Cassarah ~~ the Slayer

Cassarah ~~ the Slayer

A Story by Leon1612

Cassarah was taken away from her parents as a child, Victor, an evil vampire scientist, took her and experimented on her with his venom. He thought he had failed, yet he created something lethal...

Cassarah strolled through the depressing rain with her feet almost a drag. She never felt like this before. Her mind was so full of pain and depression that it almost tore her apart, but she managed. But she couldn't help but wonder why she was always this alone all the time.

Rain was dripping off the hood of her jacket as she kept her gaze on the ground before her feet. She noticed how the rectangular stones were laid perfectly even. they to were stained, just like the surrounding buildings.

Finally she stumbled upon an old run down shop. It still had its welcoming sign in its broken window. And the porch had remained somehow.Not worrying too much about it she stepped out of the rain and onto the porch. She checked the building's knob and was unsurprised that it was locked.

Turning to face the city, she sat with her back against the wall. She raised her right knee and rested her arm on it. Her eyes were alert as she watched the passing people.

Suddenly something caught her attention. She looked around, but there was nothing. Her brown eyes scanned the area. A nearby presence was bothering her, but she had no idea where or who it was. Suddenly her eyes locked on a figure that seemed to be standing across the street, facing her direction.


Weeks had passed since Cassarah had been bound by the laws of the village. She had been working on gaining the elves trust. She and Alvar became close friends. Cassarah was grateful to have a friend like him, since she never really had one before. They've done some training sermons together and learned from each other. Finally one day she gained the trust that she worked so hard for.

The top elves of the village arranged a meeting. Hours later Alvar was informed that Aelfric now needed them to attend.


As they entered the main building, Cassarah noticed a long table that at least stretched 30 foot. It was made from one of the tallest trees in the surrounding woods. Alvar had recently explained how Oliver had made it. Oliver was also a guard, however, he was the village's carpenter, which could build anything you could think of.

Once they got seated, Aelfric gathered everyone's attention and began his announcement. Cassarah was all ears, and eager to hear what Aelfric had to say.

Aelfric announced, "By the royal family and and the head council, we pronounce a special treat for Cassarah."


Cassarah's heart began to race as she felt bubbly.


Aelfric continued,"Cassarah, your time of serving and working had deducted your jail time. Now you have to stay for one and a half years."


"What?!" Cassarah thought in disappointment.

The meeting didn't last very long. But as soon as it was over and almost everyone had left, Aelfric asked Cassarah to have a private meeting with him, and for Alvar to join as well.

Aelfric cleared his throat as if he was preparing to say something big.Finally he spoke.

"Cassarah, Alvar. I'm going to give you some information that's big and personal. And yes I've kept this from the council, so they wouldn't wind up taking action without my permission. You see, I need to give you a top secret assignment. My son, Elric, has been kidnapped, a few weeks before you were brought here, Cassarah. I don't know by who or what. All I know is that they've left a note saying not to send a search party. Only two persons from the village that I believed was capable of bringing him back. And that no one was to know except for the family and the two persons. But the longer I was to wait the more they would torture him."

"And now you need us to return him here." interrupted Alvar.

" Yes," Aelfric continued."and that is the other half of the reason your here Cassarah."

"I don't understand. Why didn't you just choose me and Oliver? Oliver is a great guard. In fact one of the best." Alvar interrupted.

"Correction, Alvar, your the best guard out of the whole village because you Cassarah have exchanged strategies and have developed your own. Oliver could never hold you alike. He's too caught up in his carpenter work that it puts him at a disadvantage. I don't think he'd last very long. And when I first saw Cassarah, I knew there was something special about her. So I had her working so hard just to watch how fast she could adapt and learn. When I watched you training together, I realized that she is a powerful and unique being."

"Oh." Alvar sighed.

"So when do we start?" Cassarah wondered.

"Tomorrow you will prepare to begin your assignment, and will be awarded a day off so you will be well rested. The morning after, right before dawn you will leave, and begin the assignment that I've given you."

"Understood." Cassarah and Alvar said simultaneously.



The room was interesting. Quite average though. By the window was a small dresser. Next to the door was a closet. A bed sat against the left wall long ways. the foot board toward the door. towards the right wall was a small room, which was the bathroom. Off white carpet covered the floors, except for the bathroom. the bathroom was laid with flat rocks from the creek. The walls were an aqua green color. the sheets on the bed matched the carpet. the pillow matched the walls.


