A Story by Lolageomfg

Read to find out, more to come, if you enjoy. Loosley based off the principles of the Matrix.





Suppose that reality itself is a "Program" Assembled to enslave us. Suppose this world is not what it seems, but merely a cunning ploy that has been played to blind us from the truth.


Chapter 1 - Identity


My name is Leon Smith, I dont really know what to tell you about my life, because i have not fully lived mine yet, so here is what i know and what i've done. My story begins on a normal day, just like any other day, i wake up in my apartment bedroom, feeling sluggish and reluctant to actually get myself out of bed for work. My job is an intresting one, some may refer to it as unjust, but those people i tend to not really care for, Im a theif to be blunt, i steal things that can range from money to information. I work for who pays the highest price, im not paid to ask questions so i never do. But back to my life, today was just like any other day, I had a job to do, things to take that i didn't own or specifically want. Getting dressed slowly as to waste time, i began to scroll through my phone, checking for texts that may be important, usually they'd be normal texts from my ex-Girlfriend, oomplaining about how we hardly chatted anymore. One text however caught my eye, something about the title of the message sent a shiver down my spine.


It read "Important Message for Leon Smith." The number was witheld which didn't strike me as odd, mainly due to the fact that most of my "clients"liked to keep themselves  anonymous, as to avoid hassle, but it surprised me that this "client" or whoever they where knew my real name. Opening the text with slight anticipation, it read a small and simple message...






© 2012 Lolageomfg

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Added on February 11, 2012
Last Updated on February 11, 2012



Hitchin, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Gamer/Writer, i go into the British Army soon and i will be documenting Phase one of my training there. I do have a youtube channel if you wish to see some of My Video's, Mainly let's play Minecraf.. more..


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