A Story by Academy6

Please Leave Me Alone

You're outside my window. Watching me think. Reading my dreams. Because they're open like a book. You're messing with my feelings. Ripping out my beliefs. Pushing me over the edge. No, I'm already over. You're messing with my head. Making my actions not my own. You make my body heal slower. My thoughts want to die. Taking the ideas of my mind like the written words of my will. I want you to leave me alone! Please stop toying with me. I want you to stop asking. Don't beg. Dont taunt me. Just leave me alone.

You hault my thought proccess. You make my stories incomplete. With the everlasting fear that you'll take them from me. Just go, leave. I don't want to be afraid anymore. Let me recover in peace. Let me feel safe again. Stop hurting me. Please, go away! Just let me live! Live without you! Stop following me! Stop trying to know everything I do! I'm my own person, and I don't want to belong to you.

You were my friend. Equals. I wasn't something that was supposed be perfect! I'll never be! I never want to be. I want to be able to tell you everything. But not if I can't trust you to not give away everything I say to you. You're the friend that scares me. You live to bring me down, hurt me, eventually kill me. I feel like if I'm alone enough I'll be left to you're mercey. Defenceless. Alone.

Burning in your fire. Drowning in my blood. Dying in stories that are MINE. I can't breathe around you. I can't think when near you. You just won't leave me alone. Please stop. I'm terrified of you, and only you. I'm shaking with fear. Of my supposedly best friend. You hurt me so much! I want to die! Please go! Just go! Please, just leave.

© 2014 Academy6

Author's Note

I really want her to leave me alone. She trying to take my stories. And as writers, you can probably see why i want her to leave. I'm really scared she'll hurt me one day. I just want her gone. ~Love Me

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Very powerful. I can feel the urgency in your words and the desperation for freedom. I sincerely hope whoever this is, is gone. To steal a writers work is unspeakable.

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Thank you. I hope she leaves to. But sometimes I think that there's no hope in her ever leaving me a.. read more

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Added on January 28, 2014
Last Updated on January 29, 2014
Tags: Abuse, friendships, fear, pain, depression




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