01. Shared Interest

01. Shared Interest

A Chapter by Lawrence Kinden

For how long have I been interested in spanking, you ask? Perhaps a better question would be, when haven't I been? Despite the fact that my parents had only ever swatted me, not a proper spanking, I have always been interested in spanking. I remember in grade school, trips to the library where I would look up 'spanking' in the dictionary and how it would send chills through my body. I remember reading children's tales involving the spanking of a child and how I would read the story over and over, especially if there was an illustration. I remember that, sometimes, late at night, I'd smack my own bottom, trying to achieve the feel of a spanking, though my own arm would tire before long. My daydreams were filled with spanking bad little girls and with being spanked for being a bad little boy.

When one is interested in spanking, especially at a young age, one understands that they are different from the other kids. And so, I didn't tell anyone.

Until the fifth grade

In fifth grade, I met June Mason. June was a pretty girl. She had light brown hair and blue eyes. At first we were just passing acquaintances, we rode the same bus, lived on the same block, but one day, Mrs. Summers, our teacher, got angry with the class. Mrs. Summers was one of my favorite teachers, but she could be awfully strict. And on this day, the whole class was talking loudly, throwing paper, and generally being terrible. And that's when it all started.

"That's enough! Be quiet! Not a word from any of you. Put your heads down on your desks. The next one of you who speaks out of turn is going over my lap for a spanking."

Mrs. Summers' declaration sent a thrill of excitement through me. I put my head on my desk and closed my eyes, imagining that perhaps I might cough or sneeze or giggle, and then she'd haul me up in front of every one and spank me.

But that didn't happen. Instead, the whole class was absolutely silent for the next ten minutes, and then Mrs. Summers let us out to lunch.

At lunch, it just so happened that I ended up sitting down next to June Mason, the pretty blue-eyed girl. June was sitting with Kelly, her best friend.

"She couldn't really spank us, could she?" Kelly asked.

"Of course she could She's the teacher. Teachers have permission to spank." June said.

"But... only parents can spank kids I thought," Kelly looked nervous.

"What do you think, Thom?" June asked me.

I didn't expect her to ask me about spanking, I didn't expect her to talk to me at all. I was so shocked I nearly spit out my milk.

"Well, I think she could." I said. "But I'm not sure she would."

Kelly nodded in relief, but June sighed in a way that made me wonder.

After lunch we all went out to recess and I caught up with June just as we got outside.

"So, have you ever been spanked?" it was a leap of faith, a helluva gamble, but I had to know.

It was June's turn to look shocked. "Um... no," her reply was almost shy.

This in turn made me nervous and I blushed.

"Me neither," I said, "not really."

"What's that supposed to mean?" she asked, "you've only sorta been spanked?"

The two of us walked out onto the field away from the play equipment and sat next to the fence designating the school grounds. It was surprisingly private.

"Well, sometimes my mom might get mad and swat me one or two times and send me to my room, but that's it."

"Wow... I've always wondered what it's like, ya know?"

"Yeah," I responded, "I know."

We were too young at the time too know of words like 'fetish' or 'spanko', but not at all too young to devise a way to explore this mutual interest. Neither of us had ever had someone else to confide in before on this particular subject.

"Sometimes I imagine Mrs. Summers spanking me," June said. "Like today, when she got mad and yelled, I imagined her spanking me in front of everyone, and you'd all see my panties and I'd be so embarrassed." She put her hands over her face and turned away, blushing deeply.

"Me too," I said. "I thought about the same thing. Do you ever imagine, you're at a friends house and you both get in trouble and then your friend's parent spanks you?"

She nodded enthusiastically. "Or sometimes, I imagine that my friend's dad isn't there, it's just me and my friend and so instead of her dad spanking me, it's my friend instead."

"You imagine your friend spanking you?"

She nodded. "Don't you?"

I shrugged. "I've never had a lot of friends, but if I did, I hope she'd be like you."

We were both blushing, but neither of us turned away, we stared at each other, daring to hope that we were right about what the other was thinking.

"I have an idea," June said.


