~Lace Treatment~

~Lace Treatment~

A Poem by LanternBounty

Phsyco they call me. A monster they say?

A gril who's not in her right mind.

Their eyes fool them for was in my heart.

They leave before the real me is what they find.


Little do they know I'm not as delicate as lace.

All this insanity hides my pain.

I might be a little crazy, but my strenght surpasses yours.

But you wouldn't know, you only mock me in your vain.


Laugh at me as my pen pours ink.

My words splatter over the page.

I've treated you kind, but just wait.

Wait till you've released the 'monster's' rage.


Claim that I'm on some treatment.

I'm 'scary' like a demon of the night?

But you don't know how I truly am.

You don't know that inside me iis a heart that's bright.

© 2011 LanternBounty

Author's Note

Someone told me that I'm 'scary' and 'crazy.' It might be a little true...

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"Laugh at me as my pen pours ink.
My words splatter over the page.
I've treated you kind, but just wait.
Wait 'til you've realeased the 'monster's' rage."
I like how this stanza is written. Shows one: people tease you and bring you down just because you write poetry. (Which is very wrong)
Then you say you've treated them nicely even after the mistreatement that they've given you. Which takes both strength and patience. Now you want revenge of them for bringing you down. I like the topic of this poem. Deep, to the point, and well thought. Great read.
P.S. I'm pretty sure you aren't 'scary' or 'crazy' . They're just mean and can't understand.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Another beautifyl poem! And don't worry, you ARE crazy, but in the good way and that's why we love you!

Posted 12 Years Ago

Oh, and not to mention I also understood the meaning of the title this time! It still is a pretty title, but I like it better than some of the others because it has meaning and corresponds with the poem as a whole.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Once again, there are a couple of typos that distracted me from a well-constructed poem with emotional thoughts behind it.
"Wait till you've released the monster's rage" I quite like this line because of the lurking vengeance behind it--and really the whole poem.
"You don't know that inside me is a heart that's bright." I don't doubt that, LanternBounty. Often behind sadness and pain is someone with a truly well-meaning heart. You seem to be a person as such.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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"Sometimes it's like obsidian is being drived through my heart..." -Me ~ WinterPerish (Awareness: Cutting, drugs.): http://www.writerscafe.org/WinterPerish ~ I am currently dealing with hater.. more..


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