CHAPTER 4; No Mommy Or Daddy

CHAPTER 4; No Mommy Or Daddy

A Chapter by Levana Hyll

Ozzy starts to realize how different he is.



CHAPTER 4 No Mommy or Daddy
Lucien pretty much took over caring for Ozzy, arguing that he as of yet didn’t have any babies, except his girl Rayne and his boy Rein and that it should fall upon him to care for his baby brother.
True to his word, Ozzy was soon eating pureed foods and learning many things.
One day, Devon came to Ozzy’s room with a strange woman. He said she was a faerie, her name was Leila. She was very beautiful with dark skin and purple eyes. Her wings were a deep purple, as well as her hair.
Her skin was chocolate. He loved chocolate. His mouth watered… but if he bit her it would hurt her, wouldn’t it? He wanted to taste.
Ozzy stared at her wide eyed, in shock. She held out her hand to shake his and he took it, awed, lifted it to his mouth and licked her.
She asked him why he was licking her hand.
She giggled. “You think I’m made of chocolate? I’m really not that sweet.”
The faerie taught him to speak. Now he could say the words in head. Still he preferred to remain silent and just observe.
He was on learning quest, silently observing and storing away information. He had a grasp of what son and daughter was. He rarely ever spoke, but surprised everyone one day in the enviro-level when after observing Remien playing with his twins he asked Lucien “where’s my mommy and daddy?”
All eyes turned toward him in shock, as he remained sitting upon the grassy bank of the lake, holding his bear as usual, his eyes on Luke expectantly.
Luke cleared his throat searching for the right words. He didn’t want to lie, but didn’t know how to tell Ozzy he was made in a test tube. “You’re a special boy. A very smart man, like Dr. Quinn made you special.”
He seemed to ponder that for a moment. “It hurt.” He suddenly said in a low quiet voice, looking down and toying nervously with the bear’s ear. He still remembered the pain in his body.
“What hurt, Baby?” Angel asked.
“Being made hurt.” He answered simply, then sighed. Again he raised his gaze to look at Remien with his boys out in the middle of the lake and his eyes began to tear. He was made? He was different from them? “No mommy or daddy for Ozzy?”
Several Alpha Angels moved at once, but Angel reached him first, wrapping her arms around him.  “Oh, sweetie, we’re all your mommies and daddies. We love you. You’re our big baby boy.”
Luke wiped at his eyes as Devon ruffled his hair and took his hand. They all surrounded him with love.
His next phase had everyone gritting their teeth as he asked endless questions always following the answers with endless whys. Remien thought he’d found the perfect solution by showing him how to use their computers.
Ozzy found more than just answers to his questions, he found people who wanted to chat with him. One girl asked him if he was cute since he was forbidden to use the visual features of the com-unit on the computer. He answered that his family seemed to think so. She opened the visual link to her com-unit and immediately Ozzy found himself staring at a very big girl. His mouth watered imagining all the warm milk that she could probably give. When she asked him if he liked what he saw, he immediately replied “yes!”
She told him that she’d love to see him and he asked if she would nurse him. He hadn’t been nursed in so long and he truly missed it. Her eyes grew large when she read his request and she disappeared after calling him a sicko. Then someone else who had been eaves dropping on their conversation began to chat with Ozzy. The strange man offered him the perfect PLAYMATE who could be designed to his specifications. Ozzy left her physical features up to the designer and only requested that the PLAYMATE be able to nurse him. Using the universal credit Devon had given him, he ordered his PLAYMATE. She arrived that very night, after the others had gone out for the evening. Only the black winged reapers remained and they were busy up in the boy’s playroom drinking that stuff he was forbidden to touch and watching strange movies.
Ozzy almost tripped over his own feet in the excitement when the box arrived. He wheeled it to his room and opened it. Inside was a beautiful life-like girl with long dark hair and a simple see through white dress.
Of course, all Ozzy saw was an end to his cravings to nurse. He pulled her to the bed, like an eager child, his hands trembling as he grappled with her clothing. Pushing her back, he lay almost completely upon her and latched on. Milk! Wonderful, warm, sweet milk.
Ozzy drained one side dry then proceeded to relieve the other of its precious fluid also. Once sated, he pulled her close with a satisfied sigh, kissing her forehead and settled down to sleep with her in his arms.
“Mommy,” he whispered just before dozing off.
When he awakened she was gone! It was a while before he was able to rise. His heart was thudding painfully.
Breathe, he told himself. Just breathe. She’s got to be close. I’ll find her.
