My Angel's Deconstruction

My Angel's Deconstruction

A Poem by Lastica-chan

They have no fear...someone has to be strong.


The taste of blood and iron, the clanging of metal tools

To witness this form of cruelty, my tears form violent pools

In the cage next to me, my angel shows no fear

He knows his time is coming, the end is almost near

His wings were charred to the bone, the stubs covered with blood

All attempts to prevent apocalypse, the worlds own crimson flood

When he whispers to me, he shows no defeat

For he is still to beautiful, my angel can not be beat


The smell of harsh chemicals, burn me to the core

The fear wraps around me, my angel is no more

But alas I was wrong, my angel still survives

The torture shows and exhaustion prevails, in his golden eyes

Through the radioactive glow and acidic burns, prominent on his skin

His spirit dwindles but his soul still lives, and my patience is wearing thin

They are violently punishing my angel, for the “crime” he has commit

Still to beautiful, they shall not win, until he’s dead they will not quit


The frozen metal beneath me, has turned my fingers blue

It feels like I’ve been here forever, but time has hardly flew

Agonizing screams pierce the air; I know who that could be

Now my angel returns and I look up to find, no eyes staring back at me

He collapses down in a broken heap, letting the pain take its toll

And I took my vengeance on those men, to repay them for the life they stole

I whisper to my angel, to help him through the pain

I ignore that my hands are soiled, with many a bright red stain


Death has taken my angel, and left me all alone

But he is in a better place, where heaven’s light has always shone

I know he is still with me, he never went away

Though scars remind me of his deconstruction, til’ this very day


© 2011 Lastica-chan

Author's Note

We all have our angel's, some are bound to the earth and some beyond the beyond...but they are there.
Hope you enjoy, I actually wrote this a while ago

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very descriptive! i love the rhyme scheme and just the concept that it is about an angel ^^ but i think u should use another word besides "blood" in this line:

"His wings were charred to the blood, the stubs covered with blood"

i just don't like redunduncy ^^" but besides that, very well written!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on April 10, 2011
Last Updated on April 29, 2011
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