A Chapter by . o O (Deepest_Thoughts)

Unwelcome visitors..


I stepped onto some boxes and jumped into the cold concrete floor of the basement. I stretched and yawned a bit walking towards the bathroom, I could barely see. I pulled the string hanging from the light and waited for it to flicker on before I turned the water on and splashed some of it on my face. I took off my hoodie and tossed it into the other room just standing in the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror. I was only wearing a tight black tank top and my black baggy pants. I shivered looking for a towel so I could take a shower. "Dryer.." I whispered as I walked out of the bathroom and looked for the lamp. It was pitch black and I couldn't see a thing. I kicked off my boots and headed for the lamp in the corner of the room. I twisted the knob twice and it turned on.

"Your coming home late for someone with no friends." I heard an ere voice say from behind me. I jumped and almost knocked over the lamp but caught it just in time. I turned around and saw lance, Mike and Trish's nineteen year old son, sitting on my couch.

"What are you doing here?!" I asked holding my chest because I was breathing so hard.

"Five hours ago. Where have you been?" He asked looking me over.

"Uh.. Out with a few people," I said eying him. He wasn't always the nicest person. He liked to pick on me and get me in trouble with his parents. They always believe him over me. He stood about five foot nine inches, only a few inches taller than me. He had light blue eyes that almost looked gray and short blond hair that he constantly groomed.

"Yeah right. Like you have friends," he laughed.

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest. "Get out. I need to take a shower."

He smirked and got up walking around the coffee table and over to me. "This is my house, remember? I don't have to get out if I don't want to."

I sigh and stared at him. "What do you want?" I said with an attitude.

"You're more beautiful every time I see you," he smiled.

"What the f**k?!! Get away from me you freak!" I screamed in his face.

"Fine, fine." He said turning to walk up the stairs. I waited for him to leave then went up after him and locked the door. I shook my head, about to gag at what he said then walked back down the stairs and over to the dryer. I grabbed a fresh towel and headed back into the bathroom. I yawned and turned the shower on, making sure it was warm. I got undressed quickly and got in shivering some. After about an hour the water got cold and I got out wrapping a towel around myself. I went into the bedroom and sat there pulling my knees up. I pulled a thin light blue blanket over myself and leaned back relaxing.

I sat there a while staring at the ceiling, thinking. I yawned and got up walking back over to the dryer. I pulled out a pair of shorts and a new tank top. I got dressed shivering even more. It was close to December but I don't have any long pants that aren't jeans. I brushed my teeth and pinned my hair up, getting ready for bed.

"What are you doing?" Ty asked suddenly.

"Holy s**t!" I said dropping my toothbrush and staring at him in the door way. "Don't sneak up on me like that."

"Sorry. I was just making sure you weren't hurting yourself again."

I gave him a look then finished washing my face before walking out of the bathroom. I glanced over at the huge black blanket that now laid on my couch. "What's that?" I asked turning to Ty.

He smiled, "Well what's it look like?"

"It looks like a blanket," I said smiling back.

"Dante, Ryan, Jay, and I got it for you. We knew it got cold down here so we all pitched in and got it."

I jumped up and hugged him, "Thank you so much!"

He smiled and hugged me back, "No problem."

I yawned and let go looking up at him, "What are we doing tomorrow?"

"Not sure yet. I think we were talking about going to the movies. There's this new horror movie out."

"Cool. I'll try to get away."

"Alright," he said pushing me over to the couch. "You need to get some rest." We sat down and he pulled the blanket over me. He smiled some and I leaned back. "Well if your not going to hurt yourself then I'm going to go," He said then got up.

"Please don't," I pleaded looking up at him.

"Why not?" He asked looking at me. "What's wrong?"

"Lance is back.."

"Mike and Trish's son?" I nodded. "You said he hates you."

"He does.. I think.." He gave me a worried look. "Well he's been a lot more interested in me lately. Its kind of scary."

He sighed a bit, "Alright I'll stay but you know I can't do this every night."

"I know, I'm sorry."

