CHAPTER 5: The Monster

CHAPTER 5: The Monster

A Chapter by Levana Hyll

Ozzy finally learns the truth of what he is...the clone of the most beautiful angel that ever existed. The same angel that later turned into the most blood thirsty and horryfying demon to ever terrorize the galaxy.



CHAPTER 5 The Monster
       The children were busy doing crafts in their playroom. Ozzy busied himself with a ball of clay that the vampire twins' mother, Raguel, had given him, but at the same time he observed the others. Aside from the twins and Jazriel, there were also three girls. They were Zak and Alondra’s girls. So many children! So many people to remember.
       Try as he might, he could not remember his childhood. He must have had one, because now he was a grown up like Devon, Lucien, and the others. He did remember being held on his wet nurses' laps as they fed him, but it seemed like that hadn’t lasted long.
       Ozzy sighed wistfully, feeling very confused. He didn’t act like the grown ups. They didn’t really treat him like a grown up, and, truth be told, he didn’t feel very much like a grown up, but he towered over the children like a giant. He was even taller than Devon, who looked just like him. Only Ashriel was pretty much his height, but his black wings were much much bigger than Ozzy’s.
       When Raguel left them alone, he asked the twins if they knew anything. They always spoke the truth, especially if it was something that was going to hurt.
       “You guys seem to know allot of things,” he began, kneading the green ball of clay. The twins looked up, Kaylen suspicious and Kayden curious. “I can’t seem to remember being little like you.”
       “We never saw you when you were little.”
       “Well of course you couldn’t have. I’m a grown-up, so I’m older than you.”
       Kayden giggled. “No you’re not! You’re barely two sun orbits. We’re seven.”
       Ozzy didn’t understand. “But I’m big… like your daddy and my brothers.”
       “They gave you some stuff that made you grow faster,” Kaylen informed. “You’re really a baby still.”
       A baby? “Why did… who’s they?”
       “The evil scientist that made you,” Kayden supplied.
       Stupid clone.
       He’d learned that stupid was not a very nice word.  He just wondered why the orange man had always called him that. Was that the one that had made him? Wouldn’t he then be his daddy?
       Kaylen was cutting out the figure of a man with his scissors into a colorful piece of paper.
       “How are babies made," he questioned with all the innocence of a two year old.
       The girls giggled.
       Jazriel looked up from a picture he was painting. “A daddy’s love and a mommy’s become one in the mommy’s tummy. It forms a tiny baby that grows until it’s big enough to be born.”
       Ozzy smiled, imagining himself created by two beings in love. He’d seen the others with their mates. Again he wondered about who his parents might have been.
       Maybe they had been powerful warriors that perhaps had lost their lives battling an evil foe.
       “Who were my parents?”
       At that Kayden screwed up his face comically. “You don’t have parents, Oz. You were cloned… made on a glass slab under a nanoscope.”
       “What is cloned?”
       “An exact duplicate of a person.”
       “Like you and Kaylen, and Me, Devon and Jazriel.?”
       “No, silly. We’re twins. And Jaz only looks like Devon because Dev is his daddy. You look like them because you were cloned after Devon’s father, Davariel of Angelos.”
       “I just don’t want to see you turn into him. What a horrible waste.”  Ashriel’s voice echoed in his head.
       “Who is Dav…Dava-rrr…”
       “Da-va-riél,” Jazriel pronounced for him. “If you promise not to say anything, I’ll show you a vid-crystal of him.”
       Ozzy nodded wide eyed.
       After a few minutes they were all gathered around a white circle that was on the floor, off in a corner of the playroom. Jazriel placed a crystal ball into an indentation there and requested that the images be activated.
       Ozzy stared surprised as another world appeared before his eyes. Kaylen leaned over and explained to him that the images weren’t real, only holographically reproduced.
He felt as though he were watching himself, only he knew it wasn’t really himself, because this other person had massive wings covered in feathers so black they looked like black holes. Davariel.
       He seemed wild and carefree and did outrageous things that had Ozzy frowning in confusion. People seemed to adore him and flocked by the hundreds of thousands just to see him.
       Jazriel deactivated the crystal and placed another one in its place.
       “You promise you won’t say anything?”
       “I promise. I want to see more.”
       “You might not like what you see now.”
       “I’m not sure I like or understand what I’ve seen so far.”
       “It gets worse,” Kayden warned.
       “I don’t think he should see the rest of it, Jaz,” one of the girls piped in.
       “No. Let me see. I want to see”
       Jazriel look apprehensive. Almost as if regretting having suggested they view the crystal orbs. Kaylen jumped up and activated the orb before Jaz could take it off the replicator device.
       Fire, screaming… blood. The red liquid ran like streams through the streets of a destroyed city. Davariel battled against five people with swords. Easily, he killed all five. The last of his challengers he impaled with his sword and lifted him straight up over him, allowing the man’s blood to pour over his already blood drenched body like rain.
Davariel no longer had black angel’s wings. His wings were bright red, like the blood that clothed him and looked bat-like. Also, his blue eyes glowed brightly… like Devon’s.
       “H-he… was a monster.” Ozzy felt himself shaking.
       Another one of the girls slapped the orb out from its holder, making the disturbing images cease. “Enough! He’s getting scared.”