So Cassarah settled in and made herself feel at home somewhat. and stared out the window for a while and then went to close the door and laid on the bed. It was so comfortable that she fell to sleep in an instant.


When Cassarah regained consciousness she was blind. Everything was black thanks to the blind fold wrapped around her head. Her arms were turned to where her wrist were up and somehow she couldn't withdraw her blades which was now rubbing against each other. Whoever it was had tied her upper arms together in a painful binding position


"What?! I can't move! Ahh- Let me go! Untie me now! ugh! Whoever is responsible is going to pay if they don't let me go!"

Something moved in the background and shut the door. All of a sudden it got silent. Too silent.

As Cassarah struggled to break loose she soon realized that it was almost impossible. She figured there was someone in the room being entertained by watching her.

"Ha, you just wait til-

"Til what? You break free? Hahaha! There's no way you can get loose from those ropes. Not the way we elves have specially tied them."

"Elves?... Your an elf?"

"Yes, I am. In fact I'm a dark elf."



"If your an elf then where on earth am I and who in the world are you?"

"Good questions. You are now in a place called Runeblow Village. And I am Aelfric the ruler of this village. I keep it as under-"

"I know what you do. I know what most rulers do. You all do what's best for your kingdom. Look I don't wanna know the whole history lecture about how your system works. All I want to know, is why have you got me tied and blindfolded?! And why on earth did you even bring me here?"

A small sound of fingers snapping ordered the guard to first remove the blindfold from Cassarah, but leave her tied up just incase she decided to turn on them. While the guard did so they continued they're conversation.  

[As soon as the blindfold was removed, Cassarah's blue eyes focused on Aelfred with disgust. She noticed that he had white hair with pale green eyes. His skin looked a little pale and he was fairly tall. She judged about 5'11" to 6ft. His clothing looked extremely expensive, showing off who was royalty and above the village.]

"The reason your tied up and blindfolded was because of your trespassing and illegal hunting."

"What?! So walking through woods is trespassing? I was only passing through. And I was hunting that elk for a purpose. Besides how do you know its illegal?"

"First of all, these woods is our territory and we do not hunt elk. The elk is the royal spirit of the forest. You have no reason to hunt them. It is mandatory that they are in peace. Otherwise we elves will take action. That's one of the reasons your here."

" Okay then. Why else am I here for?"

" One to serve your jail time here with your arms tied up like they are for 3 years. 

Two, we were curious about what you are. And so on."

"Jail time?! Look I didn't know the elk was so special to you. Hey, I didn't even know the whole area belonged to you. And you through me in jail anyways?! Let alone with my arms tied up like this the entire time. How do you expect me to do anything without my arms? And why were you curious about me? All I am is a human being that was turned into a mutant thinks to .... umm.. someone I know. But on the jail thing, can't you at least cut me some slack? Besides I don't have that kind of time!"


Meanwhile the guard came up and whispered something into Aelfric's ear. Aelfric nodded and replied.

He continued,"You look like a good person, but how do I know I can trust you enough to even allow your lethal arms to be free? How do I know you won't turn around and kill everyone in sight?"

"Yes, looks can be very deceiving, but I promise you I won't turn on you and your village. I will do whatever you need or want me to do til I complete my service here."

"Ok. I'll set your arms free. But if you attempt to turn you will be tied up,stoned and beat to death."

"Sounds fair to me."

With a quick snap of his fingers the guard gently removed the ropes in a flash. Rubbing sore her arms,she asked the guard," While I'm here, I might as well be introduced to everyone. So may I ask what your name is?"

The guard looked at Aelfric and he nodded at the guard. And the guard replied,"Yes, my name is Alvar. Its nice to meet you..."

"Cassarah, Cassarah Anderson."

"Its nice to meet you Cassarah."

Alvar put on a smile and allowed Cassarah outside. It was bright and hot. The streets of dirt below were full of villagers. some weren't even elves. There were all kinds of shops. They even had an inn for visitors and outsiders. The sun was about to set so she had to get a room pretty soon. That is if Aelfric would allow her. Alvar was assigned to keep a close eye on Cassarah, so he accompanied her.  

