A Chapter by LaurenKM12321

I looked over my shoulder to look for Maya and Matt. But then reality dawned on me, I was ALONE with Zach, the one my heart had been set on since sixth grade. Zach smiled at me.

"Guess it's just you and me now," My breathing stopped as a grin grew on my face, "' I right?"

"Th-that would be me, Grace St.Peters, the one and only." He chuckled softly to himself.

"So, you still want to go to Hollister?" he looked at me and a million butterflies took flight.

"Not really. Why were we even going anyway?" I looked straight ahead holding my breath.

"I don't really now. Maybe for Maya?" He glanced at me with a face that showed confusion.

"Maybe." I smiled at him and sat down on a bench.

"You know, you're kind of cute," and the world held still for one long minute as the butterflies in my stomach lifted me up, out of the mall, and into the clouds. If guardian angels existed, mine would be up in the clouds doing a little jig with a cheeky grin on their face. I suddenly remembered I had an ice cream cone in my hand and the ice cream was down to my elbow. How romantic. Zach looked at me and smiled. I could feel a ridicoulously goofy grin coming over me. But wait...wasn't it just yesterday he hadn't even noticed me or had it really been me he was looking at that day with Michaela at the cafe.

"Hey, how did you know my name anyway?" I looked at him.

"Maya!" he laughed, "Who else?"

"I didn't think you really hung out with Maya." Zach didn't respond, "Earth to Zach?"

"You know that day, you snapped the picture of me at the cafe?" I gasped, "Your backpack had doodles are over it, about five of them said Grace or Gracie. You looked beautiful sitting there." I couldn't believe it, "Then Michy came over in her classic fashion of no clothing." I smirked at him, "OK, maybe that's not completely true, but she might as well be for how little skin isn't showing."

"Grace! Zach! Hey guys! We lost you guys! Well, Grace and I have to get going." exclaimed Maya as she headed towards our bench.

I sighed, "That's right, my mom's got this wierd presentation of Economics in History she has to give to her bosses at work, I have to be home when she leaves. Bye, guys."

"Bye, girls" responded Matt.

"Bye Grace. See you around."

© 2011 LaurenKM12321

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Added on February 1, 2011
Last Updated on February 1, 2011
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Hi My name's Lauren. I am currently a freshman in high school. I enjoy cross country running (Hint hint: That doesn't mean I'm fast or good. Note the word ENJOY.) I can write romance and realistic fi.. more..

Michaela! Michaela!

A Chapter by LaurenKM12321


A Chapter by LaurenKM12321