**New** Foregin Love

**New** Foregin Love

A Story by Laura Monique



It's awkward and silent. Their eyes lock, and not one word comes from either side. She probably

shouldn't move if she wants that kiss she's desired. Soon enough their faces slowly began to close

in the nice little gap they had. Luck, probably wasn't on her side today as her best friend slams

open the door with a big delightful smile.

"Whachya' doin?! " I had been peeking through our upstairs window, and I knew I wasn't going to

let her kiss this guy. Nope, not until I knew exactly who he was, and if he was right for her. I began

laughing, and I assumed what she was thinking. I didn't have to assume really, from the look on her

face I was probably going to get beat up when we went back inside.

"If you'd like to come inside--" she turned to him, and I quickly had to intrrupt because she was

trying to reverse this plan on me. Besides she's done this to me before.

"Chelsey, I'd like for you to invite this --" I brush off his collar and smile.

"Whats your name " I questioned.

"Uhm- Victor" He didn't smile, I think he was pretty irritated too.

"Well Victor, I'm Laura, You could come inside but her parents are here, and I"m sure you don't feel like meeting

them right now, plus the subject is pretty important"

He looked at her with great disappointment. Gave her a hug, and kissed her on the cheek turning around slowly.

He walked down the porch and nearly tripped on his last step. I chuckled but not loud enough for him to here.
I mean after all I didn't want him to hate me more than he already did. I quckily timed myself and turned in side.
All of a sudden a sharp pain shot through my shoulder.

"What the heck is wrong with you!? Don't you know what he was bout to do?!" She was pissed, but I thought it was

really funny.

"Well hm-- lets see. Josh, Chase, Hunter, and Chris?" I grinned at her.

"So what they looked like trouble makers! I wasn't bout to let you kiss those jerks" She got a little laugh in the side

of her mouth, and I knew she thought it was funny now.

" Well he looked like, a foregin freak who just wanted to tongue you!" I kept a staright face, and grabbed a starbucks

cup from the kitchen, and began making me coffee. She absolutly hated when i drank coffee this late at night. She

didn't notice yet. She will soon.

"Well, jeez thanks. I got a kiss alright. On the cheek!" She slammed herself down on the couch and grabbed a bag

of chocolate chips, and flipped on the tv to CSI. I secretly loved this show but I wasn't about to let myself get distracted

by it. I began stirring in some chocolate, and pulled out a chocolate millk box so it looked as if I was making chocolate

milk. I walked over to the couch with her and sat down.

" I feel bad now, here's some chocolate milk" I smile, and hand her the cup.

" Aw thanks" She replied happily.

She slowly put the cup closeer to her face ready to take a sip.

" And just so you know, he is from mexico, and he has a cute accent" She takes a sip.

I began laughing harder than ever. That so called chocolate milk was about to spit out right at me. I got up quickly, and

went to the kitchen as if I knew nothing. Sipping on the real choclate milk. I fake.

" Waiiit Chels"

All of a sudden you see her almost back hand spring her self all the way to the kitchen. Spitting out the Coffee into the sink.

" I-- tried to tell you that was the wrong cup" I was cherry red from laughing, and my stomach felt like I just got done doing

a million sit ups.

" Your stupid" she wipes her mouth and grabs the chocolate milk,

"You welcome" I pouted.

I had the remote now, and I changed it to friends, and finally we were both calm. A lot more than before. We sat quitely for a while watching the episode where

Joey dives to save his sandwhich form a car that backfires, and Ross thinks Joey was trying to save him. I was laughing, she was more silent then usual.

"What are you thinking?"

She lifted her shoulders with shurg and quick sigh. Yeah-- she could try to lie, but I'd get it out of her. When she thinks she either gets quite. Doesn't say anything, and

spaces out.

"Come on, Tell"

" I like him--so close tonight, you big jerk"

I laughed. Thinking maybe just maybe i shouldn't have stopped this one.

" I'm sorry I just don't think you should kiss someone yet, Remember last time that happend. You were stuck on him for months after he moved.

I really don't think you want to go through that again, and hell you do it to me" Sympathetically said.

"Watch your mouth" She grins.

