Edward's perspective

Edward's perspective

A Story by Laura

This is the bit in breaking dawn when Bella's had Reneesme and Edward is trying to save her from dying. It's written in Edwards point of view.

As Jacob stormed out of the room I tried even harder to prove him wrong. Bella wasn't dead and she wasn't going to die. I wouldn't allow it. 
    I plunged my hands into her chest again pushing down with so much force I had to remind myself she was still human and if I pushed too hard I could burst her heart. Suddenly her heart came back. if sweat could appear on my forehead it would be covered in it by now. Downstairs I could hear a strange silence and Jacobs thoughts suddenly taking a different turn but I was too consumed with Saving Bella to care. 
    Her heart got slower and I thought it was about to give up with it started raging. That was when I knew I'd done it. Bella was safe and wasn't going to die, and maybe if Carlise and her were right about vampires having a soul maybe she wouldn't have lost it. 
    That was when I heard Jacob's thoughts. Of course I'd already heard them but I wasn't really listening then. " She's my world. I revolve around her now...my imprint." 
    WHAT?! imprint? you have to be joking me. First Bella, who was my world and now my daughter, who was well my other world. What was it about Jacob Black? why did he feel the need to always take the good things in my life? 
    I sprinted downstairs to find in staring lovingly at her...well not for long...

© 2010 Laura

Author's Note

sorry if there are any problems with it.

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Nice, I love this =)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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