A Chapter by LaurenKM12321

Grace thinks Zach just might have seen her for the first time but maybe not.

It was on the corner of Maple and Maine street, I decided I would have him no matter what it took. Behind an American Girl magazine with a smiling eight year old on the cover at a café in San Francisco staring discreetly over the top at the football star from Falls Truth High School. I could see his evenly tanned skin glistening in the sun. His blue eyes and spiky brown hair seemed to be something touch-upped, but they weren't. His luscious brownish pink lips had a pull that drew me in with every breath he took. I slipped my Nokia Cool Pixels camera quietly out of my backpack and held the lens slightly above the magazine. He slowly turned his head and smiled straight at me. He drained me of my senses and I sat there dumb founded. I quickly snapped the photo then slid my camera into the side pocket of my backpack enveloped in doodles from when I was smaller. I mentally reminded myself to purchase a new backpack as the starting of my journey. I raised my hand to wave.


Michaela…who was Michaela?

Hey! Where have you been these days?" I slowly looked around dreading what I already knew to be true. No surprise, a tall thin tanned girl in an
oh-too-revealing top and short shorts was standing right behind me. I stared at her until she glared at me. I looked down. There was a smug look on her face that told me I was not the first person she had intimidated. There looking across Maple street at my dream guy, I became certain of some thing: I was going to end up with Zach no matter what it took.


Michaela… the way her eyes glistened in the sun…the way her lips formed a little heart when she puckered her …she's beautiful…so why wouldn't Zach want her over me? It was clear…I was nothing in comparison to her. My eyes watered as I thought of HER putting her tongue in HIS mouth. Just gross. I looked out the window at my best friend and neighbor as she smiled and kissed her boyfriend good night. Yes, it was apparent, I was the only girl single in 10th grade. I frowned. Don't get me wrong, I love that girl to death, but really? Even she has a boyfriend? Really? What am I? A germ? Sure seems like it. Well, maybe Maya would help me, she definitely had a whole lot more experience then I did I thought about it a moment…3 to 0…yeah definitely a true statement. Maya was walking towards her front door in a daze of joy. I envied her. I raced down the stairs spinning around on the landing with my hand on the banister knob.

"Maya! Wait!" I could see her snap out of her happy daze. Whoops!

she said with a disappointed look on her face. I suppose she hoped it would
have been Matt coming back to tell her he loved her and he just couldn't leave her so soon. But no, it was Grace St.Peters, her very boring next door neighbor and best friend. Joy. "What's up, Gracie?"

I took the short cut and met her at the front door. "Hey, can I speak with you? I need boy advice."

"WHAT?! What happened? Don't tell me you have your first boyfriend? Or someone asked you out? Or no! I know! You want to ask someone else you've given up on the boy asks girl thing and your going to ask a boy out yourself!? Oh my gosh! Grace! Why didn't you--"

"Save it, Maya. Your making me feel utterly depressed."

"So…wait…you're not asking anyone out and nobody asked you out…? Wait…what is it, Grace?"

"No, I'm not asking anyone out. I'll explain inside."

Her little chestnut eyes that just seconds ago has been large, round and sparkling with excitement, shrunk and looked troubled, but she opened the door all the same.

"OK. Sit. You will want to be seated."

"OK…? What is it?" said Maya.

How do you start a conversation about some loser, being me, in this case, wanting to impress some super hottie at school, "Well…um…you

Miles? Yeah… what about him?"

"Well, yeah you know how he's cute and I've been in love with him for as long as I can remember? Right…well…I uh…I…he…he umm…I really want…"

"Speak baby" Since I was also almost a year younger then Maya I was baby to her.

"I want to uh…get his attention and…I well…" I couldn't do this any longer,
so I blurted out, "I want him to be mine!" I pulled my knees up and
buried my eyes. What was I thinking?

"You what?" exclaimed Maya. I knew it, it was stupid, only a fool like me would say it….

She stood up and walked over to me as I cried, "I know, I know. It's stupid. He
would never want me. But…I don't know…" She sat down next to me and took my trembling hands in her hands. "Gracie baby, you really like this guy,
don't you?" she whispered.

"Entirely" I looked up at her.

"Then he WILL be yours."

I smiled "Thanks."

"Now get your stuff. We're heading to the mall!"

© 2011 LaurenKM12321

Author's Note

If you see any odd formatting don't pay attention to it. Copying text from MS One Note didn't work well.

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Alone Alone

A Chapter by LaurenKM12321


A Chapter by LaurenKM12321