As Beautiful as a Rainbow

As Beautiful as a Rainbow

A Poem by Chain of Hearts

Look up to them

It's black with lace so long
It has black hair like the waves of a roaring sea

It cries each night from the events of the day
She cries for love from a white

She originates from Africa and is abused
People bully her for her vivid color

She yearns for love from someone
Someone who will adore and appreciate her

But one gruesome day someone comes up to her
And says how beautiful she is

She slaps the boy thinking how the boy bullies
But the boy means no harm but to be her friend

Later the boy comes up to her again
With a smile so faint

He has a red fingerprint on his cheek that the African girl recognizes

The African girls name is Amaya, she tells the boy
They start to understand each other and realize how

They don't have to be enemies any longer
Nor frenemies either.

Later they start to see each other more often
And people start to tease and look down on the boy

But he doesn't care and just fights back

Their first kiss is on their wedding day
Their first child was a year later

And to this day they are best friends
To this day they are married

To this day they love each other
And to this day people look up to them

© 2015 Chain of Hearts

Author's Note

Chain of Hearts

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It seems as if you and I were already friends. I chose this poem of yours to review and found this old review already here. A small world...dan

Posted 6 Years Ago

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every one deserves true love a beautiful write

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Beautiful write, to follow the heart and not allow anyone's opinion
matter is fantastic, let love conquer and hate stay dead in it's place
where it belongs, thanks for sharing and b-blessed!

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Chain, Two people taking on the monster known as racial intolerance; this struggle goes on everywhere, every day...a relationship becomes stronger when the two people unite against the forces wishing to hold them down. It's nice to see a piece end with triumph over hatred and those who carry it with them. take care...dan

Posted 6 Years Ago

A lovely tale of overcoming distrust and bigotry.

NOTES: I recommend tweaking this one for language and grammar.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Chain of Hearts

6 Years Ago

I'm a little confused by the part in your review where u say 'tweaking it for language and grammar.... read more

6 Years Ago

The language and grammar are distant and awkward at times in trying to maintain third person narrati.. read more
Chain of Hearts

6 Years Ago

If you are thinking about the first few lines: It's black with lace so long
It has black hair.. read more
How in the hell did this poem not get ONE view from January 11, up until now?! Sorry, don't mind me.

This poem subconsciously put a smile on my face. It is very genuine and beautiful, hence why its going on my favorites. I loved the description in this poem; it had me immersed. This would have made a great story, or a book! But its your work, you decide what to do with it. Thank you for sharing such a lovely piece.


Posted 6 Years Ago

Chain of Hearts

6 Years Ago

Afraa, I'm actually working right now on a screenplay/script on this poem.
Thank you for your.. read more

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Chain of Hearts
Chain of Hearts

Alberta, Canada

Hey pals! So welcome to my page, I hope you take an interest in my writing- I will definitely look into yours. -------------------------------------------------------------------- TAKE NOTE: Pl.. more..


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