Chapter 8: Too Much on my Mind

Chapter 8: Too Much on my Mind

A Chapter by Letiel Naynarou

Letiel's past is a sensitive subject but after everything Tempest has done for her she's about ready to open up a little.


Letiel's foot twitched and she gradually started to wake up. The gentle smells of freshly turned earth and fragrant flowers soothed her aching head and the soft plush beneath her head spoke to her other senses. 

She already felt stronger despite the limited amount of sleep so she opened her eyes and slowly sat up, rubbing her face and grimacing at the scratches she felt there. Her eyes were blurry but a few blinks and a stretch later and she felt better. A trip to her closet and Letiel was more willing to relax. She sprawled back on the bed, wearing a tank top and short shorts. 

It felt SO good to be home.

            Tempest had fallen asleep in the chair he was seated in. He'd drifted off some time ago, lost in his thoughts. He remained asleep, despite Letiel moving about the room. The Mage was dreaming, his thoughts unguarded in this state. Memories and dreams floated on unseen waves around the room.

            She noticed Tempest sleeping across the room and was suddenly very aware of how embarrassed she was sleeping and moving about with a guest around. 

"Um," she started, trying to decide if she should wake him or not. She settled with leaving him be and put on a robe instead. Uncomfortable, the shifter gently left the bedroom and headed to the living room part of the suite. 

Her living quarters were on the edge of the tribe and reached open air. She opened those sliding doors and let the brisk air in. The sun was up but the air was still cool at these altitudes.

As the breeze blew through the room, it roused Tem from his rest.

"Oh, wow..."

He'd fallen asleep. He hadn't meant to so that. Quickly, he stood up to look for Letiel, finding her in the next room.

"Oh there you are. Sorry I uh...guess I fell asleep. Are you ok?"

She was zoning out, her weight leaning heavily on the door frame to enjoy the clean air. 

"Huh? Oh, um, yeah, I'm fine. I apologize if I woke you."

He shook his head, "No it's fine. I should've been awake anyway." That breeze did feel good, but he kept his distance let her enjoy the sun.

"You look better. Much better. I'm glad. Look I know you're probably upset with me interfering so I apologize. I couldn't let you stand alone."

"I appreciate your desire to help me but in the future, you need to not help me fight Veil. It's the only time I can fight without him trying to "help" me." 

She came back in and settled on one of the couches. With her previous spot empty, Tem took his turn to enjoy the sunlight.

"Him? You mean Omaotin." Maybe he could learn a bit more about her predicament. "Why did you think that letting a hostile element inhabit your body was a good idea?"

Letiel's eyes darkened and she rubbed her neck subconsciously. 

"I was young and desperate," she said slowly. "I needed help and at the time he was the only one who offered to help me."

"The only one of your spirits, you mean. But is he still necessary? Can't you just get rid of him somehow?" he asked.

"No. I think... I think he leaves if I die."

Tempest frowned and asked, "That can't be the only way, can it? My race's talents in psychics and mental abilities are vast. Maybe there's some way to...excorsize him?"

"I imagine trying would be a painful experience and he probably wouldn't let me live if he didn't leave willingly."

Tem sighed and leaned his head back. The sun on his back felt good.

"I see. He gets your body, doesn't he? When you complete your mission."

"It's more than that. He gets..." she hesitated, trying to decide how much she trusted this man.

His head dropped to look at her, waiting for an answer and she sat up a bit, resting her elbows on her knees and her head in her hands.

"He gets my authority and power as well."

"Authority? Over the tribes? And what powers?"

"No... Um, the Nihood tribes aren't part of the actual Eloium homeland. They're my attempt to redeem myself of past crimes. Here I'm the top of the food chain but at home I share authority with three others. We are a ruling generation of Spirits, gods and goddesses, and as long as we are in power we have the corresponding abilities and authority to protect and care for our people. Include control over the other Spirits, Spirits like Omaotin."

"If you control him, how does he, er, control you? If you have the authority..." He shook his head. "This seems to be a running theme with you. Nobody is actually interested in the fact that you're in charge."

"No people aren't. Not anymore. I have made decisions as a leader and they have been poor ones so now my council acts without me unless I can prove myself to be unhindered by my backseat driver. He... He's a Celestial, a generation of Spirits above me, eternally in charge because of how crucial they are. All eight of them have authority over all the Spirits that came after them, including me and my cousins."

She leaned back, resting her shaking hands in her lap, but continued to stare at the floor. Letiel was trying to decide how much else to tell this man. Tempest had shown her his darkest days and she had truly felt them but her secrets were deadly and sensitive. She owed him some, but the whole story?

Tempest left his spot in the doorway and went to her, kneeling at her feet to see her eyes.

"You're shaking. I'm sorry. Am I prying?" he asked gently.

"I'm always shaking," she mumbled, turning her head away. "I have something he doesn't have, but only so long as I'm alive. That's what he wants and he can't get it unless he has my body."

He tilted his head at her, deciding to move the conversation to a different, if equally painful subject. "...can we talk about our pasts? What we've lost?"

"I already know what you lost," she whispered, a headache starting at the memories.

Her obvious pain was putting Tem back into helpful mode.

"What can I do for you? You're hurting."

"Nothing, absolutely nothing.... You are so strange, helping me so loyally when you've barely known me a day." She smiled at him, her golden eyes warm in the natural light.

He couldn't help but smile back. "It's pretty strange, I agree. What I saw in your head...I don't know. I talked with your man, Blade about it. I just feel I can relate to you. And I want to. I want to help you. I want to help both of us."

"Is this your redemption then? For failing to stop that other Mage? You're dooming yourself to save me from my mistakes?" she asked, her voice soft.

Tem chuckled, "My redemption will never end. I've been trying to help people since it happened. I've found ways to cope with the guilt, the loneliness. You've got something more though. A literal inner demon along with past trauma. There is something I can do. I know it."

"If you help me, he will come after you," she said firmly. "The only one he hasn't tried to ruin is Blade, for obvious reasons."

"I charged head long into battle for you twice now. I think it's becoming a habit." He patted her on the knee. "I'm not running. We'll see this through until you've succeeded."

She smiled at him in thanks, then yelped and grabbed her arm, more from surprise than pain. The burning hissed audibly before fading away, leaving behind a vague tattoo on her upper left arm. A sideways crescent moon rested in the tail of a dragon silhouette. 

Growling under her breath she leaned forward, tense and very, very still.

"What is it?" Tempest’s voice was rushed and demanding.

At that moment, a courier entered without knocking.

"My lady, the tribe in Montana is under attack. If you're well enough, your presence is requested in the council chamber at the request of Master Arjun."

"Send word ahead," she ordered. Her eyes gleaming and a hand still clasped over her arm."I already know more than those b******s." 

© 2013 Letiel Naynarou

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