Third Time’s the Charm

Third Time’s the Charm

A Poem by Lexi Askew

Throughout history in a million different religions, three is considered a lucky or sacred number.
In every great series, all movies and shows are fronted by a trio.
Good things and bad all come in threes.
If the third time really is the charm, then maybe after all this time it’ll work out.
I’m being told to be careful, I’m being advised against this, and yet...
Though I’ve tried to get over this, I keep coming back.
Everywhere I look, every time I turn around, you’re there again.
I want to do this again, but can I be blamed for wondering if I’ll get hurt again?
I don’t think I’m going to get played.
I want to trust this more than anything, but my friends are there putting scary thoughts in my head.
Let’s do this again.
Make round three the finale.
Tell me to stop worrying and I will.
I’m not wrong to give a third chance, not when it’s already making me this happy.

© 2020 Lexi Askew

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oh my Lexi! obviously this is confessional ... brave soul you are ... if this were the third of three different people i might say go for it .. but sounds like this is the same person each time ... i would tell my daughters to move on ... be so very wary ... the happiness you feel at starting once again ..needs to be balanced with all that happened each time to cause you to move away from this relationship ... sorry .. i must sound like Ann Landers now :} its none of my business of course but i want to know the whole story ... you have engaged me with this ... so well done .. the lead in using the number 3 and its connections to religion hooked me right off ... tho i dare say that seven is the more sacred ... signifying perfect .. or God ... but three also has strong physical structure .. the triangle ... triune God ... but you make this so personal .. i feel the struggle .. the pulling in different directions .. heart or head .. which will lend the best advice for me ... i have to go with head in this one .. too many abusive relationships are built on destructive cycles ... i do hope you create more poetry as you work you way through this one ... it is difficult indeed

Posted 4 Months Ago

You are indeed a brave soul. I feel though that we must go where the heart takes us. I hope, for your sake, that the charm of the phrase works, that the third time really is the charm.

Take care - Dave

Posted 4 Months Ago

even in baseball you get three strikes, then you're out. everyone has a different level of tolerance - some only give one chance then move on, cutting the loss. the old saying says that everyone deserves a second chance. no one ever added a single day to their lives by worrying. very cleverly expressed. hope you win the game ... :)

Posted 4 Months Ago

Once bitten, twice shy the saying goes Lexi. I am thinking three times? Then you are a braver person than I am. I hope this person isn't playing games. Keep happy.


Posted 4 Months Ago

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Added on March 21, 2020
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Lexi Askew


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