The Black Carpet.

The Black Carpet.

A Poem by Leah Everett

A poem about the War, and people who should be known worldwide, and treated with respect, but are not.


I’m good at invisibility.
I could journey the Earth, without any attention.


Though, I’ve been through the wars.
I’ve fought and strived for what I wanted in life.


I didn’t have a fairytale dream, of mansions and fame.
I wanted the world to sleep in peace.


Do you think me absurd?
To risk my life for six billion other strangers?


I’ve watched my best friend, die in agony.
Begging me to hold his hand.


I couldn’t, I had to move on, to follow my fellow soldiers.
I watched as his eyes burst with the bloody veins and humidity.


My heart was crumbling, but I stumbled on, fighting for what was right,
I feared, and I cried, but I never came to a halt.


And in our teeming shelter, we’d discuss the celebrity life.
Why are pop stars famous? Do they do us any benefit?


You could act this out,
But I have no need to, how I wish I was as good as you.


Why does beauty receive the most awareness?
Can’t bravery ever win interest?


So many years melting in despair,
For nothing. Absolutely nothing.


My mind is crippled with tormenting memories,
Doing my best here, to show what should be highly regarded.


I hope you grin brightly,
Whilst watching your tank of tropical wonders.


I hope you’re proud of what you have achieved,
I know I am.


But I just cant seem to prevent myself from,
Filling myself with emerald envy.


When you’re clothed in silky lace,
Or dark, dear, linen.


Turn your head away from the spotlight,
Squint, and focus in my direction.


It’s where the ruby glow stops and moulds into dark,
Can you see the ashen corpses of us?


I hold up my dusty medal,
And smile.

© 2011 Leah Everett

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Brilliant imagery on the woes or war.
Your flow was that of perfect direction.
I enjoyed this piece immensely...

Posted 12 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on August 7, 2010
Last Updated on June 27, 2011
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Leah Everett
Leah Everett

birmingham, United Kingdom

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A Poem by Leah Everett