What's the point?

What's the point?

A Story by Laura

This is a story about how Jacob doesn't see the point in his life now he knows he will never have Bella.

I trudged along the side walk thinking, but when I did only one face came into my head. Bella's. She'd finally realised she loved me, kissed me and all, just to go marry him and leave me as if I was nothing. Okay I knew it was going to be a long shot her going for me anyway I mean I saw the way she was when he left her but...when she kissed me it seemed...right in some way like we were meant to be, but somehow at the same time not meant to. 
     Werewolf's imprinted on the person they were destined to be with and I hadn't imprinted on Bella to my dislike. Well it was a lot more than dislike, but since I had no idea how to imprint on someone I couldn't just make it happen. 
     The stress of the way I was feeling was starting to build as questions started to fill my head with anxiety. I ran into the forests until I was safely undercover the tree's that surrounded La Push. I didn't want to put all my feelings on the others but I found my pain easier to deal with in this form. 
     I could tell the others weren't happy with me, or maybe they were all just angry with Bells for what she did to me. There was only one person in the group who would synthesize with my but I didn't really want to have a heart to heart conversation with Leah, I mean I'm not being rude but its not like we are best friends or anything. 
     Look I know its hard for you but it will get better she said to me, but I didn't believe her. How could it get better? I felt like I'd been sucked into a deep black hole which I was never going to escape from. And with time you will properly find that all this was meant to happen She continued. 
Meant to happen? I said confused Like you and Sam? I knew it was a low blow but I couldn't be bothered to think of something so petty as that right now. She laughed in her thoughts, not a real laugh more like a sarcastic one, I guess you have a point but that's what I tell myself...that one day I'll be able to look back at this a not want to crawl into a dark place and cry. I saw her point even though I didn't want to and decided that I'd had enough of her life lessons for one day. Quickly running I changed back into my human form to wither alone.  

She'd given me a lot to think about but there was still one of the many questions in my head that I really couldn't answer. What was the point of me any more? What was the point of my existed when the person I existed for didn't want me? 

© 2010 Laura

Author's Note

Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes I'm dyslexic and trying to work on it :)

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Added on October 6, 2010
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