Let Hearts Free

Let Hearts Free

A Story by Academy6

"Do you remember me? Do you know who I am?" "I...don't remember."


Let hearts free.

The rain pulls me the most. Out of everything that I've seen, water falling from the sky is what can throw my mind into a trance and hold my heart in the palm of its hand. I stood at the back door and looked at the tiny pools of water all around the deck. Little bugs and flying insects fall down the steps and onto the red tiles that lead us to our back yard. My eyes follow the drops of water as the hit the ground and ricochet into the air. And for the first time in what seems like years...I smile.

My hands go to the lever on the door handle that keeps me inside. I flick the lever upward and pull the doors handle, allowing the glorious sound of rain to flood my kitchen. The bright light clouds my vision momentarily and I blink away the fogginess that took its place. When my eyes open fully I take in the sight of the gray covered skies and drenched trees. The sky roars like a lion in the safari, and I walk through like the small field mouse I am. I look down at the wet wood and held my toes over the cold surface. My foot hit the ground softly and I adjusted to the new feeling.

My breath hitched and I smiled happily. I placed my other foot down so that both of my feet were touching. My eyes looked upward toward the clouds and I breathed heavily through my mouth. The water soaked through my cloths and my hair, causing a slight tickling sensation all over my body. I felt the sand and mud that had collected on our deck under my toes and squeezed it in my toes. Water washed it away, multiple drops at a time.

I wanted to keep moving, run around in circles in the mud filled back yard. Get my jeans wet and dirty and make up for all the wasted parts of my childhood. But I couldn't see myself let go of the door yet. My hand subconsciously gripped the door handle tighter. I couldn't do it. If I let go of the door, I would get my cloths dirty. Then i'd get in trouble for being irresponsible and leaving my sisters in the house alone. Then the cycle would start all over again. My sister acting like nothing in the world matters but herself. My other sister pouting for the lack of understanding why the youngest is the favorite. Then she'd start crying and i'd exhale myself to my room for the night.

My foot to a step back into the house and I found myself going back into the kitchen.

"So you're just going to chicken out as usual?" I gasped and looked up at the foreign voice. In front of me was a girl. She looked almost exactly like I did. Dark skin, brown eyes the only difference was the longer hair and the lack of a smirk on my face. My breath quickened and I started walking backward until I was almost fully inside the house. She rolled her eyes and walked closer to me.

"Stop!" I yelled. She stopped dead in her tracks and went poker faced. I grabbed my pink phone and began to open the pass code lock.

"No! Please, don't." She said in an ghostly voice. I looked up at the frightened girl and felt pity run through me. She reached her hand out to me and smiled slowly. "I just wanna help." I looked at her hand in frustration.

"Why would I need any help." I growled in disgust. She drawled her hand back and frowned angrily. She walked closer to me and I pulled the phone toward me again. She stopped, closing her eyes as if to calm herself and refrain from saying something inappropriate.

"Do you remember me? Do you know who I am?" I looked at her and study her body. She had tattered clothes and a bent shaped leg. She had a slight hunch and a broken leg that made me shudder. I turned my direction to her face and stared into her dark eyes. She looked almost pained. But hid it with her intimidation. Her feet came toward me and I took another step back.

"I...don't remember." I whispered. She looked at me and I felt a glimpse of remorse flutter around me. "I'm sorry..." I spoke quietly. She shook her head slowly.

"You'll remember. I mean, we were the best friends of kindergarden! Kaylee, the girl the you played with every day because the teachers scared you. A-And you told me how one day you would change the world? Remember?" My head shook. Tears weld up in her eyes. She brought her hand up again but this time i didn't move away. I looked at it and considered taking it in mine. But then again, this could just be a girl trying to kidnap me by pretending to be my best friend. I could be walking right into a trap.

"Kayla, please." She cried. I thought for a moment. Questioning if this was a good idea or not. I looked into her eyes. She looked scared. "I can't do this by myself...I don't want you to forget me." My eyes widened and I looked at her hand before taking it in mine. She smiled and pulled me into a hug.

I hugged back as she cried into my neck. I rubbed her back to try and calm her down. "Thanks, Kayla." She whispered.

"Your welcome." I said. "Now, what are you doing here?" The girl stood back and smiled.

"Getting you into the rain," she gently pulled me along the deck. She walked down the steps and the rains seemed to increase. My cloths were getting covered in water and I began to pull away.


"I like to go by Atlas now. You can just call me that." I sighed and looked back up toward the sky.

"Atlas," she tried again. "I could get in trouble. There's to much mud out when its raining." I explained. Atlas stopped and look into my eyes, a smile on her lips. I wanted to frown and leave to go back inside, but could seem to take my eyes of her. Something was really wrong. This almost didn't seem real. How could Kaylee...or Atlas be here? She moved to Washington. How could she still know me? And were are her parents? That strange limp is gone, and I know it couldn't have healed on its own. I ripped my hand away from her.

