The First Week

The First Week

A Chapter by Brittni

My heart caught in my throat. She actually replied! She didn't wait either, like she was actually awake and answering my messages. I cleared my throat and was about to reply back to her when I saw she had already beaten me to the punch for another message. "I am doing well, just very busy with the new job. How have you and Misty been?" She asked. I had to grit my teeth for a moment. She didn't know, did she? How could she have known? Deciding that the question seemed innocent enough, I replied to her.


"Congrats on the new job, and Misty and I broke up." I sent the message and really stared at it. Four years of marriage, ended just like the snap of a pencil. Even though Mits quit while I was still there, I thought she would have known. Then again, we really didn't see her around much after. In the end I decided that she really didn't know. She was a smart girl, and not the type to really dig into a persons private life.




I was sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast when I heard the ding from my messages go off. I was very surprised that he was able to answer me back so quickly. Then again, he must be having a slow day at work like I knew my day would be at the hospital. I read the message and smiled at the congratulations, but it quickly slipped away when I read that he and Misty broke up. I always thought they were going to be those old couples. Although I didn't tell him at the time, she was a little bossy at times but for the most part was pretty nice.


"Oh wow, I am so sorry. I had no idea..Are you ok?" I replied to him before checking the clock. I decided that I was running even later than usual so I wrapped up and drove to work like the mad woman I usually was in those mornings. The entire day I kept thinking about what he had told me about what happened. I was so full of questions as to when, why, etc. I couldn't even really talk to anyone about the million questions running through my mind, it was just a fear of them not understanding. Before I knew it, my time became my own again. I changed for the gym and went for my usual two hour work out. The only thing that could help me get my head straight was sweating my brains out. It was during that sweat session I decided that I would let him tell me about it and not pry. Maybe he will be honest with me about everything. Who knows?

© 2012 Brittni

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Added on February 20, 2012
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New Castle, PA

I'm 23 years old and I've always found the most comfort in my writing because I feel like everyday, you need a change. You feel a need to be someone different and writing is a chance to be someone els.. more..

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