CHAPTER 2; Stolen

CHAPTER 2; Stolen

A Chapter by Levana Hyll

The baby is physically a man, but his soul is still that of a baby. Strange things continue to happpen to him.



CHAPTER 2: Stolen
He lay within his pen, his eyes going over his surroundings again. There were new words… ceiling, lights, white walls, floor, shiny floor, glass beakers, experiments, cages, orange men… they talk… loud… arguing.
Woman. He sat up alert, as she was brought to him. The pen door opened, and the female was shoved inside. She was completely blue, and when she opened her tunic he saw that she had four places from which to nurse. More milk!
He lay by her side and latched on eagerly. The milk was sweet and warm. She touched his hair as he nursed making him feel content. There were loud noises behind him, but he didn’t care. Nursing was the most important and joyful thing he could experience and at the moment he was immersed in the sensation of filling his tummy and being held. Love. This was a feeling he’d retained from his other dream world.
He fell asleep between the ample mounds of the blue alien, the scent of sweet milk comforting him, as well as her stroking fingers over him. Being touched like this felt wonderful. He smiled sleepily and cuddled closer. He began to wish that this wet nurse wouldn’t go away like the others.
He awakened to the sensation of hunger once again. The blue alien female was still by his side in his pen, asleep. Desperately, he struggled with her tunic, seeking to ease the burn in his stomach. He latched on with a sigh and relaxed against her. Again, she stroked him, his hair, his arms, his wings. He wrapped his hand around her small waist and tried to mimic her actions. Her skin felt soft and warm and he found that he enjoyed feeling its texture with his fingers.
As he nursed, he felt her move. She tied a cloth around his head, covering his eyes. He’d learned early on to never remove anything that was placed on him, lest he be punished by being denied to nurse.
His world was now one of darkness. He learned to rely on other senses, his hearing and even his sense of smell. He discovered that each person emitted his or her own unique scent.
His favorite scent was the blue alien female. She continued to nurse him.
Things that confused him began happening. He discovered that his pen was no longer in the familiar white room. Now he was somewhere else. He could feel his pen being moved around, but since his eyes were covered he could not tell where they were taking him.
He was bathed and tended to. At one point, the blue female that nursed him removed the bindings from his eyes after bathing him. The light was painful and made his eyes tear. He rubbed at them. Something was being placed around his neck, and other hands rubbed over him. They were rubbing something in his skin. The blue alien brushed the tangles from his hair, then he was being led to a door and shoved in. He could feel a vibration beneath his bare feet and the walls seemed to move downward until he was surrounded by glass.
Now he was encased in a large round glass tube. Around him were more people than he ever thought he would see moving together in a strange way. When they saw him, they pressed up against the glass. The different species of people fascinated him. They seemed to emit this strange energy that exhilarated him.
He wasn’t allowed to remain very long inside the cylinder and would return to have his eyes covered once more.
During these moments of complete darkness, he would dream of the beings of light and the beautiful world where he was surrounded by love.
Someone was removing the bindings from his eyes and the bright light brought him pain. Also, he could not scent the blue alien nearby and this filled him with anxiety.
He began to cry in fear. She was always nearby.
A loud rumbling sound startled him, and he blinked repeatedly until his watery eyes adjusted to the harsh lighting.
He was instantly filled with wonder. Before him lay a creature he’d never seen. No word came to his mind to tell him what it was, but it was beautiful… and very large!
He crawled as fast as he could toward it. It was white with black stripes and had blue eyes. Soft fur covered its entire body and he discovered that it was warm and soft. With a sigh he petted the soft fur, then climbed atop the enormous creature and lay upon it. There was a loud rumbling sound emitted as it breathed in and out, and it vibrated through his body, making him feel soothed. His arms embraced the glorious creature and he spread open his wings in joy.
The creature’s fuzzy ear caught his attention and for a moment he wondered what it would taste like. He would be careful not to bite.
