Chapter 7: White Sands and Black Mages

Chapter 7: White Sands and Black Mages

A Chapter by Letiel Naynarou

The fight didn't end well and Letiel is again in the hospital with Tempest again her guardian angel.


New places. A thing unfamiliar to Hurricane.

He was wandering around the halls of the Central tribe, having followed Tempest back here. He wasn't sure if his brother actually knew he was here, but he didn't much care. They hadn't seen each other in years, and just because they met now didn't mean he'd dictate his actions.

Although he had helped him when asked...

He wouldn't admit it to anyone, but this new world had him giddy. He got to explore! Not to mention the business opportunities that probably laid in store. Somebody always wanted someone else dead, and he was the right man for the job.

Strange. Usually at this point he had somebody shadowing him, watching his movements, making sure he fell into whatever trap the local rent-a-cops had set for him. Here there was nothing. Maybe they were just used to people carrying swords around and wearing hoods.

Hurricane was being watched but as he wasn't near anything particularly sensitive, no one really cared to stop him. It was also exceptionally late and minds were on other things. Most back up was sent to help with the survivors and trained espionage personnel were dispatched to ensure that no one was spilling secrets.


Blade set Letiel down on her bed, a misshapen collection of cushion, blankets, and pillows, then shambled off to a chair against the wall. The room was fairly large, roomy, with a cozy feeling coming from the paintings on the wall. The whole suite was in natural blues and greens, with gentle grays dotted about. 

Letiel herself sunk a little deeper in the massive cushions, snuggling close in her sleep. Her injuries seemed to have vanished leaving only the exhaustion of self-healing behind. 

"She will likely be angry with me for not changing her clothing. She does not like wearing hospital gowns."

Tempest chuckled and took a seat.

"She'll be angry with me as well. I kept pulling her away from her fight."

Blade folded his hands over his chest and closed his eyes. 

"Yes, she will be upset. She has to be the one to kill Veil. She sold herself for that opportunity."

"To Omaotin?"

"Yes. She was dying and he saved her for the sole purpose of dealing with Veil."

"And what does he get in return?" Tempest already knew the answer.

"A life for a life," he said simply. Blade studied Tempest, closely. "Why are you here? You have known her for just short of 24 hours. Your first meeting involved driving her near death and threatening her life after risking your own. You have waited for her to recover, saved her from a foolish decision, and have barely left her side the whole time. What is your connection to her? She has not seen you before."

Tem leaned forward, looking at the ground as he thought of a reply.

"When I fought her in the forest, I touched her mind. I saw a war, felt things coming from her that I experienced in my own life. Failing to protect people. Guilt. I thought maybe...maybe we could help each other. I don't know. That's the reasoning I thought up. The truth is, I'm not really sure. I could've just left her in that forest and been done with it. But I'm here now. I understand about as well as you do."

"These are common feelings," Blade said. "There are many people who feel this way. Yet you choose her."

"I know that. But on this magnitude? Having been directly responsible for thousands, and getting them killed? How many people, normal people, could relate to that?"

Blade thought a moment. "Are you a leader among your people then?"

"I was. They're gone now. Have been for many years."

"That is unfortunate.... I am going to go now. I must secure the area." He got up and headed to the door and into the suite's living room.

Tem nodded a farewell. After Blade left, he seemed to deflate in his chair. He was depressed. The past few days had been bringing up old wounds and causing new ones. Now he was in a quiet room, where it could all catch up to him.



Veil strolled down the White Sands Missile Range main building where three prisoners had been brought. All three of them were Nihood soldiers that were left for dead on the battlefield. One of them was young, the equivalent of a private. 

"Good morning gentlemen, let's have a little chat."

Behind the double-sided glass of the interrogation room, another accomplice of Veil's watched, taking notes, studying the captives.

After about five minutes of casual discussion, Veil got up, closed the blinds, and shut off the cameras, another five minutes later and he left the room. The kid was under the table, a bullet in his brain. 

The spectator had shut his notepad as Veil entered the room. "You enjoy the killing, don't you?"

"No, I don't but it needs to be done. Other than those you choose to keep, the Eloium must be eradicated."

"Mm, I see," the figure turned, solid red eyes regarding the man before him, "And what's your reasoning for that? Are YOU marked for death as well?"

"In a sense. When I'm sure that race ceases to exist I will join them but not until I'm sure and I know the best place to start," Veil said. "How soon can you get your units together?"

"My units are already together." The figure stood, tucking away his notebook in the long, dark coat he wore and turned to Veil. "I am ahead of schedule, a schedule YOU created, I might remind you. Take it from somebody who has already destroyed one race; timing is important."

"Which is part of why we're waiting. This race isn't a collection of peace loving hippies. Every one of them is trained to fight and one in four of them is capable of changing their shape. Preparations need to be made and I'm fairly confident my research into them is farther along than yours."

"Oh it is, I'll grant you that. But I know enough for our purposes, enough that I've tuned my fighting units specifically to combat them. And I am grateful to you for providing me with the resources to give them a much needed upgrade." He gave a short, appreciative bow. When he stood back up, he was glaring.

"But don't discount what I've done. Speaking as one, I would not call Black Mages 'peace loving' as you say. They were stubborn, yes, content to remain in their place in the world, unambitious..." He shook his head.

"I digress," he began to walk, passing Veil and brushing his shoulder, "Don't underestimate me, Veil. You'd be a fool to underestimate anyone, friend or foe."

Veil grabbed the Mage's arm tightly. "And don't you deny me my victory. There's a woman that leads them, she's mine."

He nodded, "Of course, I remember. Letiel is yours and yours alone, my units will support yours and we will systematically dismantle this organization. You think I forgot?" The figure pulled away and exited.

Veil growled to himself and checked his watch, it was early morning. After the all-nighter he wasn't excited for another one but he didn't trust this new Mage. He'd gather his units and attack tonight. 

© 2013 Letiel Naynarou

Author's Note

Letiel Naynarou
Can you tell we like writing the fight scenes? There will be a lot of those but hopefully spaced enough to not feel rushed.

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