Torch And Jewl

Torch And Jewl

A Story by Kayra13

Two best friends, but one of them has a terrible fate.

"It looks like your in trouble there. Can I help?" He turned to see a smirking 18 year old girl. "Don't need help" he grounds out, pushing another guy away from him. "Really? It looks like your struggling!" the girl laughs. "And that's because your distracting me!" he yelled up to where the girl was perching. The girl laughed again. "Your lucky I'm nice. I'm helping" she declares, beginning to fight her way through the mass of criminals. Before they knew it, they had defeated them all. The girl turned to the boy, and told him through her laughter, "Told you you needed help, Torch!" She exploded into laughter again as the boy looked sheepish. "yea, probably could have used it." Torch mumbles sheepishly. "Thanks for helping Jewel." Jewel smiles at him and playfully solutes. "Not a problem, Captain!" she teased. Torch frowns, then takes a swipe at Jewel. "Just because I was promoted to captain a few days ago......" his voice fades out as the two walked away. They never noticed a man hiding in the shadows of the alleyway, an angry glint in his eye. Maybe if they did, Torches demise could have been stopped. Mabye they wouldn't have had to mourn.

© 2016 Kayra13

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Author's Note

I wrote this when I was bored. Anyways, Good? Bad? Plain old ugly? I'll never know unless you tell me!

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Added on December 3, 2016
Last Updated on December 3, 2016
Tags: Torch, Jewl, Friendship, Laugh, Ends weird, I don't know




Hey! My name is Jenny , and I'm 12 years old. Right now anyways. I like to swim, read, listen to music, and write. I have brown hair, and my eyes are bluish-green. I am a fan of horror, humor, friend.. more..

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