The Boy I Hardly Knew

The Boy I Hardly Knew

A Story by Chipgirl

Ok this was homework but i like it! i hope u do to!


As I watched from the tall, wooden, mouldy stands.  I looked down on the horrible scenes that were happening down below me. A wedge of hopelessness was in the pit of my stomach. The prisoners were all wearing the same dirty rags and were chained together in metal like animals.  They all slowly tip-toed to their horrid fate. 

Then I saw what I thought was probably the youngest there. A little boy. His hair was brown, scruffy, and greasy. I noticed he was holding something in his hands that looked like a rusty coin but I was too far to see for sure. He turned it his hands. Curiosity started to in build in with my guilt. I kept on thinking to myself that it was all just a horrid nightmare and I would wake up any moment. I hoped for this.

I looked over to what would be his death. The noose stood there like a demon from hell itself taking victim after victim. I watched the guilty party drop and drop. One moment they stood there next they were hanging from rope. I felt so hopeless. All I could do was stand there and pray for someone to stop this insane deed. But I knew deep down that no one would. Tears built up in my eyes. How do people stand this?

My mind then started to wonder about the little boy. A million questions were burning inside of me just begging to be answered. Were his family with him? What part did he play in this? What was he thinking? But the most important and the one I was most scared of was. Is he scared to die?

Time seemed to be moving slower than it ever had done in my entire life. I’m not sure if this makes it worse or better for me.  But I know I must stay. Someone should mourn for these hopeless people. So I stay. The little boy is so close to his death now that he can almost touch the platform of doom. Panic is now getting thrown into my stomach. I want to help. But I know my attempts will fail. I have never wanted something so badly. His freedom is all I want. But soon his little life will be over.

He wobbles onto the wooden planks. They creak under all the feet. He steps up to face his fate. The fraying noose is placed around his grubby neck. But then he starts to sing. It is like a beam of happiness has blessed the world. I know deep down now that he is not scared to die and I thank him and the world for this burden to be lifted.

As they get ready to pull the lever of death I look away. I hear as they hang to their deaths. Tears are trickling down my already wet cheeks.  I turn back to see his lifeless body. Sadness fills the pit of my heart. I mourn for the boy I hardly knew. I only wish now for that he has the freedom that he deserves and has gone to a better place.

© 2010 Chipgirl

Author's Note

plz comment and plz look at the pic i think it's pretty kl!

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This was without doubt your best piece that you have posted, I agree with Kes, you have lot's of dialogue and monologue in your book (which might serve better as a screenplay) This shows that you have the depth to write a strong and emotional descriptive piece and would serve you to adopt some of these methods in your other writing. I enjoyed this immensely..really well done

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Eeek! Laura I had no idea you had such a messed up mind! lol
This was amazing! The discriptions were great. It was good to have a more narrative piece, as my problem is i but too much speech in and not enough detail. You've nailed it.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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