The secret

The secret

A Story by Laura Monique

The sky has finally darkend, and it was what we weren't expecting, now what--


"John! What the hell is that? Do you see it" Marcus pointed up above the MGM Grand. 


His voice sounded like he was in great dispair, and his eyes grew big. A large darkend cloud appointed itself a postion right above the huge green building, It didn't move, but it didn't make a sound either. Marcus, and John both frozen in place stare cluelessly. Suddenly a large flash of lightening struck the top of the building. Quickly sending Marcus, and John running the complete opposite direction.


"What, what--" John gasping for air couldnt even finish his sentence. 

"It's started" Marcus slumped himself down behind a big suburban, grabbing, and fumbling for his cell phone, he quickly dials his wifes number..

"Honey, listen--The kids, and you. Grab them, and go to the church! Pray, and Don't forget I love you! " You could hear his wife screaming over the phone.

"Whats wrong--Whats happening Marcus!!!!" 

He hung up the phone not wanting to cause anymore emotional damage. He began to cry, and all I could hear was prayer, after prayer. The whole city soon darkend, who would of thought the once bright city of Las Vegas would be lightless. He was crying, but I really wanted to know what he meant. 

"He--hey what, wha did you mean by its started" The words grinding in the back of my mind for past 20 minutes, which by the way seemed forever. 

"John,  You've been a good man. You've spent your whole life helping those that needed it. Your in no need to worry. You'll go where you need too. I'm sorry to leave you like this. I myself cannot say that i've been good. I''ve done a lot of unworthy actions lately-- well the past few months" Tears began to stream down his face, and he pulled out a gun from beside his belt loops. 

"MARCUS! what the hell is wrong with you?!" He pulled it up, and cocked the pistol. 

" I've had an affair" He pulled the trigger, and fell directly to the wheels of the suburban.


I couldn't understand what he was thinking? It was just a storm? Why were we hiding behind a suburban? Why did he tell his wife to go to church and pray. I got inside my car, and sat wondering as rain began to pour. The past couple weeks he had been reading book s about the end of the world. But--This surely wasn't it. It couldn't be it. Most definalty wasn't. Now his life is gone, and his wife is hopelessly praying at church. But for what? To come and find that her husband shot himself? How will that reflect her view toward god. Man I wish he would have thought this trhough. Most people don't think when they let their mistakes gather. Why didn't he tell me sooner? Who did he cheat with, and where does this leave his wife, and kids?


should i continue? I was just bored and just wrote what ever came to mind? What kinda turns do you guys see this going?

© 2008 Laura Monique

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Added on July 10, 2008


Laura Monique
Laura Monique

UT, LV, L.A, N.Y, UT

Laura Monique, I've been writing for about 2 years now-- Well okay, since I could hold up a pencil but you know what i mean. Trying to actually write stories and all. : ) Basically I do it for me, and.. more..

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A Story by Laura Monique