He sat down and pulled me over to him. "Its not your fault," He smiled. I wrapped the blanket around me and closed my eyes. "Goodnight."

I woke up to someone banging on the door at the top of the stairs loudly. "Wake up! You need to make breakfast, now!" I heard Trish yell.

"Shut up you stupid w***e!" I yelled back sitting up. I noticed Ty was gone. I yawned and got up walking over to the dryer pulling out my black Paramore hoodie. I pulled it on and walked up the stairs unlocking the door. There Trish was tapping her foot with that stupid look on her wrinkly face.

"You should have been up an hour ago!" She nagged "Don't lock your-"

"Don't talk to me." I said closing my door and walking past her.

"Don't speak to me like that! Your lucky you have a place to live! When Mike gets-"

"Shut up! Go die in a f*****g ditch!" I yelled and walked into the kitchen feeling grumpy like every morning in this house.

I yawned and opened the fridge pulling out eggs, butter, bacon, milk, and orange juice. I set them on the long limestone counter and washed my hands after turning the stove on. I cracked a bunch of eggs into a bowl and started to stir them. I put another pot on the stove and poured the soupy eggs into it and added milk. Then I put three strips of bacon in the other pan.

"Ma, what's for breakfast?" I heard Lance yell from upstairs.

"Come down and check!" She yelled back.

I sighed and stirred the eggs and took out three plates. I set them on the counter and flipped the bacon as Lance came down the stairs. He came to stand next to me smiling. "Go away," I said annoyed.

"That's no way to speak to me," he said smiling wider. I rolled my eyes and continued cooking. I finished the eggs and scooped some onto each plate. I put a piece of bacon on each plate then put more in the pan. I took out three forks then yawned finishing the bacon. "I heard voices in your room last night. Who was with you?" Lance tried to interrogate.

"Mind your own business!" I snapped as I scrapped more bacon onto each plate. He chuckled lightly as he came up behind me and grabbed my a*s.

"It is my business," he whispered.

"What the hell?!" I yelled turning around. I brought my knee up into his nuts and he groaned falling to the floor. "Don't touch me!" I growled in a low voice so Trish would hear. Grabbing the plate, I walked out of the kitchen after stepping on him. I walked into the dinning room and dropped a plate in front of Trish. "Here." I said angrily.

"Where's Lance, and what was all that noise about?" She asked looking up at me with her pointed nose and dull gray eyes. Her hair was a lighter grayish white than her eyes. She frowned waiting for an answer, then he walked in. I walked over to him and dropped his plate in front of him and he grunted quietly. I smirked and left the room.

I went into the kitchen and sat on the counter pulling my plate over to me. After finishing my breakfast I washed the dishes. Then I cleaned the house like every other Saturday and went into my room to do the laundry. I searched the pockets of every piece of clothing that had pockets. I found fifty dollars in Trish's pants and stuck it in my pocket smiling.

"Hurry up girl! I want my coffee!" I heard Trish yell from the Living room.

"Shut up! Why don't you tape your f*****g mouth shut!" I yelled back up to her. I heard her scream to herself and I grabbed my sketchbook walking back up the stairs. I walked into the kitchen and set my sketchbook down then went to grab a cup of coffee. I Walked into the Living room and dropped the cup on the table spilling it a bit.

"Clean that up!"

"Clean it yourself. I'm going outside." I said as I walked back into the kitchen grabbing my sketchbook. I walked out the back door before I could hear what she was yelling about.

The backyard was huge. It has a big underground pool and practically its own playground. There was swings, slides, jungle-Jim's, and everything else you could imagine. There is also this huge oak tree with a tree house in it. The tree house was bigger than my room and had a TV and bathroom in it. Also in the middle of the yard there is a trampoline and a small basket ball court. Followed by a giant garden with a gazebo in the middle.

