I get a visit from Contessa

I get a visit from Contessa

A Chapter by Lexi =]

Chapter 1
I get a strange visit from Contessa
I watch the moon as it gleams through my window. Its presence is powerful and it beauty is extravagant. My eyes slowly close, and I drift into a deep sleep.
Where am I? 
Everything is dark. I cant see anything.
What’s going on?
“ Scarlet…”  A light voice says
“ Who…who are you?” I ask trying to find the person who said my name. I see nothing though. I don’t even know if I’m moving my hands. I feel nothing.
“ It’s coming run! Run Scar!” the voice says as if its whispering.
“ from what!” I yell, trembling with fear. The darkness stays quiet. Seconds later the darkness begins to fade. I see a woman with raging beauty. Pure white skin with dark purple eyes and long black hair. Her dress shaped her body perfectly. It made me jealous.
“ Who are you?” I ask hoping I will get an answer soon. I walk closer to her. Her eyes change red, pure red. The bottom of her dress rips, her legs are shown but they aren’t human. They resemble spider legs. Her hair turns red and matted. Fangs pop out of her mouth, they rest on her lips.
“ What the hell? What do you want with me?” I yell backing farther and farther away. She walks closer, now with eight spider legs.
“ You don’t remember me?” she says putting the tip of her leg on my face and slowly gliding it down. 
“ Na-No..” I answered , standing still.
“ How come? Don’t you remember when you were little maybe around six and you’d get those nightmares.”  
“ Contessa?… what do you want with me! You weren’t nightmare’s you were real. I got sent to a therapist because of you. What do you want!!” I nearly started tearing up. She tortured me when I was six. She made me fear everything. She made my mom think I was a nutcase!.
“ Oh sweetie. I want nothing from you. I’m hear to warn you. I loved torturing you but this time something new is happening. On your birthday, your going to get a visit.”
“ who is going to visit me?” I asked. 
“ From a sorcerer. Scarlet you’re a sorceress. I know you probably don’t believe me but you are.” Contessa said. I stared at her blankly. 
Then the room turned black again and Contessa was gone. I yelped her name a few times. No answer. Was this another one of her tricks. Is she trying to ruin my life again like she did when I was six. 
“ Scarlet wake up!” My mother said as she shook me. I opened my eyes. I was covered in sweat and my eyes were red. I obviously had been crying in my sleep.
“She’s back. Contessa isn’t she?” My mom said with a worried look on her face. 
“ No” I answer. I’m not being sent to a therapist again. No not again!
“ You have seen her. I think its time I sent you to -”
“ NO! Mom No!” I yelled. “ Not there. I’m not crazy mom. I’m not! She’s real! I can’t believe you would do this to me.”
“ I’m sorry.”

© 2010 Lexi =]

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ooh, keep writing. I like this.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Lexi =]
Lexi =]

Houston, TX

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