A Story by Lolageomfg

Just a short story, hope you enjoy.





Running through the fog that is the pitch black of the night, sweat on my forehead, My heart pounding through my chest. I can't see what im running from but i know it's close, i can feel the breath of it on the back of my neck, Almost upon me. Im slowing down, my body feeling tired but my mind still at work, running will do me no good. I turn to face the blackness, my body pivioting on the spot. I'd move my hand down to my belt, gripping on tightly to the hilt of my blade, my eyes would still be scanning the night, searching for the beast that would be hunting me still, then out of would then slam into me with the force of a car, my body would throw me back over 10ft. Landing on my feet from this blow, i'd catch my breath, my hand would then rip the sword out from it's sheath, the sound ringing out all around the area. The beast then steps forward out of the dark, revealing itself to me. It's eyes screaming death at me, Red with a black pupil, it's body standing over 9ft tall  However its tail is the most intresting part of it, fully black with red tips. I'd dash forward, adreline pumping through my veins, The beast would also make its move, stepping up to me. The beast would spin as he moves, brandishing his tail as he does so, bringing it down to my moving body, I'd sidestep this with such ease, my body moving as freely as a stream. Going down to my knees, my body skidding along the floor, The beasts tail missing me previously would then swipe back in my direction, I'd move fast, my body pushing up from the ground, propelling myself up into the air. I'd be upon the beast now, my blade brandished in my hand, i'd aim the tip to his heart as i continue flying through the air, time would slow down, the tip of my blade inches away from the beasts chest then.....


I'd wake up, my body dripping in sweat, covers of my bed would be flung to the floor. Another dream, the same dream, always happening and never ending...


The end, or is it. I have hoped you would enjoy this, it was more of a test than anything else, i will be writing a story that will be sinister like this, however, containing no actual Supernatural occurences. love to hear your feed back, and toodles all.

© 2012 Lolageomfg

Author's Note

Ignore some Grammar problems, there are quite a few, this was written within 5 minutes of quick on the spot thinking, i didnt plan it at all, i wrote what came to mind, but i do hope you did enjoy it.

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I did enjoy it. Great description of a nightmare.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on February 10, 2012
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A Story by Lolageomfg

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