I walked over to the playground and climbed up a castle looking one. I sat in one of the circular tubes that were meant to be crawled threw. "Wow.. Lance had it great as a kid," I sighed. It was winter already. The wind was icy and the grass frost covered. I laid down and started to draw mini comics of people I disliked. I drew one of Lance walking down the street then falling in a hole. Then I drew myself rolling a boulder over the hole. I smiled and drew a chat bubble that had lance saying, "Let me out! Let me out!" Then me saying, "You wish." I laughed a little and heard the back door open then shut.

I peeked out and saw Lance looking around with a stupid look on his face, as always. I blinked as something cold hit my face. I looked up and noticed it had started to snow, then I couldn't help but shiver. I just happened to realize I was still only wearing shorts, a tank top and my hoodie. I slid out of the tunnel and went down the slide as quickly as I could without being seen. I ran into the garden my sketchbook in my right hand. I headed for the gazebo knowing there was a bag of clothes I left there in case I decided to run away again. I turned back not seeing Lance and sighed relived. Grabbing the bag under a bench in the gazebo, I pulled out a pair of ripped and faded jeans and pulled them on over my shorts. I put the bag back then headed for my secret hiding place.

I could hear the rushing of a waterfall nearby. I shivered and pulled my hood up protecting my face from the snow, as the wind started to pick up. I walked up a small hill and the sounds of the waterfall drowned out everything else. I smiled brightly and stopped at the top of the hill and looked down at the huge drop off. I sat under a small yet wide dead tree and looked over the cliff at the shinning lake water below. The waterfall on the other side hit down on the water non-stop making ripples in the water. I relaxed leaning against the tree. I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds of the waterfall.

"I love this place," I said quietly. "So peaceful even though its cold." I shivered and yawned wide. My eighteenth birthday was drawing nearer each day. It seemed every day closer to it I felt a little different. I'm not sure if its a bad thing or a good thing.

It was about noon but it was still cold. The sun shinned brightly threw the clouds but the snow covered tree protected me from that. I yawned closing my eyes and falling asleep quickly.


I opened my eyes and blinked waiting for them to adjust to the darkness. "S**t.." I jumped up and grabbed my sketchbook. I ran back to the house as fast as possible hoping the guys hadn't left yet. I walked into the backyard and saw Lance sitting on a swing. I sighed and walked past him heading inside.

"Where have you been?" He pried following me inside. The warm air hit me as I walked threw the door. I shivered some and headed for my bedroom.

"Go to hell.." I growled reaching the basement door. Trish was sitting on the couch as she looked up and spoke.


"Don't talk to me!" I interrupted.

"Now listen here girl!" She shouted. "I'll talk to whoever I want to in my own house!" I rolled my eyes and opened the basement door slamming and locking it behind me. She got up and ran after me. "You little-" She yelled banging on the door. "You just wait till Mike gets home!" She yelled banging on the door louder.

I walked over to the dryer getting undressed quickly. I grabbed a black tank top and my favorite hoodie. It has a silver and red graffiti dragon on the front of it. Then I pulled on a pair ripped jeans and black boots. As soon as I was dressed I grabbed the fifty dollars I had found and shoved it into my pocket. I then climbed out my window and brushed myself off looking down as a small creature scurried by. I jumped slightly and watched it run into the bushes then headed to the front of the house.

"Where are you headed so late?" I heard Lance's irritating voice say from the front porch. I turned to see him smoking a cigarette.

"Out," I shrugged.

"Where's 'out' exactly?"

"Shut up and smoke your cancer stick," I snapped walking down the street. He followed.

"I'm going to tell Mike," He threatened.

"Go ahead. I doubt I'm coming home tonight."

"I wouldn't call the basement your home."

"Shut up you man w***e!" I shouted turning the corner.

"Your one to talk."

"I'm a virgin, thank you!"

"Well we could change that."

"What the hell is wrong with you!" I growled turning around and walking back wards. "We're practically related! Why do you like-" Just then I accidentally banged into someone. Whoever it was they wrapped their arms around my shoulders pulling me towards them. I blinked and looked up only to get Jay's hair in my face.

"Your late." Jay said smiling.

