A Poem by Lafayette


Mon Chéri je apoligise me pardonne s’il vous plaît

You said to me

Don’t leave

Winter is on the hill side  look

Still violet blue, the flowers alive

Oh Mon amore

Don’t you remember

You love this time of year


Open your heart to me

Like when we were new

When love was young 

And you said

You loved me more than life


Don’t you remember it is I

That stood inside of your love

Don’t you remember

You love me

You said so

You said look in winter’s snow

Don’t throw us away

Don’t let slip away

All we could be in spring’s rains

Can’t you see how far 

I would go for you


How very far my love

I would kill all for thee


We still have so many roads to find

So may adventures to fall through


Can’t you see

Together not alone

Along Virginia Beaches the back roads

Summers moon lighting our dark

You in my arms my love

Forget of our peril

This danger all about

Your lips inviting me to bacon on


I can’t tell you I do not love you

Turn away if you must

But first

Let me whisper to your soul in cobalt blue tones

Solomon’s song of my love for you

Here in the citadel of angels kiss me



I will tell you this In all my tomorrows

Your hand in mine through forest deep

The safest way to travel this lifetime

Together my Love

A better choice than the other

Hell’s hearts open ablaze


The key already in hand

Let go not this grasp

You have on my heart

I love you more don’t you know?

Moments from here twinkling of stars

Through black fog nights hold tightly around my love


Come walk with me

We can hold each other’s hand

Strolling slowly La Rue Du Temple

Pretend its yesterday

This world not a flame  not at war

I won’t say a word not a word of my love


What more do you need to know?

I love you In bronze huge of Canyon Falls

Endless our songs carried along the Higla

Yesterday today, tomorrow

For it has all ways been your lips

Hanging off golden bed in September

That stokes these fires raging deep in my soul

If I Tell You All

My amore my all

My life is yours

Now as all ways

I am yours

And if I tell you all

If I tell you all and more

Will you slay me in moons crescent

A forth night from now


When you see me in early morn

Satan’s gate key in hand

You see who

Who really I am

Fear not my Love,

I love you more

sand beside me my love

This is no dream

There are fires at Eden’s garden

Mankind gone mad

And you cannot tell me;

Standing wet at Hells’ Heart


You aren’t a bit afraid

My arms around you from behind


Or of this sinking you now feel

Our reflection falling

Onto the warm copper floor

Wrapped in each other’s laughter

Our sun burnt bodies a glow

Just you just me, and more time, this time

I can love you now, do you need more?

ask more, if you can have all

I want you now, but

Perhaps, I just can’t give you all of me

Even now the Red Blood River

Runs cold through tonight’s kiss


I will love you forever

Come closer

Pull yourself inside my love

Let me tell you of the emptiness

Of the before

Before your hand reaching me

Through fires before mans footprint

Come closer my joy

Let me shear this moment

When I am open

Closer my love

Before the gates swings close again

And I have no control

You bring Lucifer, to my knees


You said to me?

“Can you hear that”?

It’s getting closer my love

You can’t leave not now

Not wrapped in today’s warmth

Perhaps not even a lifetime from now

I’ll tell you honestly my love

I don’t know how you love me

Walk away Ill understand


For it is when you hold me

Head to bosom

I am vanquished

Your lips press tightly to mine

I can’t fight any more can’t survive


All I know you can’t go, just not today

My heart, fly

Your golden wing a blasé

Blue October Sundays

Turning to Novembers amber’s

Fly to me quickly my love

Don’t delay

Don’t turn back be strong

Hold fast to our love

Fight the fight kill them all

God said he don’t care any more

An experiment gone wrong

Reach me in time Find my arms

Let me hold you

You can feel my love plunge the blade deep

Just let me touch you just this once


Listen the drums, they beat to our love


What is beyond my love, unsure

You walk away so easily

At times without a turn how

I love you any way, come walk with me

Rockaway’s sands are cool tonight and sand bridge,

So far off it’s rivers folded

You can sing for me, just once more

This last time, forever

Lafayette © 2019…

© 2019 Lafayette

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Added on September 15, 2019
Last Updated on September 15, 2019



Venice, Europe, Italy

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