"Who, are you." I demanded. Her smile faltered. We stared at each other in silence. I tried again. "Who are you!?" I screamed. She didn't even flinch.

"Kayla look up." She said calmly. I felt like protesting but didn't. I looked up at the sky and my mind instantly relaxed. Atlas must have noticed because she began to speak again. "What do you see?" She asked in a steady voice. I hesitated and continued to look at the raining sky.

"A movie." I whispered more to myself that her. But she noticed anyways.

"Yes, a movie...now what do you have to have before a movie is made?" She asked. My eyes left the sky and went to her.

"A s-story." I answered, the cold water starting to actually get to me. She nodded and looked back up to the sky. Though my eyes went to my feet.

I never thought like that before. I write stories all the time but, never have I ever saved them to something so I could continue. I just started and left them to disappear. I've always wanted to be in a movie. To see myself on the big screen, acting out someone else's dreams. But never have I ever thought to star in my own!

I looked at her again and to my surprise, she was dancing. I stared at her in disbelief as she twirled around the muddy floor. Then suddenly she stopped and I looked at her. Her hand was out as if she was waiting for someone to take it. After a moment, I realized that someone was me.

I looked at her hand before taking it and joining her in her dance. We stayed like that for a while, dancing around, enjoying each others company. She, of course, had taken lead and I followed in our waltz in the rain. Every once in a while she would look up toward the sky again, as if asking for guidance throughout the dance and I would just smile.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of lava rocks being crushed. It didn't take long for me to realize what was going on. I turned to look for my dance partner, best friend, and inspirer to reach for my dreams, but she was gone. My heart stopped.

"Atlas?' I asked, my voice sounding weak and pathetic. "Atlas!?" I screamed. She left me! Alone...she was now different from the rest. I felt tears threaten to fall and began to run toward my house. How could I be so stupid! How could I ever trust her! I thought angrily to myself. I continued to run until something got under my foot. Next thing I knew I was on the ground, my face in the wet mud.

The rain felt like shards of glass falling into my skin. I could taste the dirt in my mouth and want to die right then and there. She left me alone. In the cold rain she brought me to. I felt the hot tears burn my skin as they fell down my face and into the ground. It's over. I'm going to get in trouble and be ran into my room. Alone. Again.

Don't give up!

I looked around for the voice. I saw no one but I recognized the deep and scared voice. "Atlas?"

Don't give up!

I felt like screaming I stood up and looked around my backyard. She was no where. And yet everywhere at once, screaming at me to keep going.

"Where are you!" I screamed and looked up to the sky. Where else could she be? I ran my hand through my hair. I wanted to fall back to the ground again, but then I heard the sound of keys falling to the ground in the front yard. I heard someone mumble something to themselves, and saw this as my chance. I ran to the back door. Some of the mud fell off of me and landed on the ground, probably ruining the brick tile, but I didn't care. I climbed up the steps and quickly opened the door, quickly running in and closing the door behind me.

"Kayla?" I heard my sister ask. Concern was all over her voice.

"Mom's home." I said quickly before opening the laundry room door and running in. After closing the door back, I took off my cloths and through on my freshly washed robe. Then I heard the front door open.

"Girls?" I heard my mom say. I left the laundry room and came out to greet her. Her confused eyes looked me over.

"Why are you wearing your robe?" She asked in a very questioning voice.

"I was about to shower. The sink hose fell of again and I got all wet." My sister's eyes looked at me and to my mom. But I wasn't worried. She wouldn't rat me out. Unlike some little sisters I know. But luckily, that one was at a sleepover. My mom smiled and nodded.

"Well thanks for getting everything cleaned up so fast." I smiled and nodded.

"Your welcome." I said before turning to my room and preparing for a shower. I opened the door to my room and sat down on my bed. I can't believe it. I fell for it again. Thinking someone might actually want to be my friend. I 'm such a stupid girl. I can't do anything right.

"Kayla," I looked up with wide eyes at my computer desk chair. There sat, Atlas, with an apologetic smile.

"I'm sorry. I didn't want to leave." I looked at her. Really looked at her. She was in the exact same attire, but she was completely dry. I was about to ask how that was possible but she spoke first. "I just want you to be happen again." Is at back and rested my back on the wall.

"Really?" I asked almost breathless. Atlas nodded and came to sit next to me on the small bed. She brought out her hand and I took it in mine.

"Friends?" She questioned. I hesitated because friendships never last but...I had a feeling this one might.


© 2014 Academy6

Author's Note

Ignore any mistakes, this is a true story

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Added on February 5, 2014
Last Updated on February 5, 2014
Tags: Rain, friendship, confusion, fear, worry




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