I smiled back some relived I wasn't alone with Lance anymore. "I know. I fell asleep again," I sighed. He laughed a little and hugged me closer. I was surprised he hadn't had his hair up in a mohawk like usual. He now had long blackish blue hair with dyed red tips.

"Who that?" Jay asked looking up at Lance.

"Annoying stalker," I shrugged.

"What was that?" Ty asked walking over to us.

"Hey, I'm not a stalker!" Lance shouted.

"Ray says you are so you must be," Ty said stepping towards Lance cracking his knuckles. Lance's eyes widened and he stepped back.

"Your going to be in big trouble when you get home!" he shouted turning around and running away. I laughed blowing Jay's and my own hair out of my eyes.

"You can let go now," I smiled at Jay. He let go and pulled me over to the truck.

"Lets go we're gonna be late," Dante said in the drivers seat. Oh yeah, I thought to myself walking over to Dante. I reached in my pocket and handed him the fifty dollars.

"Here. This can buy snacks and stuff." I smiled at him.

"Where'd you find this?" He asked.

"Trish's pocket."

"Nice. " He smiled.

Ryan, Jay, and I all jumped into the back of the truck. We drove down the street and it started to snow again. I sighed and pulled my hood up shivering some. We pulled into the parking lot and just in time. The movie was just about to start. "What are we seeing?" I asked them as we jumped out of the truck.

"30 days of night?" Ryan said. "It looked good."

"Sounds good to me," Jay shrugged.

Dante and Ty got out and walked over to us as we headed into the mall. Dante bought our tickets and handed them to each of us. We got a bunch of snacks and two huge drinks to share, spending all of Trish's money. We headed into the theater and I pointed to the top.

"All the way up there?" Ty asked leading us up to the top. I sat between Dante and Ryan. We watched more people file in as the commercials rolled. Two couples walked in and sat in front of us. I smiled and munched on some popcorn that Ryan was holding in his lap. I tossed a few pieces at one couple. They turned and scowled at Ryan because he was holding the bowl. He pointed to me and I pointed to him, smiling. I waited for them to look away then threw some more popcorn at them. The movie started and one man looked back and winked at me. I rolled my eyes and leaned against Dante holding onto his arm. The man turned around and Dante smiled at me. I yawned a bit and Dante whispered to me.

"Why have you been so tired lately?"

"I'm not sure," I answered quietly.

About forty minutes into the movie my head started to hurt. I sat up straight then stood up.

"Where are you going?" Dante asked.

"Bathroom," I whispered. Before I stepped past them and down the stairs. I walked out of the theater and down the hall into the bathroom. I went over to the mirror and looked myself over. My emerald eyes suddenly changed and my head started to pound. I could then see every single detail around the mirror, it soon faded. Then a few moments later my hearing got better and I could hear the movie playing down the hall along with every whisper in the theater. I winced holding my head as I waited for my hearing to go back to normal. "What's happening to me..?" I whispered. I heard someone come in behind me and quickly turned around. An old women walked in giving me a strange look and I sighed walking out.


We all laughed as we left the theater. "That movie was so funny!" Ryan laughed and everyone agreed.

"Vampires don't look like that." Jay said glancing at Dante.

"They were so fake." He agreed.

"At least it gave us a laugh." I said.

"That's true." Jay said jumping onto the back of the truck.

"Ray, we have to bring you home." Dante said, "Me and Ty wont be home tonight."

I sighed, "Alright." We reached my house in no time at all. I jumped out and noticed Jay jump out as well.

"Ty wants me to check up on you tonight, okay?" He said smiling worriedly. I smiled a bit and nodded.

"Okay. See you tonight." I walked up the stairs to the house and opened the door quietly. I tried to be as quiet as possible. I sighed as Mike yelled from the kitchen.

"Is that you girl?!"

"Yeah, I'm home.." I sighed again noticing he sounded drunk.

"Where you been?" he asked coming out of the kitchen.


"Don't talk to me in that tone of voice!" He yelled slurring his words.

"Shut up you stupid drunk.." I mumbled.

