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Chapter 7: The Cliff-side

Chapter 7: The Cliff-side

A Chapter by LeoLucid

Anise attempts to talk to and befriend the vampire that likes to barhop.


While I didn't want to talk to Endrian given that he tried to bite me before I even knew his name and he wasn't enthusiastic at all about me in general, I had to. There was space on the calendar for him and he deserved to know that he had an opportunity along with everyone else. Besides that, I was actually a little worried about him since it was getting late. Zam told me that he often stayed out late, so there was no need to worry or wait for him. Still, not even the wildest party-goers I knew back home would be out this late.

As I debated on what to do while staring out the window, I couldn't help but think about Endrian and his attitude. He was pretty rude, secretive, and seemed to have a rather short temper. He didn't seem close to anyone in the mansion. The way he treats me was less than pleasant. Was that he treated my grandmother? My grandfather? If he did, I doubt that Grandmother Rosemary would allow him to stay in the mansion, curse or not. It seemed that he wasn't confined to the house, just the town.

Thinking about it further, if he was free to roam the town, then she definitely wouldn't have let him stay with her if he acted like a distant brat. I doubted that she let Zamuel handle everything all on his own too. Surely, everyone had a job to do or part to play. My grandmother was kind and liked to take care of people. This place was a bed and breakfast on the side after all. However, nothing was for free. The would all have had time to relax and figure out what to do, but I'm positive that they all had expectations.

I wondered what Endrian's expectations were.

The grandfather clock in the room chimed as it hit three in the morning. After fifteen minutes, I got up from the couch and began to get dressed. Simple blue jeans, a fitting purple turtleneck sweater, and a black flats later, I was heading out the door and into town. The walk wasn't too bad. Only thirty minutes. The only issue I had was that it was pretty chilly outside. The autumn night air was starting to bring in the cold. I thought about turning back to grab a jacket, but I figured that I already walked so far anyways. It wasn't too bad as of that moment.

Finally, I stumbled into town. Of course, most of the buildings were closed and the lights were off, the only lights illuminating the streets being the streetlights and small neon signs to stores that just about every town had. Not many people were out either. For a minute, I actually thought I wandered into a deserted town. It felt like I was in an episode of The Twilight Zone. It wasn't until I heard the faint sound of rock music that I was reminded that I was indeed not completely alone.

I followed the noise until I saw a dimly lit bar with a few patrons still sitting inside through the windows. A motorcycle along with some cars were parked outside. Someone with fire red hair and a black leather jacket sat at the bar, facing away from the windows. That had to be him. It was hard to mistake that red hair for anyone else's. I took a deep breath and walked in, a small bell ringing to signal my arrival. No one bothered looking up, not even the bartender. This really was a small town if no one was going to look up and ask for my ID. Well, it wasn't like I planned on drinking anyways.

I nervously approached Endrian, clearing my throat to see if that would get his attention. No dice. He simply continued to drink his glass of red wine, something that was apparently served here which was a surprise. I then decided to take a seat next to him, the bartender finally looking up and quirking a brow. Instead of asking me to leave or ask for an ID, they asked what I would be having. That's when Endrian gave me a side-eye. A rather annoyed looking side glance at that. "I-I'll just have some water. Thank you."

"What the hell are you doing here?" Endrian hissed under his breath. I felt my cheeks heat up at his tone. That tone really didn't make me feel good. A glass of water was set down in front of me, which I gladly took and began sipping from.

"Y-You missed dinner and there's a fill-able calendar up. I-I was also-"

I was cut off by the sound of him setting his now empty glass down harshly on the wooden counter top. His head was turned to face me, his red eyes as cold and intimidating as ever. "Like I said before, I don't care about you or getting to know you! Go home, Anise. Go home and don't come back. This is the one place I can get some peace."

I flinched at his words, beginning to feel like a fool for coming. His glass of wine was topped off, a sigh escaping his lips before he raised his glass to drink. I held my own glass, staring down into it before downing it all. My hand reached for my wallet, but the bartender shook their head. Water must've been free around here. That was nice and good to know. At least there was one positive thing I could get out of this trip.

