Chapter 10: Stubborn Disregard

Chapter 10: Stubborn Disregard

A Chapter by Letiel Naynarou

With the threat of the Nihood HQ coming under attack, Tempest helps Letiel prepare for the coming battle but she's not too keen on listening.


Maelstrom had studied maps and everything he knew about the Central tribe from his sources. He'd thought of the best positions for overlook, troop deployment and where to set up a base, then disregarded all of that. He didn't think whoever was guarding the tribe would've have even bothered to think of his positioning in the first place, but on the off chance they had, he decided to throw a few curveballs.

So he'd set up over half a mile away from where he thought the best position might be, computers online, his personal guard doubled, then tripled. He tapped a few keys on his keyboard.

"Veil, we are ready to proceed. After you deploy your troops, I will follow up."

While the tribe was busy dealing with the soft and expendable human troops, Maelstrom would move his mechanized infantry units up to engage. He reasoned that the enemy would be so proud and foolhardy after cutting down such easy opponents that when his Peacekeeper mechs attacked, they'd charge into battle with his far superior units.

Mael regarded one of his bodyguards, the same type of unit as his other Peacekeepers. Hulking masses of non-reflective, non-magnetic alloy, standing a little under ten feet tall. They were modular, but in general they carried a thick, heavy shield and increased armor plating up their left arm, and either a 7.62 millimeter minigun specially built chain gun with varying types of ammunition on their right. They were armored, maneuverable, adaptable and psychologically intimidating.

Veil's voice came on over the radio, "No, I want your units to go in first."

Maelstrom frowned.

"You're going against the plan you asked me to create? This would sacrifice our psychological edge. No, I will not do that. Proceed as outlined, Veil. Goodbye."

He tapped a key and shut down the channel. He would not be told how to rework he already effective plan.

Veil growled in annoyance. He was losing control of the situation and wasn't pleased. Navy seal units were looking for good breach spots while the others laid low. Until it was dark, Veil wasn't going to move.


Letiel was standing over a massive computer terminal in the command center, arms folded over her plate armor. Her shins, ankles, arms, hips, and chest were covered in intricately designed plates a bright silver color while her under clothes were made of a thick leather. Her talons clicked on the floor, her still dragonoid feet moving uncomfortably. A group of people stood around her. 

The computer was sending in a rapid collection of information, Letiel took in all of it. Troops were spotted setting up in the east, which wasn't surprising. The western border of the tribe was 100 foot thick rocky mountain wall. Attempts to blast through would result in a massive landslide. 

"Keep units close to the center, the outlying tunnels and facilities aren't nearly as important," she ordered. "Kinthaydin, you're in charge of the Northern half. Kyle, I want you to take the West while Blade takes the East. I'm leaving Kasumi, Saburo, and Yasunari in charge of the South. I expect it to be quiet so naturally, they'll come from there."

After he'd finished mapping out deployment play's for Blade's men, Tempest rejoined Letiel.

"So, back in the council room," he started, "With the scar thing. What was that?"

Letiel's fingers drummed over the spot. The mark was back but wasn't burning or causing any side effects.

"It's a permanent form of communication with my assassins. When they call me, they can "show" me what's going on, unfortunately, I can feel it too. MOST of my men aren't stupid enough to attack before one of us cuts the link."

"So I can imagine from the way you were convulsing that they failed to do that before something happened." He paused. "Did they live?"

"Of all the creatures in all the world, those two are probably the only ones that qualify as truly immortal. They lived but one of them is very weak and not doing well."

"The twins? Pffft, the end of the world wouldn't keep them down," came a voice behind them. The man was lean with an elfish appearance. His gray eyes were bright under his steel gray hair and glittered eerily. 

"Conar," Letiel said without turning. "You're late."

"Of course I am," Conar responded, coming around to the front and kissing her forehead. He was roughly 6'0'' and had to lean down to reach her. "Be pleased I've come before the storm." He was smooth in his movements but standing still he was twitchy and leaned back and forth from foot to foot.

Tem regarded the shifty newcomer with a questioning eye. He and Letiel were very familiar with each other, indeed.

"Gonna be quite a storm," he said, stepping forward.

"But storms can be weathered with the proper preparations," Conar said, holding up a finger knowingly. "So what's this storm's name?"

"Veil," Letiel grumbled. "Who else?"

"This is over preparation for a little human storm."

The leader shifted uncomfortably. "There's a Mage too."

"Mage? Black Mage? I thought they were dead... Present company excluded," he said apologetically to Tempest.

Tem nodded to him, "Today you're fighting the one who killed them though I'd scarcely call him a Mage anymore. He's changed himself. Altered his body to be almost unkillable." He paused again, flashing back to an earlier time in his life. "We aren't all gone though. My brother is alive. My daughter is too."

"So not all dead," Conar replied. "Just mostly dead. Heck worse then us." He draped an arm around Letiel who growled at him in annoyance. He just smiled at her and patted her cheek. 

"Regardless, he's a dangerous opponent. Our greatest asset is going to our pure-blooded Eloium citizens. Those that can shift and hold to our nearly immortal resilience. I expect this to be over quickly."

