A Story by Leviathus Fortes

That's why I keep telling myself.
"Remember how it all began".

My heart beats rapidly as I recall past memories.

The future waiting.
I need only to step forth.

I think back upon the life I once had.

I ponder as to whether the same person that I was is still here to this day.

It wasn't long ago that I stood in a very different place than where I now am.

I feel uneasy.
I'm not comfortable anymore.

That's the funny part about having a comfort zone.

You fall into a routine, a certain way of doing things.
It becomes a normality.
If anything comes along that strays away from that normality, the secure bubble in which you are encased, panic settles in and tries to build a home.

Panic is but one of many an emotion.
To emote is to feel.

It is instinctual.

Overcoming such emotions is by no means an easy task.

It all comes down to controlling this base instinct.
You find that you must look inside of your own self and pull out what is hidden.

Then, and only then, are you truly free.

There was but a dream and the urge to see that dream become a reality.

"All the way".

When I said that, I meant it.

There is no easy way to climb a mountain but it must be climbed.

Determination, strength, will.

Be guided by your heart and remember to take your mind with you.

"You're smart. You'll figure it out."

It's not really the answer that I was looking for, but it was the answer that I needed.


That is exactly what has been achieved by not stepping outside of a comfort zone.

By doing so, creation becomes reality.
You become the Creator.

The impossible loses all meaning.

It only seems impossible until it is done.

Climb that mountain.
When you are done...climb another.

Fear is the only thing that is holding you back.

Fear no more.

Become greater than you ever thought that you could possibly be.

Never give up on a dream.

It is time to protect what it is that makes you who you are.

You will find your happiness once you step outside of the bubble where you have kept your own self trapped.

Be uniquely, unapologetically, unduplicatibally you.

Why be like everyone else when you have the potential to be something much more?

Be an individual.

Your future is waiting.
You need only to step forward.

Don't believe?

I do.

Why do I?

I'm living proof.

© 2017 Leviathus Fortes

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Added on March 28, 2017
Last Updated on March 28, 2017
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Leviathus Fortes
Leviathus Fortes


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A Poem by Leviathus Fortes