A Poem by Leftbehind

Sometimes, I just have something to say
With my pen, I sway
Fast and vigorously to the point,
Inhale a hit from the joint

My fingers can't scribble as fast as my mind
One thought after the next
Pen flowing, pulling wisdom from out of my chest.
Conjoining letters. What am I even writing?

As I read through, has it come true?
Effortlessly reading in tongues
As pathetic humans reach for their guns

A f*****g walking heathen,
You can't stand the sight of me, still breathing!
Call upon your "almighty" god!

For I am the pitted bird
And I won't go unheard
Stray caws, calling
As I start molting, in delight I yell
So, that all may tell

"Where is he? The one you call, divine.
As long as I'm around , he won't shine.
He doesn't f*****g love you. What's the point?
You don't believe in what's true."

A murder of ravens clustered, swirling up above
A deformation of my mortal shell
As I arise, my wings swell in size.

I laugh as I see them dwell, see you all in hell
As my shadow slivers away, leaving you in disarray
The earth begins to shake and rumble
Breaking, about to crumble
Screams begin to soar,
Bodies dropping, rotting galore.

Now I descend
Hungry eyes, imploring upon your cries
Bloodied the moon, blackened my eyes
Feasting on flesh of the ones who claimed, "blessed"

Shrieking,praying and pleading
Reaching hands, trying to grab the sky
As "God" watches you all die

© 2018 Leftbehind

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There is some very nice imagery here. I especially like "Bloodied the moon, blackened my eyes." This piece actually draws a character as you read it. Good job.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on January 28, 2016
Last Updated on May 14, 2018
Tags: Heathen, ravenous, twisted, horror, gore, personal, poem, humanity



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