The fourty five minutes after lunch was free reeding. Most of the students were subdued from Mrs. Summers' pre-lunch threat so the room was quiet. I took out my book and began to read. From the corner of my eye, I watched June get up quietly from her desk and ask Mrs. Summers for a bathroom pass. My pulse quickened. I finished the page I was on and then I too approached the teacher and asked for a pass.

Mrs. Summers looked at me oddly, but she was one of my favorite teachers, and was one of her favorite students. I received the pass with no trouble.

Quickly I made my way down the hall and to the restroom. June was already there looking antsy, but the halls were empty. There had been some debate as to which restroom we should use, the boys' or the girls', neither of us being allowed in the other. We'd finally settled on the boy's room as I'd argued that a boy in the girl's room was likely to get in a good deal more trouble.

I quickly checked the stalls and then motioned for June to enter. We chose the stall furthest from the door and squeezed in. Being as small as we were at ten and eleven years old, it wasn't as cramped as it could have been. Another question was who would be spanked first? We both wanted it, but on the other hand we were both nervous about it too. It had been decided that since I'd won on the location, June would get to spank me first.

"All right you bad boy," she whispered at me quickly. We knew we didn't have a lot of time. "You need a spankin." She sat on the closed stool, took me by the arm and did her best to pull me over her lap. Once I was over she tentatively patted my bottom. My heart was in my throat, this was absolutely the most exciting thing I'd ever done.

Those preliminary pats only got me even more excited but when June raised her arm and brought it down fast on my little bottom, it was she who hissed in pain.

"That hurt my hand!" she exclaimed in a whisper.

We each stood up and she rubbed her hand on her hip. I'd barely felt it.

"Well," I whispered biting my lip, "I could... take my jeans down a bit..."

We both blushed, but June sat down and I unbuttoned my fly and pulled my pants down to below my bottom showing off my white undies. Then I bent back over June's lap.

"Now, bad boy..." she whispered again.

She spanked me, quick and sharp, three quick spanks and already I moaned and wiggled. Not that it hurt much, but the sting made my chest ache with fear and thrill and desire.

She gave me another trio of swats, and that was it. We'd agreed on six apiece, and though I wanted it to go on, I knew we didn't have the time for it. We might be caught at any moment.

I stood up, replaced my jeans, and rubbed my bottom. I felt hot all over and avoided making eye contact with June. She too kept her eyes on the floor as we switched places. I sat on the stool and she stood in front of me.

"Now, little girl," I said to her in a sever whisper, "It's your turn for a spanking."

She was rubbing her hands on her thighs and looked up at me. Our gazes met and I nearly lost my resolve. But then June bent over my lap and I helped to settle her. I grabbed the hem of her dress and began to pull it up.

"Wait!" she said, forgetting to whisper.

"What?" I asked.

"You can't pull my dress up." June was trying to stand back up and I didn't stop her.

"But..." I looked at her confused and a little hurt, "You spanked me on my underwear..."

June was wringing her hands now, "I know but... ohh..." her face was beat red. "Okay. Just..." And she bent back over my legs quickly.

I pulled her dress up again and gazed for a moment at her pale blue panties. It took a few moments for me to remember what I was supposed to be doing. "You've been a bad girl," I whispered.

I delivered them quick and sharp, but not as hard as I could. Six quick spanks in the middle of her bottom. June squeaked and squirmed and then it was over. She stood, her dress fell into place, and she rubbed her bottom.

We looked at each other for a moment and then June quickly left the boy's room. A few moments later I followed.

When I returned to the classroom, Mrs. Summers looked at me, concerned. "Are you alright, Thom? You were in there for quite a while."

"Umm..." I thought quickly, "My stomach kinda hurt, but I'm okay now."

Mrs. Summers nodded, "June said the same thing. I'll have to speak with the cafeteria."

My bottomed tingled for the rest of the day and I could hardly concentrate on my book. June and I kept shooting embarrassed smiles at each other across the room. To this day I cannot believe how lucky we were.

© 2017 Lawrence Kinden

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Lawrence Kinden

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