Little Things

Little Things

A Story by Amber

Romance haters need not apply.

"I don't see why it has to be that way." Pamela huffed.

"Why not, it's true. Look around you, do you see one person that dates someone that doesn't have a good job or comes from money?" Jodi asked a sour smile beginning to tug at the corners of her mouth.

"I see plenty of people who are just looking for someone to share their lives with. That is what really matters in life. Money is superficial, it doesn't give you love or children, grandchildren or someone to help carry the load through the bad times and good ones." She shot back with a bearing that implied she would not allow any nonsense.

Rolling her eyes toward the heavens Jodi sighed heavily and replied, "you seem to insist on going through life with the beliefs of a little girl. When are you going to grow up, Pamela, and realize that the world doesn't work that way anymore?" Grabbing her purse she fished around for her wallet, grasping it she pulled a couple of bills out and tossed them on the table, standing now she said in parting, "you are going to get hurt thinking that people are as good as you are."

The last was said, Pamela was sure, just to take the sting out of Jodi's earlier rebuttal, it didn't, but she knew it wouldn't help to reply to her younger friend, it never did.

As far back as she could remember Jodi had a bitterness in her that no amount of cheery humor could kill.

It really wasn't her fault, after all, Jodi had had a ruff childhood, being bounced from one family members home to another's, always unwanted and underfoot, until Pamela's Aunt Milly, having been close to Jodi's deceased parents, took the young girl of twelve in.

Although five years separated them in age, they took to each other right away. Pamela had always been close to Jodi. A sadness filled Pamela for her friend but having grown up with someone for nearly twenty-three years didn't give her the right to tell Jodi how to believe or live her life.

"I agree with you."

The deep and warming voice brushed over Pamela like a summer breeze, it both calmed and startled her, she hadn't been aware of anyone listening to them, until now.

The voice once again reached out and brushed her, like a lovers touch, from behind her, it was lyrical and soft at the same time, but very masculine, "some people you just can't reach no matter how much you might love them."

She felt heat rise from her neck up, reaching to her scalp and she knew she was blushing, but didn't know why.

'love them.' How could he know what she felt, she wondered now that his words were forming in her muddled mind.

"You shouldn't be listening to other people's conversations, it's rude." She was proud that she managed to deliver that set down without a hint of her earlier blush being reflected in her voice. Or so she thought.

Laughter filled the small diner with a booming thunder, Pamela whipped around in her seat so fast she nearly spun the chair with her. Flinging her mahogany brown medium length hair back from her face where it had slapped her only moments ago she was met with a pair of deep blue orbs dancing in what little light flooded the room.

A gasp escaped from her parting lips, so taken aback by his direct and apparently unashamed stare was she.

His grin widened drawing her eyes to it, it was a firm mouth with well shaped lips, kissable lips... what the hell was she thinking! snapping her eyes back to his she hissed, "how dare you..."

"Relax, miss, I didn't mean any offense," he said holding up a hand as if to say 'I give up.'

Reaching into his shirt pocket he pulled out money for his breakfast before standing and nodding to her.

She watched in stunned disbelief as he swaggered to the door to leave, "wait!"

He stopped, looked over his shoulder at her, his brows raising, she hadn't meant to shout like that, she inched her way out of the chair, the other patrons' eyes on her the whole time and made her way toward him.

"I'm sorry for earlier and shouting at you just now," she mumbled, clearing her throat she continued, "I'm Pamela by the way." Tucking a stray hair back behind her ear she looked up into those blue eyes and waited.

She didn't have to wait long.

"That's a beautiful name. I'm Rob. It's nice to meet you Pamela."

Her name never sounded more lovelier to her then when he spoke it for the first time.

Her smile spread, for it was the little things in life, like meeting someone new in a diner, that made life... life.

© 2017 Amber

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Nice encounter! I love when talks start about what make the people to be the way that they are.

Posted 4 Years Ago

I loved the heroine, I thought she had a wonderful out look on life and love. I thought it was funny how she met the hero.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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4 Years Ago

Thank you for taking the time to read and review my story.

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