Once he felt calm enough, he rose from the bed and ventured out into the corridor of the space station.
The walls were a pale grey and the floors were a glossy black. He realized that sleep cycle was over. Everyone would be in the dining galley having breakfast.
He stopped and leaned his head against a wall. How he had wanted to engorge himself on milk from his PLAYMATE. His tummy burned.
“You missed breakfast.’
Ozzy looked up to see the vampire twins standing before him. They both had the same blood-red long hair like their father, Remien. Their eyes were as black as their vampire mother’s. Her name was Raguel, but they sometimes called her Rowie or Row.
Kayden snickered and Kalyen elbowed him with a scowl.
“Why are you laughing at me,” Ozzy asked uneasily?
“You snuck a girl into the space station,” Kayden smiled, his eyes glittering with mischief.
“W-where is she?”
Kaylen tilted his head to the side, his tawny brows drawing together. “You can’t bring people onboard, Ozzy. Only Alpha Angels can be on Alpha 7.”
“She’s was my doll!” Ozzy felt his anger rising.
Kayden laughed. “Boys don’t play with dolls!”
Ozzy closed his eyes in despair. They had obviously taken her away. He hadn’t even been given the opportunity to name her. Mommy, he thought. She was going to be his mommy… and they’d taken her away. The children had their mommies. Why couldn’t he have one as well?
The air around him swirled strangely, as he stalked in the direction of the forbidden training room. Ashriel didn’t want him in there. He didn’t care. He was angry! He wanted to hit Ashriel!
The doors slid open and he saw Devon and Lucien with swords, fighting. His eyes watched every move, absorbing it all. Not far from them, Remien and Seth wrestled each other, and Rowie and Anniel sparred with their own swords to the other side. He absorbed it all.
Ashriel suddenly materialized before him with a thunderous scowl. “I don’t want you in here!”
Ozzy lunged in fury, only to crumble to his knees before he even took his second step. His heart!
Arms wrapped around him as he fought the darkness.  Dazed he looked up and saw it was Ashriel that held him as the others gathered around.
Ozzy closed his fist and gave himself the pleasure of punching Ash in his face just before passing out.
Ozzy’s hand hurt as he slowly awakened. Someone was holding him. He opened his eyes and was surprised to find himself cradled in Ashriel’s arms. The big man had a big bruise underneath his eye.
“Okay, so maybe I deserved it, but you are absolutely forbidden to ever bring anyone aboard this ship again. Understand?”
Incensed, Ozzy tried to lash out again, his tears spilling at the memory of his mommy.
“She was mine!”
Ashriel grabbed his flailing hands, letting him fall back into the pillows and pinned them to either side of his tearful face. “Hey! I let you hit me once, but there isn’t going to be a second time, buddy.”
“I… I don’t like you,” Ozzy snarled, then began to sob. The words made him feel strange. He felt they weren’t quite true. He was just still angry.
Ashriel gazed at him for a moment, then sighed and dropped a quick kiss on his forehead, shocking Ozzy. “I know.”
Ashriel had never shown him any affection before.
He released Ozzy and rose from the bed. “I just don’t want to see you turn into him. What a horrible waste.”
Ashriel turned and shook his head. “Don’t worry about that. I don’t know what I’m talking about.”

© 2009 Levana Hyll

Author's Note

Levana Hyll
Rough draft. Please review so that I can know what I need to fix if anything. I've been mentioning allot of new characters and want to know if it's getting confusing.

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It’s a nice chapter. The pace is better than the previous. I didn’t find it had too much information. The only thing that confused me was the events around the chatting and the "playmate" i just felt it went by so quickly and i didn’t fully get it. Apart from that, nice job.

Posted 9 Years Ago

what i enjoyed, for one, was the chapter. It sounded cute :)
I agree with Kit Kat on this one.

Posted 10 Years Ago

By this point the new characters aren't too confusing, because we already know most of them...but do we need to know all of their names? We don't really need to know names unless they're going to take some larger part in the story. And is Lucien also Luke? Or are they different people? There are a few things I still find confusing, but I think that you'll fix them when you reread it.
It's going great! I can't wait to read the next part! Ozzy has a facinating mind set.

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is a very emotional chapter here,
I've known a little boy
who played with dolls before and he grew up just fine.
I think it's fine to bring in new characters just as long as they
fit in with the story and they do. So it all wkrd out fine
It doesn't distract from your story line at all. Still flows lovely.
Nice imagery and detail in this.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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