While headed to the inn Cassarah spotted an interesting place to eat so she got something small and Alvar got the biggest order on the menu. They sat on a picnic table and ate while they talked. She noticed that Alvar seemed to be different from the others. his red hair wasn't thin and wasn't thick either, it came down past his ears, his eyes were sapphire blue, he had medium broad shoulders and looked very masculine yet slinder and long. he wore a dull brown leather outfit that protected him. he loved to eat and he had a great personality. as he finished and stood, she assumed to be 5'9". Average.  

As they entered the inn they noticed that the line was shorter than expected. They got separate rooms that were next to each other. 

Before they entered they're rooms Alvar told her to be up and ready by dawn. Cassarah nodded and entered her room.


As Cassarah continued her path for another couple of hours, she finds herself in the woods. As she still walks on, she hears strange noises around her. Excited and eager, Cassarah set her stuff down in a place that was easy to remember but also safe. She scurried up one tree with ease. exposing her blades, she begins her hunt. 

as her eyes changed blue she didn't spot anything nearby so she jumped out and grabbed a veil out of her bag which hid the bottom half of her face. Which enabled her to blend in with the surrounding brush easier. 

Then she darted through the woods stealthily and swiftly. With out making hardly any kind of noise, she finally came upon an elk. Elk was one of her favorite kind of animals to hunt because of the challenge they gave her. 

For awhile she stalked the elk, waiting for the right moment. Once she crept up next to the elk, she froze for a moment to see what the elk would do. The elk acted as if he had no idea at first. then all of a sudden he shot his head up over the brush and froze. He stood there sniffing the air, listening for any kind of sound... it seemed as if he wasn't going to budge for awhile. 

Finally Cassarah made her move of trying to jump on top. she expected a perfect landing because she had done it so many times before. But there was something different about this elk. he somehow knew she was there and avoided her. And began to run. 

Cassarah loved to chase her prey. it was her best way of toying with them. 

while she ran she tried to attack the elk and succeeded a few times. Finally the elk was wearing out. and wounded to the point to where he couldn't move much more. 

So she began to take its life and end the misery she caused the elk. She rose her arm up to add the final blow when something could her arm. it was a rope. but from where? Cassarah looked around to see who was interrupting her hunt but saw no-one so she went on ahead and cut the rope in two. and finished what she had started. 

After the elk was dead, she had to fix it to where other animals or whatever couldn't get to it. Afterwards she darted off into the woods to retrieve her belongings. She came back shortly and began to prepare a place for firewood. 

But as soon as she reached the elk, her foot had triggered a trap which wrapped around her foot and hung her upside down. while she swung there she reached up to cut the rope but something stung her back. and injected something. she reached to get whatever it was out of her back and grabbed some sort of dart. so she tried to hurry and get loose before she got hit again...but as soon as she tried she was hit 5 more times and was shortly out cold.


A couple of hours after Cassarah had left Succor, she arrived and The Lumineuxin Settlement. Rumor about her fighting off all the criminals and murderers had spread fairly quickly. And everyone was staring at her. Feeling nervous, she continued. Several tried to get her to stay, but nothing was going to keep her in the country. Not as long as she could help it. She wanted out so bad that she could taste it.  

As the sun rose higher the air got hotter. It was getting close to noon, and she was growing hungry. The aroma of food wafted through the air. Causing her mouth to water to the point she couldn't stand it. 

So she stopped at one shop and picked up a to go plate and went on. As she continued hungry children and people surrounded her. But she would only share with the children, and ignored the rest. 

Her small meal satisfied her very well. and she carried on without stopping. even though more people was really trying to get her to stay she did nothing but completely ignore them

Dawn's light seeps through the window and rests on Cassarah's face. Disturbing her, she awoke, remembering the strange dream she had. Afterwards she finally realized that it was morning she immediately began to gather her things. even though she didn't have much. All she had to carry was the clothes on her back, a water container, a medium sized bag full of extra clothes, and the items that kept her clean. As she headed out she stopped by the desk to tell the owner how she appreciated her free night. Then she walked through the door and into town. When she passed by the house -that she encountered the figure in- she stopped and stared at it for a moment, then she continued out of town... hoping to never return...

© 2012 Leon1612

Author's Note

more intertwining stories to come probably..

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