A Story by Lolageomfg

A true story from my perspective, of my ADSC, Basically its the test you have to take to be offered a place in the British Army.


Hello, for those that dont know me, or just have begun to read this, My Name Is Laurence Thompson, everything that i explain in this story is true, based on a part of my life, i hope you do enjoy.



I remember the day like it was yestaday. 28th of july 2011, the date that was going to decide the career for the rest of my life. Waking up early in the morning, i began to get dressed, my mind already ahead of my tired body, working furiously, deducing what was going to happen. I ate quickly and in silence on my own downstairs, a simple piece of toast, i didn't want to eat too much, i already felt slightly sick to the stomach, nerves i assumed. Leaving the house, i knew i would not return to it in two days, i almost felt slightly sad and at the same time proud, that i had chosen what i wanted to do, and i felt that i was joining something bigger than myself. After an aganozingly long train journey to waterloo station in London, I sayed goodbye to my dad, he sayed one last thing to me before he left on the underground, "No matter what happens son, im proud of you, never forget that." With that i was left alone, waiting for my train to take me away Woking. The train journey felt short, in retrospective it was 1 hour long, eventually i had arrived at my destination, i knew failure was not an option here, i couldn't afford it, i had put too much effort into it to come this far and fail. A woman, scottish i seem to recall, dressed in a smart Army uniform, her boots reflecting the sunlight, was waiting on a bus which seemed already full with other's like myself, all eager to prove themselves.


I approached her slowly, my bag weighing me down. "Name?" She asked me, without hesitation i responded "Laurence Thompson, Hitchin Hertfordshire." She immedialtly responded with "Your number 13, dump your kit in the back and get in." The bus journey was the longest i had ever been on in my entire life, it felt like days, weeks but it was only a 15 minute drive. Arriving at my home for the next two days, i felt at ease, i knew what to expect from this, we all grabbed our bags awaiting instructions of what to do next.


Im going to end it here for now, but i've hoped you've enjoyed so far, i will be writing the rest of it tomoz.

© 2012 Lolageomfg

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Ignore grammar problems.

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Added on February 11, 2012
Last Updated on February 11, 2012



Hitchin, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Gamer/Writer, i go into the British Army soon and i will be documenting Phase one of my training there. I do have a youtube channel if you wish to see some of My Video's, Mainly let's play Minecraf.. more..

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