over and noticed that a beautiful naked redhead girl was on the same kind of metal table as she was.  She was missing her right arm and both her legs.  Mary was starting to connect the dots.

            “You’re going to take my arm and legs and place them on her?”  She looked up at Leko in horror.  He smiled at her sweetly. 

            “You have no idea how long I have been searching for the right body that was worthy for my Jessica to have.  You are the right body type.  Your legs are in excellent shape.  Your arm is nice and tone.  She’ll love it.  For that I thank you.  I can have my Jessica in my arms again.  We can make sweet love with each other once more.”  Leko laughed lightly as he looked down at Mary.  “She’s the only one that gets me excited anymore.  Well the quicker we get this done, the quicker my Jessica is up and walking about.”

            “WAIT!! WAIT!!  WHY CAN’T YOU KILL ME BEFORE?!” She screamed out as Leko turned his back to her to grab something off a small tray.  He looked over his shoulder.

            “Jessica is the saint.  I, however, am a demon.  No matter how much I love her I cannot and will not change my ways.  I like to play with my mouse before I kill.  It’s…” he looked up at the ceiling as he tried to find the right word.  “…relaxing.  Yes that’s it.  I find it very relaxing.  I’m afraid you won’t be dying anytime’ll take good care of you and make sure you survive.  Who knows maybe you’ll grow on me and I’ll keep you as a pet.”  He turned around to grab something off a tray that was on a rolling table.  He turned back around with a butcher knife in his hand.  He ran a long finger along the edge.

            “Please…” plead Mary- how quickly things change when she least expected.  Leko started to sing as he cleaned his butcher knife.

            You’re just too good to be true

Can’t take my eyes off you

You’d be like heaven to touch

I wanna hold you so much”

            “You’re sick,” choked Mary.  “People are going to know I’m missing and they’ll find you.  You’ll go to jail.  You’ll go on death row!”

            “I highly doubt it love.  I’ve been on death row by the way.  It’s not as bad as it sounds.” He wiped a speck of dirt of the blade.  He turned towards her and get closer to the table.  He brushed his gloved hand across her cheek one more time.  Mary closed her eyes as a tear came down.

            I love you baby, and if it’s quite alright”

            Leko placed his left hand over her mouth.

            I need you baby to warm the lonely night”

            He started with her right arm.  Her screams were pressed against his hand.  She could feel each tooth of the knife sinking into her skin.  She opened her eyes to look at Leko.  He was still the most beautiful being she had ever set eyes on.  How many had he killed before her?  How many women did he capture with his beauty only to see the darker and dirtier side of him?  She didn’t know if that redhead was lucky or cursed to have his love.  Leko removed his hand from her mouth since she didn’t have any more energy to scream. 

            Her arm was gone.  There was so much blood and she was close to passing out from the pain.

            “It’s a curse,” she whispered.

            “Hmm?”  Leko asked as he moved the arm to the other table.

            “She’s cursed to have your love.”  Without she passed out and never woke again.

© 2012 Lady Cardinal

Author's Note

Lady Cardinal
This is just a small piece of a story idea I had a couple years back. I unearthed it from my many story ideas I have cluttered in my documents and decided to dust it off, polish it a little bit, and throw it at you to see your thoughts. Trying to figure out if it's one I want to continue on with or not. It's actually a linked to a novel I'm writing right now(Demon Race). Meh let me know your thoughts.

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I agree with Erik Hirsch. You had my attention the entire way through and I would love to read more :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

The beginning of the piece is the worst part about it, which is unfortunate because a lot of people will get turned off before it gets good. I don't know if you had trouble with the beginning, but it can be improved. A few issues I have: Why is a journalist for the NYT so impressed that he is a medical examiner? Her exclamation "Really"? makes her sound very immature. There's a typo in the 7th line. Leko is smiling instead of doing what? Jumping her bones? Unclear. Probably would be fine if you took out the "instead". Saying "crept out" is awkward. Show don't tell. Don't tell us that there's tension between them. Don't tell us that the tension breaks. Show us and we'll understand what's happenening. The story and the writing get better as it goes on though, and by the end I was getting drawn into the story. You are improving as a writer. Keep practicing and keep reading good writing.

Posted 9 Years Ago

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG this is so beautiful!!!!!
PLEASE WRITE MORE. I need more than a single piece of this beautiful piece. It's like chocolate cake. MUST HAVE MORE. Well written.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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