Our Lips Pressed

Our Lips Pressed

A Poem by Lafayette

Black lace rose dress surrendering

to a warm winds hand

Singing at the Ocean Gate late

past Empress decry

Strawberries nectar from your mouth

spilling into mine

The laughter at the taste of our lips pressed


For when locked in this embrace,

exploring your being                             

I cannot think of tomorrows,

like a wild beast I am - for you

I see your wings folded

the hint of magic, hidden

Your kiss, your smell, you!

Enchanting, beyond this timeline

Invisible crowds,

see how their noise is silenced 

When your eyes are to mine,

in the moments our souls touch,

lost worlds - iterum found

The tempo of our movement together -

slowed to a dream of a happy garden

They can’t see the a shades of light,

the amber's of your love - ours

From where we stand - Your love the last star

So bright is your soul's love it is

A Love so unattainable for them

In any time line


When deeply into your kiss, my life falls, stops, begins


Looking into the red crystal pools,

that are your are eyes, black your cape

My All, the parts are whole, torn apart

Now rescued are the torn pages

Wrapped within each touch of your hand

MY Darling

I am sliding further, towards the edge of edges


Calling me from this war torn world, to the paradise of your love

Spread your love here, upon this black valet cape of tomorrows prays

Eden still far off now - tears running through Earths Mothers heart

Screams fill the citadel, holy and are unholy burning, flame haven threshold


Take of me - what you need here hidden

Our forest all most gone

I am yours to fill with your fears

Our next steps must be strong


No Mea quam Christi,

I am standing drowning within your love

Already have I surrendered, to your words unspoken

The truth upon your lips in these final hours

 My essence slipping upon this tempo of your breath

Eyes close, to shut closed, opened

in my dreams your face

In all my forever's, your lips in forever,

I am in need of, Forever

In winter’s snows, chasing you along Red Eagles Cliff

Oh your chiffon dress, so much of you exposed to my being

My life is within your fingers upon my neck " let me die now

So much now lost, unforgiving time " Love me, between old willows

You know, where the ocean meets the Evergreen Forest

They were red with pink ribbon

if I recall right?

I remember them on the fan,

oh my! - How morning found us.

Love a dangerous step into your arms
Cobble filled canals along winter’s embrace
Softly upon knees of love, snows’ kisses, they linger
Your eyes Golden oceans across Bridges we dance
Beneath your dress forgive my hands
You know, this close;

To the heart of your heat
Tomorrow close, right there, step inside, come here
Closer; I want to lick the honey sliding from your lips
You know
I meant to tell you
Love a dangerous step into your arms…

Lafayette © 2019

© 2019 Lafayette

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Added on September 15, 2019
Last Updated on September 15, 2019



Venice, Europe, Italy

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A Poem by Lafayette