A Poem by Levi Riley

Spoken word:
Appreciation by Levi Riley

I’m shaken.
Earth beneath me is quaking.
Am I mistaken to think that each step taken is forsaken when I’m perpetuating temptations?
I want to manipulate the situation for brief seconds of elation.
Please change the radio station!
Krshhhh, We interrupt this programming for genuine contemplation.
Spiritual initiation brings continuation, then, His glorification. But I can’t help tuning it right back up.
I’m fornicated elevation.
I need Holy supplication,
Not duplication of my aggravation’s!
LORD, Please take my trepidation! Give me any destination from this desolation!!
I need no citation to know you’re the foundation of creation.
You say there’s blood relation?
Well Most days I feel separation.
I desire correlation to the All Mighty whos calculation in a world filled with depravation equals magnificent unification.
I’m an ocean of Spiritual dehydration.
My seat cushion cannot be used for flotation. Oh deification!
I should have used the bus station.
By my estimation, I’ll never reach the the destination.
There should’ve been a conversation but instead retardation filled my minds gas tank with momentary gratifications.
No wait... eventual, lasting, humiliation.
Make no mistake, There were notifications of His inspirations
But my nuclear obligations slowly choked out dedication with intoxicating worldly radiation.
But you never set probation.
Under no obligation, divine operation, His preordained transplantation of righteousness and, simultaneously, sins sterilization.
Your dedication to justification gathered my accumulated violations and became His accusations.
In place of my adulterations, righteous application.
No more alienation.
Your administration of grace? I can’t breath from mercy’s asphyxiation.
No more annihilation.
Your beautification deserves amplification.
There’s fascination in your salvation.
Mission control, I have visualization.
Your benediction is no prevarication.
His inoculation eradicated this contagion.
Proliferation of your purification!
You deserve every proclamation and celebration.
Heavenly Father,
Please accept the literation of my adoration in humble appreciation.

© 2018 Levi Riley

Author's Note

Levi Riley
One of many thoughts that roll through my head. Not posting to debate theology. Just sharing my heart. Hope you enjoy. Let me know if these words speak to you and if you plan on sharing it.

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This spoke to me on many levels. I really love the continuous use of words ending with 'tion'. Seriously I would love to hear this out loud too.

Posted 1 Year Ago

It is a beautiful poem. I find it clever, on point and overall enjoyable.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on February 27, 2018
Last Updated on February 27, 2018
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Levi Riley
Levi Riley


Amateur poet. Full time man of God, father, husband, and murse (male nurse). more..