Everyday's your birthday

Everyday's your birthday

A Story by Lamis

Thoughts I had under the stars for he who created the stars or perhaps the life that holds the stars within.


"Everyday's your birthday" he said.

I couldn't hear him, I was wondering when I'll lay eyes on a different sky of a different hue, a different blue and clouds to tell me to keep dreaming, stars that sparkle so I'll keep reaching.

When will I look at your sun and see you, catch your air and breathe you? I'm longing for your world, where has it gone?

And days when paint stained my glasses as I found my good night sleep in the middle of paint brushes and old scraps of my Anatomy book, but looks like the paint has dried, all has blanked and the melody's gone.

But I don't know where to look for you, someone said I'll find you in me so I flip the pages and between yesterday's bitterness and tomorrow's headache I look for your trace, I know you're somewhere between the lines hidden in a dot or an apostrophe or perhaps you're the word, phrase, book and pen and maybe the smell of coffee in my bed sheets or all of that together…

If I could just define you in a word, painting or a lifetime… Why can't I when I'm floating in you, dividing in you and growing in you, but I still wish I knew you.

They say at the loudest tune your ears can bear, closed eyes, open heart you'll hear his voice and you'll know that somehow everyday's your birthday. 

© 2013 Lamis

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Wonderful lines. Such beautiful words. I am mesmerized.

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

I'm so glad you liked it. Thank you so much for your wonderful review and thanks for stopping by :)).. read more
he must be special to you. nice work

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Actually it isn't for a guy just some random thoughts I had directed towards God and life ... gettin.. read more
endo rush

10 Years Ago

like the prodigal son. hmmm.I see

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Added on July 27, 2013
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Dresden, Muslim, Germany

I'm a soul that loves to stand out, loves to see things from different angles.. :) Life fascinates me with it's magical twists! I believe in magic.. The magic that lies within our God-given souls! .. more..

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