The Rush

The Rush

A Poem by Katie

The shivering fingers
and trembling toes
are standing on the edge

Stomach dropping
in nervous fear
seconds stretching beyond

To anticipate  

The toes curl
around the edge
as the moment stretches

Until eyes close
and a mind flies away
watching from afar

And jump 

Toes grip tighter
for a moment more
molding to the edges

pushing away
from the springing-back board
launching into the air.

To fly 

The infinite moment
and feet fly free
from limited eternity

The second of freedom
the invisible wings
the high-peak of ecstasy

And fall 

The air rushes by
sweeping all trembles
into the stomach 

Floating high above
are the fears
waiting patiently on the side.

To crash 

The cold concrete
rushes up
to meet the flailing limbs

Driving all thought
from the head
as it swarms within

And swim 

Water sweeps along
the arms and legs
remembering where they are

And meeting the fears
like an unwanted friend
left behind long ago

Is tasting infinite freedom
Only to be swept away
In the rushing river of time.

© 2012 Katie

Author's Note

Jumping off a high dive! Trying to describe one of those over-in-a-flash but feel-like-forever moments.

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i really like this analogy...diving off the high dive to diving off a building and ending it all...

the rush, the "driving all thought from the head"

in more ways than one.

but a little safer to dive off a diving board...i used to love to dive off the high dive, which is odd, because i am deathly afraid of heights...even as a kid i was...

maybe it is good i am now..i won't likely jump off a building...unless i pretend there is water below.

really good write.


Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Thank you!
That feeling of freedom can be quite a rush... your description was intense ... I get that same feeling when I ride a horse, something bout being in the air, no seat belts or doors holding me in, just the fresh air rushing around me.

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

I totally understand! It feels like you experience the whole world in a moment. =D
The Rock And Roll Cowboy(REBEL WITH A CAUSE)

9 Years Ago

That is so true.

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