His hand gripped the soft ear, but his eyes focused on something that truly amazed him.  Before him stood five people… with black wings, like his. He turned his head to look at his own wings, then turned to looked at them once more. One of them approached him. He was very big, and opened his wings too. They dwarfed his own. The overwhelming need to be held again had him raising his arms in supplication to the winged man. The man crouched down. Immediately he tried to snuggle up into his arms, but discovered that, though the man was big, he was still not big enough to be able to carry him the way he wanted. It suddenly didn’t seem to matter. The feel of another warm body holding him would be pleasant enough, but then he saw a woman approach. Her tunic was pulled tightly against her chest, reminding him that he hadn’t fed. Milk! And from the size of her, there would be plenty!
He couldn’t take his eyes away and let himself slide back to the ground to kick his legs in excitement at the mouth-watering sight.
She allowed him to nurse. He drank his fill and dosed off.
Again he awakened to darkness, but the familiar scent of the blue female was near him. He reached out and snuggled up to her. She hugged him.
He grew accustomed to the routine; sleep, feed, bathe, glass cylinder, feed, sleep, see strange new people.
During one of his sleep cycles, he was disturbed. There was a strange metallic scent in the air and a sticky, warm wetness that covered him. Someone was pulling him out of his pen. Desperately he tried to hold onto the blue female, but she fell limply away from him.
“Mmmm,” he uttered. He wanted to call to her, but was at a loss as what to say. He’d never spoken before. “Bu?” That didn’t sound like the word blue. He tried again. “Bu!”
He felt something being tightened around his neck as voices sounded around him. He didn’t understand what they said. Their words were different from what he knew. There was something else attached to the thing wrapped around his neck. He wanted to touch it to feel what it was, but didn’t dare. He was being pulled, by his neck forward. A hand at the his back also guided him forward. As he walked, the scent of the blue female became less noticeable. For a moment he felt fear and anxiety and began to sniffle and shake. He didn’t like being away from her and what was happening now was very different from what he was used to.
He heard metal. He was being put into another pen. This one was small and had no soft mattress for him to lie on. He felt it moving.
Hanging his head in sorrow, he sobbed quietly, “Bu.”
He listened closely to everything trying to decipher what was happening. There were voices all around. A hand touching his wings and hair startled him for a moment, then it went away.
After what seemed like a harrowing eternity, the pen was set down. Then there was a moment of silence. There was still movement around him, but no one was speaking.
Again, the pen was opened and a soft cloth was pressed against his mouth and nose. There was a sweet scent, still, he froze with fear. He breathed slowly wondering what they were going to do next, when he began to feel weak.
He felt himself falling, as soft as a feather… falling. He could almost see the other world of light and colors and love. Something like a thin blanket covered him. He wanted to take it off, to rise again and romp and play with the other beings of light. One of them came near and smiled at him. The voice sang to him, “not yet.”
The light faded and once again he was in darkness.
He felt himself in a deep, deep sleep, but it wasn’t a restful one. He longed for the scent of… Blue.
The bindings from his eyes were being removed, but he did not open them. Blue was not near. His tummy burned. He hadn’t fed. Something was being pressed against his lips. Someone was trying to put something strange in his mouth. Hungry, he allowed it. It wasn’t milk, but tasted very good. It was soft and melted on his tongue.
He blinked open his eyes and found himself staring into the face of a strange creature.
He barely had a nose and his eyes were completely black and very big. The small thin mouth smiled as long fingers offered another small, round, white tidbit. The creature’s head was rather large and covered with rope-like hair that fell in rolls around big shoulders. He was not covered from the waist up and there were strange black scrolling markings on him. He accepted the tidbit from the grey alien and continued to stare fascinated at the creature. He had metal circles attached to his n*****s and there were matching metal rings on each of his fingers and around his wrists.
The creature spoke to him. The voice was deeper than any other man’s he’d heard by far. The sound made him fearful.  The creature touched his cheek then took a strand of his hair in his fingers.
Again, he smiled and spoke. He didn’t understand.
He never saw Blue again and rarely ever was taken out of the grey creature’s presence. He wore a black collar around his neck with round objects that reflected light in a dazzling display and would always sit on a cushion at the creature’s feet.
There was a gathering of people of many different species and he could smell different scents that made his mouth water. Still he longed to nurse again. He was only given the small white round tidbits that filled him, but didn’t satisfy his craving to be held and nursed.