"What was that girl?!" He said barely understandable as he walked over to me. He grabbed my wrist yanking it up almost pulling me off the ground. "If only you couldn't talk! Then you'd be a perfect little slave girl! That's why your parents left you here!"

"That's hurts!" I yelled. "Let me go!"

"Your parents hated you because you talked to much!" He said grabbing my chin to make me look at him, tightening his grip on my wrist. "So they left you here and now you sleep around with a bunch of guys to make yourself feel better!"

"That's not true!"

"Yes it is and you know it! No matter what you do you'll still be a worthless slave girl!" My eyes started to tear from both the pain of his words and his grip on my wrist. He let go of my chin just so he could slap me. "Your not allowed to cry!" I turned back feeling my cheek redden in pain. "Go talk to Trish. She'll want to discipline you as well." I stood there my fists clenched as I mumbled something staring at the ground. "What did you say?!"

"I said, I'm not talking to that b***h!" I screamed running to the basement door. I opened the door and was about to run in when he grabbed my wrist again.

"Your not going anywhere alone! You need a babysitter!" He shouted pulling me back. "Lance get down here!"

"What?! No!" I screamed pulling away as Lance came down the stairs.

"Yeah, dad?" He asked smiling as if he heard the whole conversation.

"I need you to baby-sit."

"Anything for you dad," he said sucking up to him, like he always did.

I dug my nails into his arm and he let go with a yelp. I ran down the stairs hearing Lance come down behind me. Mike shut the door and I turned to see Lance looking at me with a grin. "Go away!" I yelled running into the bathroom. I saw him running towards me as I shut the door locking it quickly.

"Get out of there! Now!" He yelled banging on the door loudly.


"Your just mad because you know what my dad was saying was all true!"

"It was not!" I screamed pulling off my hoodie and throwing it to the ground. I instinctually grabbed the razor off the sink and placed it to my arm making deep cuts. My tears mixed with the blood in the sink, as I cut my way upward. I breathed deeply holding onto the sink to keep my balance. I looked into the mirror seeing my eyes bloodshot and teary. I held the sink and knelt down falling to the floor. As I sat up and leaned against the bathtub my vision started to fade and so did the noises of Lance banging on the door.

"Get out here, or I'll break down the door!" Lance yelled. The room was spinning and I couldn't concentrate. My arm burned and I held my head trying to stay conscious.

"Go away.." I said breathlessly.

I heard a silence then Jay's voice, "Ray, where are you?"

"Who are you?!" Lance shouted. I got up feeling nauseous and dizzy. I opened the door quickly and saw Jay and Lance standing in the room. Lance grabbed my arm quickly yanking me to him. I winced as he grabbed my blood covered cuts. He looked at my arm and asked shocked, "You cut yourself?! What the hell is wrong with you?!" He let go of my arm and I fell to the ground. "F*****g mental case."

"Leave her alone!" Jay shouted walking over to me. He lifted me up and brought me over to the couch. "She's done nothing to you! Why do you torment her?!"

"I'll do whatever I please in my own home!"

Jay sat on the couch next to me whispering something in my ear, "I'm sorry." He hugged me gently.

"Get out! Your not welcome here!" Jay glared at him.

"I will, but I'm taking Rauko with me." He set me down gently on the couch and got up walking over to the bathroom. He looked as if he was holding his breath as he grabbed my hoodie. He walked back out and Lance shouted at him.

"You're not taking her anywhere!" He said getting in Jay's way. Jay clenched his fists and teeth trying really hard not to hit him. He pushed him aside and walked over to me. "I'm going to get Mike!" He threatened.

"Do it!" Jay shouted lifting me up. He put one of my arms around his shoulder and his around my waist. Lance ran up the stairs and we followed. "We're going to my house," Jay said softly. I nodded walking up the stairs with his help. We walked out the front door before Mike or lance came back down stairs. But before we even go to the side walk, I passed out.

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. o O (Deepest_Thoughts)
. o O (Deepest_Thoughts)

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