What Brave People Do

What Brave People Do

A Poem by Leah Everett

This was supposed to be a song, but I'm finding it hard to put music to. I'm considering it as a poem, but I'm still not sure. Poem or song? Help me decide! xx


What brave people do.

I remember laying there on the ground

My head spinning, my heart beating, and you came without a sound

You sat down beside me and held my hand tight

You sang to me sweetly as I lay there and cried

You said I was beautiful and you'd never let me go

You said pretend life's a fairytale all wrapped in a bow.

Pretend it's a dragon, spit flames, don't be slayed. 

I said "who really does that?" and you said "the brave" 

He smiled with certainty, and he never cried

Although that sweet sadness still stood in his eyes

He never did tell me, but I sussed him straight out

I loved him, he loved me and he knew that, no doubt. 

"My hands are yours to hold" I cried in effort to convince him 

"These arms of mine, are all yours to sleep in" 

But the only words he left me with were "You're not mine to loose. 

Let's leave taking chances, for the brave to do." 

I dropped to the ground, but the tears wouldn't

He'd already taught me that they shouldn't and couldn't 

He hauled me upright and held me to his chest

He whispered shakily that it was for the best

"If the world worked in my way, I'd make you my wife"

And those sad eyes, cried for the first time in their life. 

I needed his comfort, I needed his smile

To get me through downfalls once and a while. 

The day he left, was the day I died. 

I began a new life with a new state of mind.

He remains in my memories, his words still at bay

And I ache of each of each hour, of each second, of each day. 

I've faltered a few times, but I now cry alone.

If ever went to find him, he wouldn't be waiting at home. 

I may have grieved and fought till my soul ran blue

But accepted he had to leave 'cuz that's what brave people do.

© 2011 Leah Everett

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You really need a brave heart to let it go...
Memories last forever even though people don't.....

You pen it nicely!

Posted 1 Year Ago

There's so much passion in this. Great work.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Thanks, I'll try and put some piano to it and upload it on youtube. xx

Posted 9 Years Ago

Song definitely a song Leah...

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Leah Everett
Leah Everett

birmingham, United Kingdom

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