To Existence

To Existence

A Story by Lamis

Waking up to see that life is no September and it doesn't have to be. It makes her smile not knowing what October will hold, maybe life will be an October by then, maybe October will love her, love a girl from planet earth, mortal earth, lonely earth with the best sunset creation has witnessed, earth that floats in each one who has crossed paths here, each one it has possessed, each one it has loved back in it's own way, the way it will hold you within it as long as you exist, the way it exists because you exist.

Love a girl who has painted you in her mind and in a bus she sat there looking out for you behind the glass her breath has been fogging all the way, right by the city lights you were wandering. She's a wanderer like you, wandering and wondering how all entities are narrowed down to the single entity of existence, the single entity of creation, the single entity of love. Take her back to the source, back to the cell of infinite potential before it takes the road it never knew existed, before it becomes you and me, before it becomes life holding within it a secret enclosed in chemicals you spoke of in yesterday's sleep because logic was the mere hallucination of a cell who wasn't afraid to be itself, logic was a confession in the atmosphere, logic was surrendering to gravity, holding gravity in till it becomes part of it.

Take her back to the day life was sketched and drafted in graphite and gold, carefully scattered diffusing into the unknown while she diffuses in it lend her your glasses, lend her your soul dressed in the universe's dimensions, while she dresses in every thought she hasn't yet met, every potential thought she had opened her arms to. She was part of the universe, flowing like life. She belongs everywhere; she belongs in existence as long as she exists. She belongs.

Her feet belong on your earth, sand belongs in the folds between her toes and the sea's silence belongs in the back of her mind stacked next to yesterday's wind and tomorrow's rain. So she writes to every warm pebble you held in your palms, to every smile you've put in a jar, she kept it all, she kept everything she met, she kept herself and she kept your existence.

© 2014 Lamis

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Added on November 13, 2014
Last Updated on November 13, 2014



Dresden, Muslim, Germany

I'm a soul that loves to stand out, loves to see things from different angles.. :) Life fascinates me with it's magical twists! I believe in magic.. The magic that lies within our God-given souls! .. more..

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A Story by Lamis