" Seriously, I'm sorry but you know i'm right. "

"So, what if i want you to be wrong Laura. " She got up, and began to go upstairs.

I didn't know what else to say to her. I mean I didn't think she'd get so upset over a little kiss with some werid guy that came from mexico



" Where you goin' ? "

She kept walking.

" To bed"


Now, I really felt bad. I shouldn't. We have both had some really rough pasts, and have promised eachother that we would keep eachother

in line. Even if the other person got mad. She knows this. It's what have kept us best friends for all these years. I mean I was stuck on this

guy, that I had been with for over a year, and she was stuck on somene who screwed her over, and then another guy who had to move, right

after the night they kissed. She tried so hard to stay strong through it all, and I personally think if i can help keep that from happening again.
I would totally go out of my way to do so. If he liked her enough he would call and set up another date. I never did ask where she met this guy.
I wish I would have. I could go upstairs but maybe I should let it slide for now. I haven't dated since Hunter. I fell for him hard. I guess I was feeling

kind of down now. I got up and went upstairs. She was laying in her bed playing soduku. She always, always played that game when she was down.

"Laura, this is the first guyI i've dated since Rene-- I've tried to get over him, and I think maybe I've been lying to you alittle bit. I'm not over him.. "

I was in a bit of a shock becasue for th epast month or so she had been saying she finally let go of him. I guess not.

" What did you mean by you liked this guy then? " I asked. Then wondered. He's from mexico, he had a slight accent. Oh my gosh,

I thought. It was a like duplicate of Rene.

"You should know"

I knew I did, but I really wanted her to talk about it. So I played the I don't know game.

" He reminds me of Rene. "

I wanted to make her laugh, but Then again I didn't wanna make her reminence on the past.

" Remember dance?"

We got into a in depth conversation about how she met him. We were in dance class, and it was the first day of class we were both some what excited. I didn't know

why i took dance class though. I mean-- Me in dance? It's not likely. She saw him from across the room, and on the first day she danced with him. She told me he smelled so so good--From that day on he was known as " the smell good boy" and then we got to know him a little better, and didn't know his name for the longest time. We could never understand what he was saying. Months went by and finally she danced with him more. I walked up to him and asked if he was going to the concert thing at school. He said yeah, and we ended up hanging out with him that night. Then. A month later, I asked if he wanted to hang out, and nearly it was the end of school from this point. He said when he got back from mexico. Their was that kiss that was invovled too. He would give her one when he got back--she was excited, and we both waited impatiently for two weeks to drift by, and sure enough it did. We hung out..

" Are you okay? " I asked giving her the look.

" And then he leaned in slowly, putting his arm around my waist and pulling me in. Parting his lips just slightly at frist-- " she paused.

" You are not okay" The look once again.

" Moving his leg" Paused.

There was only a couple ways to get either of us to go to sleep, so maybe it was time for me to make up a story, and let her fall sleep. She shouldn't be thinking, She has work in the morning, and so do I. It's already 12 in the morning.

" Chels, shhh"

I flipped off the light, and told her that it was going to be okay...Plopped over on the chair, and told her to go to sleep.

" I'm sorry" she replied.

" Don't be sorry, you didn't do anything. We'll talk bout' it all more tomrrow."

I began some werid fake story that hopefully she would get tired of listening to me talk and fall sleep.

" And--there was a big house, with candy, and abear, and a little girl who really wanted the candy. She was so hungry and she had a big sweet tooth. The bear was gaurding the house, and didn't want to let the girl in with a big hug. he was a cuddly bear. "

Soon enough she was out, I went on for about five more minutes and she fell sleep. I was okay, I went down stairs and put in friends again, and decided I'd just fall sleep

to it. I might as well. I laughed a little, thought a little. I didn't know what else to do. I really thought she was over it. Now this.. She is getting hurt all over agian. I slowly fell sleep.

© 2008 Laura Monique

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Added on July 13, 2008


Laura Monique
Laura Monique

UT, LV, L.A, N.Y, UT

Laura Monique, I've been writing for about 2 years now-- Well okay, since I could hold up a pencil but you know what i mean. Trying to actually write stories and all. : ) Basically I do it for me, and.. more..

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A Story by Laura Monique