Medical, Physical, Lyrical

Medical, Physical, Lyrical

A Poem by Keyshla

Alright, this ain't me, I'm just a small town girl
from an unknown city, in this damn big world.
Ask me to open up and I'll turn bright red
and I'll start to st-st-st-stutter
for me, my whole life can mean something,
but my words and my thoughts, are a whole lot of NOTHING!
I'm not thinking, and I'm not good with preaching
I'm not mentally talented, my mind shuts off when I need it most
I'm not famous, or rich, my words don't flow like the L.A. Coast.
Go ahead, write your words, but I won't tag along, 'cause I'm not a writer
and you can push and you can shove, but I'll stay put, 'cause I'm no fighter
I'll catch you later, alligators, forget the haters
'Cause Medically I'm stable, physically I'm able
Lyrically, plug in the cable
I'll read my words into this mic
and hope my mind won't take a hike.
I'm lifted and I am not a quitter
I won't sell my soul to the highest bidder.
I'll tone it down
and I'll st-st-st-stand my ground
This isn't me, I'm just an unknown girl
in a small city, in a big, vast world.

© 2012 Keyshla

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Added on August 29, 2012
Last Updated on August 29, 2012



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