"Sorry. It won't happen again. I-I just. . . got worried is all. I'll leave you be from now on." I quickly wrapped up, finishing what I wanted to stay before I was interrupted. It didn't take me too long to stand and make my way out the establishment. Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw Endrian's hair shift slightly as he went to look back at me. It was probably just my imagination though. I didn't stop to look and confirm either. I was usually pretty persistent, though I hated confrontation.

This time I got the message loud and clear.

Stepping outside, I felt a light breeze along with the drop of a couple of degrees. It got colder in such a short amount of time. The iced water wasn't helping me feel warm either. The opposite, actually. I figured I better hurry home and head to bed to get warm under the covers. I should sleep as well. It wasn't in my nature to stay up for as long as I did. Zam was right. I shouldn't have waited around. Heading to bed would've been better for me and for Endrian.

My hands went up to rub my arms, trying to warm my skin underneath my sweater. A slight shiver even ran up my spine. I really should've stayed home or at the very least grabbed my jacket before heading out. My only option was to use some magic. I stopped walking, closed my eyes, and began to imagine that my soul was on fire. Slowly but surely, my hands began to emit some more heat, the warmth spreading throughout the rest of my body. This would get me by for a while. Using raw energy like this, straight from the soul without a channel, was going to drain me quickly though. I had to hurry home unless I wanted to pass out on the street.

A few minutes later and I was already starting to get tired. I had to stop putting out so much energy, already missing the warmth. Another slight shiver ran through me as more and more of the cool night hit my skin. Suddenly, I heard the sound of a motorcycle rapidly drive up next to me. Instead of continuing to drive forward, it braked beside me. Endrian took his helmet off, an agitated look on his face. He then pointed behind him with his thumb.

"Hurry up and get on." He demanded. I wasn't really expecting the command, so I blinked, figuring that I probably misheard him.

"I-I'm sorry?"

He rolled his eyes and began to put his helmet back on. "Come on. It'll take you forever to reach the house."

What he said was true. It would take me more time to walk back to the house versus hopping onto the back of his motorcycle. I hesitantly took a step forward. There were way too many articles and documentaries I've seen about motorcycle accidents. He must've sensed my hesitation, revving up his bike and waved me over. "Let's go! Hang on and you'll be fine!"

Sucking it up, I walked over and got onto the back of the bike, my hands barely hanging on to his waist. With one last rev, he sped off down the street. The sudden acceleration was not what I expected at all, causing me to wrap my arms tightly around his waist. This was not cool. How did people like this kind of transportation?

Endrian briefly looked behind him, no doubt rolling his eyes under his helmet. He then shouted something that I just barely made out. "We're taking a detour."

What? A detour? Where could we possibly go at this late hour? Before I could question him or protest, he made a swift turn and sped ahead. We were heading onto a road that led towards the forests and towards the top of the mountains. It only took a few minutes to get to a cliffside parking area given how fast he drove. We eventually slowed to a stop and the bike was cut off. Endrian removed his helmet, putting it down on the seat once I got off.

I approached the edge of the cliff, protected by a wooden fence. There was the neon and streetlights down below in the town. Meanwhile, hundreds of stars shined in the sky. The town didn't give off much light pollution, making the stars visible enough to make out hundreds of constellations. Suddenly, I didn't feel that nervous about making that detour. As I stared straight up towards the sky, Endrian stood beside me, putting his arms on the gate and leaning forwards to look down at the town. There were no words exchanged between us, but it didn't feel as awkward or intimidating like usual. I was content with not saying a word.

A loud sigh came from him which made me look back to him. His eyes were still trained on the town. "I liked your grandma. Mrs. Rosemary was actually pretty nice to me and helped me. Your grandfather was nice too. He taught me how to fix the bike. But now they're gone and there's only you."

I pursed my lips, unsure of what to say. I was finally starting to get it. For him, he was still grieving. I had my time to mourn when I heard the news and attended the funerals. That was many months ago. By the time I learned I had inherited the manor and everything in it, I had already cried it out. I was able to move on. Endian however, didn't seem to be ready to let go yet.

"I was the second that arrive at the house. This town. Zamual was here before me. I was angry and confused. I didn't know why I suddenly couldn't leave. I would ride my bike for miles and miles, but always end up back here. I eventually tried taking a different route that led me to the mansion. Despite me losing my cool, your grandma still tried to talk to me. Mrs. Rosemary sat through all of my shouting, gave me a place to stay, and said that she can try to help." He continued on, his brows furrowing and his fists balling up.

