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February 7, 2054

February 7, 2054

A Chapter by Academy6

The beginning of the end


Between the years 2027 and 2033 laws were created to keep the world a better place. A married couple must have two children of the same gender. By having this control over the country, families are made into what are considered perfect. Crime rates have gone done do to this new law and people seem to be much nicer than what I heard they used to be. Everything has been better for our country. Or at least for most families.

If you fail to follow these rules, then the children of that family are all burned in a fire. This is considered punishment to those who disobey the system. And that, is why I live behind a garbage can.

Chapter one:

Angel Conell sat up in her bed with a useless baby in her hands. Her eyes were staring forward at the door as if waiting for someone to come in. The dark eyes didn't turn to look at the crying baby, just kept straight as she tried to calm herself.

'A girl...' She thought angrily to herself. Her face changed into an aggravatedfrown and she looked down to the baby. The baby was red faced and squealing. Crying to the world, the dark brown eyes closed shut. Angel's frown darkened but went away when she heard someone walk in. Her husband walked toward the woman and he smiled. It wasn't really a happy smile. Just a somewhat understanding smile. His hand rubbed her back and kissed her pale forehead.

"I'm sorry," He whispered to his wife. She sighed and put the baby in his arms. He held the baby with his one arm before placing her in the space of the bed next to her mom.

"I don't want this baby, Dean." The mother growled. Dean nodded. "It was supposed to be a boy." Her arms crossed over her chest and she looked to him.

"I don't know what to say. We cant just get rid of it-"

"Well it wont be staying in my home!" She screamed. The baby continued to wail next to her. "Shut up!" The mom yelled. But the baby didn't stop crying. In fact, the baby just got worse. The mom pulled at her hair.

"We can't have another child, Angel! It's forbidden!"

"Then what am I supposed to do!" She asked angrily. Dean stood and ran a shaky hand through his hair. 'The police will be here soon.' He thought to himself. 'I have to figure something out!' He let go a frightened breath. As he paced the room, he formulated multiple plans in his head.

"I got it! But we have to work fast." He ran over and picked up the baby. Angel looked at him in question.

"What are we doing?" She asked but Dean was already walking out the door. He leaned his head in a bit and said.

"Start crying!" He demanded. Angel sighed but complied to her husbands request.

Dean ran with the baby in his hands and out the hospitals back door. Once he was outside, he ran to his car and and put the baby on the top of the car. He reached into his car and took out a pair of very sharp scissors. He went back to the baby and leaned over it before cutting off the hospital band on its right leg. Dean took the baby and ran over to a garbage can next to an old mexican restaurant.

The baby was still crying as he threw the baby behind the garbage can. "Good luck, You're gonna need it." Then he ran away toward the hospital. The baby's harsh scream echoed throughout the alley. Never stopping and waking up the girl upstairs with her window open.

© 2014 Academy6

Author's Note

Again ignore any mistakes. This story has a really good plot though. So focus on that :)

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Added on February 2, 2014
Last Updated on February 2, 2014
Tags: Hatred of a child, attempted murder




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