He was no longer afraid of the grey creature. The grey man was very gentle with him, and he often found himself lulled to sleep by the long grey fingers that seemed to find pleasure stroking his long hair or downy wings.
There was a sleep cycle and when he awakened he found himself in the pen once again and being taken through a large door. He was reminded of his other world as a dazzling light blinded him. It warmed his skin and reflected off everything. The air moved also. Ruffling his feathers and playing with his hair. He looked up when he could finally tolerate the bright light and was startled to see that the ceiling was a bright blue and seemed very far up. There were fluffy white things floating up there too. Again he was passing through doors, into a flat round object that seemed to swallow them all.
They set him down a left him alone for a very long time.
Once again, he felt fear. He still longed for Blue. He wanted to nurse. He wanted her to hold him.
“Bu,” he whispered sadly.
He fell asleep, but awakened feeling pain. When he tried to move he found that he could not. There were straps, like his collar binding him to an upright table. His chest hurt. He looked down and frowned. There was a metal circle on one of his n*****s with a red fluid trickling down. It hurt! He did not like this. Movement drew his attention. An orange man approached him. There were more Greys standing around.
The orange man reached out and clamped a metal object onto his other n****e.
Pain! White hot and unbearable!
He opened his mouth and let out a shriek that rattled everything. The orange man clapped his hands over his ears and ran out with the frantic Greys behind him.
Again he shrieked. This time, glass broke and the lights flickered. He ended up sobbing uncontrollably. Why were they hurting him? He struggled against the straps that bound him.
There was a shuffling noise in the opposite direction through which everyone had fled his piercing shrieks. When he turned to look, he saw another man standing there. He was dressed completely in black and had big violet eyes and long-long hair that was an iridescent white.
He didn’t know why, but he felt he could trust this man. He searched his mind for the right word and then tried to say it. “H-hurt.”
The other man rushed to him and seemed to glow for a second. Immediately he felt the pain disappear and stared in wonder at the metal objects that had tortured him drop to the floor with a clink. His hands were also free.
The man grasped his hand with a smile and pulled him to the door through which he had appeared.
“Gey.” He uttered to the man to warn him. “Onj.”
The man stopped and turned. His face was devoid of color and tears began streaming down his face. He could feel the man begin to shake.
“No. Not Greis. Please don’t tell me you said Greis.”
The man looked so… frightened!
He didn’t know what to do. The man decided quickly, turning and pulling him out at a fast pace.
The walked faster than he had ever walked before. He began to see little points of light dancing before his eyes. Darkness was beckoning to him, but he was terrified of awakening with those metal circles impaled through his n*****s again.
Determined, he pushed himself. He heard pounding feet behind him.  The man with the pretty white hair turned and shrieked in terror.
“No! Please! Luke, help me!”
People appeared before him… out of nowhere, just as he crumpled to his knees. His face. He saw his own face on another man with hair blacker than his wings. The man caught him in his arms before he crashed to the ground. His eyes glowed like lights… bright blue lights.

© 2009 Levana Hyll

Author's Note

Levana Hyll
This is the first unedited draft, so excuse any mispellings and passive voice sentences. Let me know what you think?

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Again very vivid imagery and emotions. You presented his feelings very well.

Few things i spotted:

“then he was being led to a door and shoved in.” I think you need past simple instead of progressive here.

“A hand at the his back also” Typo.

“The walked faster” Another typo.

Keep up the good work.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I enjoyed reading this chapter. (sorry i responded a bit too late for your read request. I had a lot)
anyways, this was a great chapter. I liked reading - wait, i said that already... :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

I really enjoyed this chapter, The different colors you u se to descibe this and that.
This is wonderful, superb imagery and detail. Very well written.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I like have the confusion down to pat. I'm feeling everything that Ozzy is feeling. And it ends in a cliff hanger! I deprately can't wait to feast my eyes on the next chapter.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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