His hand then suddenly slammed against the gate. "They gave me everything I needed and put up with me for so long! They gave me support and a home, and I just complained about everything! I never got a chance to pay them back. I promised myself I would when the curse was lifted. Then, they passed away. Mr. Devane first, and then Mrs. Rosemary. No curse lifting and no one left that I could trust. Just when I thought I was getting over it, you come along and tell us this stupid way of breaking the curse!"

I didn't say anything. There was nothing that I could say that would make it better. I remembered taking the new pretty hard when I heard of their passing. The only thing that got me through it were my mothers. Endrian was taking this all by himself. There wasn't any way I could relate to that. I could only listen. However, his hands relaxed and he let out another sigh, this time sounding relieved, like he's been bottling this up this entire time.

He then looked towards me, the resentment I felt every time he looked at me gone. "You look a little like Mrs. Rosemary. Skin tone, wavy hair, blue eyes. She didn't have freckles or dye her hair purple, but you are definitely her granddaughter. I just. . . I just wish I could pay her back. One last chance to see her and give her an actual thanks at least. There's just you though."

He was right. I wasn't my grandmother, and unfortunately, I didn't hold the power of necromancy or spirit channeling. Although, I just knew my grandmother would say that he didn't need to thank her. Just pay it forward. That's usually how she rolled. So, I relayed that same message that she taught me so many times when I was younger. "I know I'm not my grandmother and I honestly can't imagine how much you've been hurting over her death. I don't envy you. If you did get to talk to her one last time though, I think she would tell you to smile and simply pay her kindness forward. That's probably not what you want to hear. It's just the truth."

There was no response. I was only met with silence and an intense stare. Resentment or annoyance didn't fill his gaze yet. I couldn't detect what he was thinking. Feeling a little awkward again, I looked back up at the stars. Endrian then stood up straight, looking like he wanted to say something. It seemed like he was working up the courage to say something. ". . . I'm sorry I've been a complete jerk to you since we met. I shouldn't have taken stuff out on you. You. . . are as blind and confused as we all are. You're just trying to help."

At that, I actually gave a small smile. I felt like I made some progress with Endrian. I genuinely thought that we could turn out to be good friends if he just opened up. There was no need to force anything and I wanted him to take his time. This was a huge step that I mentally celebrated for him. Grandma would've been proud. "It's okay. I understand. I'll keep to my promise and not bother you as much. Take all the time you need."

I turned, rubbing my arms from the cold and looked towards the bike. "I think I'm ready to head home now if you don't mind."

Endrian nodded, beginning to walk to the bike. His red eyes still stared at me, making me think that perhaps he was thinking about something concerning me. The leather jacket he wore was shimmied off and held out towards me. His face was turned the other way, preventing me from looking at his expression. "Here. Take it."

The gesture made my heart skip a beat for a moment. There was some hesitance, but I took it. It would be rude to decline. Besides that, I felt that he would shout at me to make me take it anyways. I put the jacket on, his own body heat lingering on the satin inside. The shivers went away as I began to feel warm. "Thank you, Endrian. I mean it."

"Yeah yeah. Just get on the bike already." He played off. As he got on the motorcycle after removing his helmet, I swore I could see a faint blush on his cheeks. Before I could get a real look, his helmet was on and he started the engine.

Going just as fast as before, we sped home. It was really late and I was exhausted. We quietly entered through the garage door, making sure we didn't wake anyone up. As we ascended the stairs, I took off the leather jacket and handed it back to him. "Thanks for showing me the cliff-side and talking to me. I had a good time, even if riding on the back of your motorcycle made me nervous."

"Tell me about it. You were hanging on like your life depended on it. Well, I'm heading to bed. See ya." Endrian curtly responded, turning on his heels to go to his room. I gave a yawn, figuring that I should finally get some shut eye as well. It had been a long night.

"Yo, Anise? You're. . . a little cool after all."

Before I could turn to see Endrian one final time or even reply, he had closed the door to his room. I smiled to myself and headed to my own. I was called "cool" by a motorcycle riding, leather jacket wearing vampire today. That was pretty cool.

© 2019 LeoLucid

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