Want to play with me?

Want to play with me?

A Poem by LawrenceRaybon

For my daughter

she holds out her hand
smiling at me
from the lofty peak
of eternal mountain

we leap
into the abyss
beyond the edge

and drive our cars
at the speed of dreaming
out of the darkness
into the city of light

weaving around
trains and trees and pterodactyls
to the construction site
at its gleaming heart

grinning we build
a tipping tower
of rainbow bricks
to the shining stars

and she, growing tall,
becoming monstrous
the giant ninja lizard
scourge of heaven

she dropkicks the tower 
into an oblivion
of sparkling shards
and tinkling laughter 

time for tea
we clear the wreckage
and sit with the prince of bunny kingdom
and the queen of all things everywhere

with a tea of berries
and golden biscuits
she chats with the queen
and giggles at the prince

'Drink your tea, Poppy,'
she looks at me
and in her voice
I hear something

faint echo of the future
her and not yet her
who will she be
will I still be poppy

suddenly a scream
tea is over
a dread dragon has come
we must hide

under the blanket
of everlasting protection
my thoughts wander wonder
my muscles tense

a tiny hand 
cool on my arm
a worried look
in big blue eyes

she leans in close
foreheads touching
'Don't worry, Poppy,'
'I'll protect you'

I am lost
I can't help it
my heart implodes
and tears flow

she rushes out
attacking the dragon
who came to horde
our aurulent treats

'You made my Poppy cry
You are a Bad dragon!
Go to time out 
Right Now!'

thoroughly vanquished
the dragon is banished
silence reigns
I hold my breath 

the blanket is thrown back
she holds out her hand
smiling at me
'Want to play with me?'

only forever
dear one
if only

© 2017 LawrenceRaybon

Author's Note

any feedback is appreciated.

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grinning we build
a tipping tower
of rainbow bricks
to the shining stars

Wow. That really got me. Absolutely beautiful. From start to finish. I really enjoyed this sweet and almost daze like poem. Powerfully penned

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

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