One small step

One small step

A Story by Leviathus Fortes

After being in my profession for over a decade, I looked around and wondered if this was all that there was to my life.
Monotony surrounded me.
Every day seemed to be on a repeating cycle.

There was this fire that was burning inside of me that could no longer be contained.

I knew that I could do better than this.
I knew that I had to try.

Along came someone into my life who was in need. Little did I know at the time that I would be the one to stand by them.

Too many years of doing the same job day in and day out had brought me to the point of being content with what I had.

It's alright to be content in your ways, but not at the expense of your own hearts yearning.

As I helped this person, I started to wake up to the reality of the system of which I've been a part of for so long.

The masks began to crack.

I saw the true faces of those whom I had been working with.
People who I considered to be friends.
People I considered to be family.

As these events went on I began to question whether or not I would continue to walk this path until I was old and grey.

Something had to change. That change had to come now.

I'd always had an affinity for stories. it didn't really matter about the medium.
Books, movies, video games.
The Art of Storytelling had always captured me.

Long before this career, I used to write. Purely out of the love of just doing so.

Standing by someone's side against a company who was attacking them was no easy task.

Yet, I discovered something about myself.
Something about me that had always been there, hiding in plain sight.

Words can hurt or words can heal.

I chose the path of healing.

This person that I helped had found new life breathed into them.

I was saddened to see them exit my life but I was happy about their new beginning.

I turned in my two weeks notice and said goodbye to the company. Not the company that I worked for, but the company of the people that I had met along the way.
I thanked each and every one of them for the time that was spent.

I set out on my own adventure carrying with me nothing but a dream.

An idea that would come to fruition.

Along my path, I found that there were so many naysayers and non-believers.

They could not see what I could see and they could not feel what I could feel.

I was determined. I would see this idea become a reality.

It did not matter to me what others thought of me. My only concern was what I thought of myself.

People always throw rocks at shiny objects.

I decided to pick up the rocks and use the sandpaper of their judgment so that I could polish each and every one that they had thrown.

I was happy with being me and no one was going to dull my shine.

They could remain sandpaper.
I would become a diamond.

While they were all busy trying to be like one another, I would be different.

I stood out in the crowd because I did not belong. I was very proud of that.

It let me know that I was my own person.

Through years of hard work and learning by failing in order to succeed, I had finally achieved my goal.

What I set out to do was about to be complete.

Determination got me there.

It was simply a matter of patiently waiting.

I find myself going back and wondering what my life would be like had I not chosen to take this path at all.

While thinking about such things, I find that a smile comes across my face.

By stepping outside of my comfort zone I have achieved something greater than I ever thought that I could have. When the day comes that I am gone from this world, my footprints will remain.
I have a legacy to leave behind.

The greatest conquest that was achieved was in conquering my own self.

What remains to be done now is merely to sit back and watch as my creation is brought to life.

There exists but a matter of time before others can hold in their hands an idea that has now become a physical presence.

I now understand this truth.

The power has always been resting inside of me. I consider that to be a true gift.

© 2017 Leviathus Fortes

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Added on March 28, 2017
Last Updated on March 28, 2017
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Leviathus Fortes
Leviathus Fortes


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