Conar consulted his watch. "Well, it's 16:30 so it better start soon or wait til after sunset."

"Don't be too confident, Letiel," Tem cautioned, "I briefed you on what we're facing from him. Do not disregard my warnings."

"Have you ever seen a Spirit in battle, Mr. one-of-four-left?" Conar asked, his tone was light-hearted but his eyes were hard.

He frowned, "It's Tempest. And yes actually I have. If I recall, I fought it--him--to a standstill."

Conar thought a moment and then looked over at Letiel who looked away shamefully. 

"Why didn't you call me sooner?" he asked angrily. All happy drained from him and his gaze became cold. 

"Stuff came up," she responded, equally as cold. "Tempest was able to handle him."

The man stared at her in annoyance before his gaze softened and he sighed. Letiel nearly fell as he pulled her tightly into a hug. "Then I should thank you Mr. Mage."

Tem nodded, "I'd like to say it was nothing, but..." His eyes wandered to L's scarred shoulder. "...anyway. I need to go make sure we're set up in a few places. Call me if you need me."

He gave a short bow, turned and left.

Letiel grumbled and shrugged off the man. "Make yourself useful, Conar."

He grinned, bowed, and then stalked off to find something to do. 

"Milady," Blade started. He had been standing off to the side. "We're as set up as we can be."

"Have the scouts reported back yet?"

"No. There's no word from them."

"Not even the birds?"

"Not even the birds."


Elsewhere in the tribe, Hurricane had discovered the stables. They weren't like any he'd seen before. There were horses boarded here, yes, but there were also dragons. Big, rideable dragons. After the initial wonderment of finding what he thought was a fairytale creature to actually exist, he settled down. Now he leaned against a post, watching the riders preparing for battle.

The hustle and bustle was loud but organized. Large bull dragons bugled and scratched the floor. The heavy stone was already marred from previous scratching.

Tempest encountered his brother on his walk.

"Hurri? So you did follow me back."

The red-eyed Mage shrugged, "Curiosity. What's going on around here? These people look like they're ready for a fight."

"They are. We are, I mean. I'm helping out. Hurri, Maelstrom is here."

Hurricane stood up straight "In the tribe?"

"No. Not yet. He will be soon though. He's the one attacking."

Hurri's eyes were wide, "Tempest we have to leave. He'll kill everyone here, including us. We can't face him."

Tempest shook his head, "I tried to tell Letiel that already. She's certain we'll hold. You're free to leave, though. I understand."

Hurricane was gone before he even finished his sentence.


Maelstrom frowned at his console. Why was nothing happening yet? He tapped a few keys to open communication.

"Veil, at some point today I'd like to strike. The ideal time would've been two hours ago. What is your hold up?"

"The ideal moment to strike," Veil responded. "Is dusk, about 30 minutes before sunset. This race are excellent hunters in the day but they're impossible hunters at night. In the middle, they have the eyesight of a human with the wrong prescription glasses! Be patient!"

Maelstrom shrugged.

"Then I will trust your judgement. Please be on time. I will follow up soon after."


Tempest returned to the command center not long after his encounter, having checked and rechecked their defenses personally.

"Looks like we're as solid as we can get."

Letiel checked the time again, 17:05. They had no idea where the enemy would come from so the entire tribe was sealed up tightly with those who couldn't fight being evacuated through the tunnels. The enemy soldiers would have to bottle neck through entry tunnels in the mountains or else crack through a minimum of 10 feet of stone, steel, plumbing, wiring, and various other materials. In the chance that the mountain range WAS cracked open, dragoons were standing by. The tech that went into the dragon rider's armor was fairly powerful and could project enough shielding to defend against the worst of an aerial assault never mind ramming attacks. 

Ground units were equipped for melee and distance attacks using modern, up-to-date weapons. They were ready in rows at the tunnel entrances and additional equipment (and admittedly a bit of magic) was set in place to prevent collapse. If the tunnels were going to go, they weren't going onto their inhabitants. Not from outside forces at least.


"Kinthaydin, are the charges set?" she asked.

"Yes," came the response. The man looked uncomfortable and played with his blond hair until it was so messy it looked windblown. 

"This isn't your first war."

"It is my first against an unknown enemy."

"So it is for us all… Tempest, this is Kinthaydin. He is the head of Central," Letiel said without turning.

Tem offered his hand. "Tempest. I'm uh...a consultant."

"I know who you are," Kinthaydin said warmly and shaking his hand. "Word travels quickly."

A loud beeping noise started to fill the command center as each computer started to raise the alarm, one by one. Letiel looked from one computer to the other while people started yelling. 

"Movement in the northern tunnels!"

"SEAL team spotted in the northwest shipping tunnel!"

"Tank fire reported in the west!"

Letiel's eyes narrowed, "So it begins."

"Magic hour," Kinthaydin grumbled.

"Magic hour?"

"Eloium struggle to see at dawn and dusk. Old dragon hunters used to call it magic hour," Kinthaydin said quickly.

Tem shook his head.

"You didn't expect this?"

"Of course I did," Letiel growled. "I planned for it."

© 2013 Letiel Naynarou

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Letiel Naynarou
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