       “Ha! You mean You’re getting scared,” Kayden teased, earning a scowl from the girl and her sisters.
       “He was a bad man! This was Devon’s father? This is who I was cloned after? Why? Why would anyone want to make a copy of such a horrible monster?”
       “It wasn’t his fault. He was tricked into becoming what he was and his blood was poisoned with this stuff that made him act the way he did,” Jazriel tried to explain.
       Ozzy shook his head. “I don’t want to look like him. I don’t want to be him.”
       “But you’re not! You’re you! You’re Ozzy,” Kaylen tried to soothe.
       Ozzy would not listen. His eyes searched frantically around the room and settled upon the scissors Kaylen had been using earlier. He ran to the table and picked them up.
       “What are you going to do,” Jazriel gasped in alarm?
       Ozzy tossed all of his pale golden mane over, bending down from the waist up and gripped the thick luxurious fall of blonde hair that almost reached the floor. Furious he began to cut the ponytail that hung from his fist as the children stared in shock. Once the golden tresses fell to floor he looked around for more. Paint.
       He rushed over and began opening jars, pouring it over himself and his wings.
       “Help me,” he barked at them. “Paint my wings or I’ll cut them off too!”
       The children rushed over to him and began patting him down with colors
       Just as Kayden reached for the jar of red paint, Ozzy snatched it away from him with a sneer. “No! Not red! I hate red! It looks like blood. That means pain! No more pain!”
       The jar flew across the room and shattered against a wall, spattering everything near it. The sight of the red liquid made Ozzy feel queasy and spots form before his eyes. He closed them and willed his heart to slow down. He made himself relax. No more fainting. He refused to be weak anymore.
       “Stop,” Jazriel's voice said.
       Ozzy opened his eyes to see Jazriel’s eyes glowing brighter. He had a strange expression on his face.
       “We’ve got to go.” Jazriel turned and looked at the twins. “I’ve got to hide you.”
Ozzy felt confused.
       “Why, Jaz,” Kaylen frowned?
       “Vildminorian council. They just decreed that you two are a threat to the vampire species. They want to kill you. We’ve got to go… now.” Jazriel turned to Ozzy and held out his hand. A smaller crystal orb appeared. It was held within an ornate platinum holder with a chain. He placed this around Ozzy’s neck. “Don’t ever lose this, Oz. When ever you begin to doubt who you really are, place the orb in a replicator and watch it.”
       Ozzy shook his head reluctantly. “I don’t want to see anymore images of the monster. I don’t want to be him.”
       “He wasn’t a monster, Oz. He never was. Please believe me, little brother.”
       Strange, that such a small child would be looking up at him and calling him little brother. He held the orb in his fingers and looked back at Jazriel, but he was gone… and so were the rest of the children. They’d left him alone.
       A feeling of panic overwhelmed him. Where did they go? He let himself sink to the ground, drew his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around his legs. He rested his chin upon his knees and just rocked slowly, his eyes staring blankly ahead. They were gone. Somehow he could sense they were no longer on board Alpha 7.  Everyone always went away.
       Remien appeared before him. His eyes were wide with terror. He knelt before Ozzy and gripped his arms. “What happened? I can’t sense the children anywhere? Ozzy, react!”
       Seth appeared behind him and tried to pull Remien away from Ozzy.
“Let me talk to… w-what happened? Ozzy your hair… you’re all covered with… come-on, little guy, what happened?”
       Remien disappeared in a flash of fire and was replaced by Lucien. His brother kneeled before him and tipped his face up. His eyes searched Ozzy’s.
       “He’s in shock,” Lucien murmured. “I’m going to teleport us to my room, okay, baby-boy? We’re going to get you cleaned up and fed.”
       “No!  Don’t take my colors away! I don’t want to be the monster!” His heart hammered painfully in his chest and his vision swam. Darkness was drawing him into oblivion. He could not fight it, but now felt more terrified than ever. What if he awakened to find himself with red bat-wings and covered in blood. “Please! Promise me you won’t take away my colors… p-prommmisss…”
       Lucien was talking to him but he could no longer hear as darkness finally claimed him. He desperately waited for the beautiful world of light and love to reappear. He was going to finally tear off the blanket that covered him to reawaken fully in this other world and never come back to this one where all he knew was pain, suffering and sadness.
       Please, he prayed, let me come back home! I don’t belong here!

© 2009 Levana Hyll

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Again very good. The stry's revealing nicely. Good language and style.

Few things:

“and did outrageous things” Too vague. What things? At least an implications?

“Jazriel look apprehensive” Something’s wrong here.

“spots form before his eyes” Should be past I believe.

When the twins had to go I think the pacing was too fast. If I were you I would slow down and add a bit more details, and less dialogue explanation.

But overall good job.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I love this chapter! I can't wait for the next one! It's so well written.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Well written, actually.
he conversations among or sometimes between characters should sound realistic and it seems like you've gotten that right.

I liked this chapter and you should totally keep it up!

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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