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chapter two of "The Vampire Wars"



   My blonde curls were lightly thrown across my face in the windy outskirts of Chicago. Before me stood the massive, black stone mansion that is home to the Chicago vampires.

   Moi, is a VIP member. Everything about this place was familiar to me: the black-out curtained windows, the deep mauve roof, and the over-sized diamond and sapphire jeweled door. I turned the extravagant silver doorknob with a dragon head and entered.

   Of course, Eli was waiting for me the moment I stepped in. I sighed.

   What's your problem now? I thought, taking in the look of merciless, dark green eyes.

   "I sent you out three hours ago." He stated, striding towards me.

   Thank you, Captain Obvious!

   "Mm-hm, and as you can see, I got what asked for." I Held up the American Red Cross bag.  

   He backed me against a black pillar in the entry hallway, probably just for the hell of it. Just because he could and it was a show of power. As you can see, this guy liked theatrics almost as much as I did.

   "Next time you decide to feed, Abigail," he spat my name like it was a curse and he fixed a sturdy hand at my throat. I knew he could smell the blood on my breath, "You will do what I've asked of you first, or you will face the consequences." I glared back him defiantly, my lips curled in the perfect pout.

   This couldn't be the end of the marvelous Abigail Linn. A being simply as breath taking as myself couldn't be-

   "Eli! What are you doing? Put her down this instant!" A familiar voice scolded from the top of the first grande staircase. The only vampire in the entire world able to order something of Eli so carelessly and get away with it, Rosaria.

   Her pretty face melded into a scowl; thin, auburn eyebrows crinkling above her usually friendly blue eyes. Eli's sharp look softened momentarily when he saw Rosaria, but instantly turned harsh again when he set eyes upon me. Whatever. I took a deep breath and looked up to the ceiling painted to rival the Sistine chapel; Rosaria has a talent for art.

   Rosaria descended the staircase and asked, "Do you mind?" indicating the question to Eli.   

   He slowly (and reluctantly) released his vice grip off of my neck, "Watch the porcelain skin." I sniffed, but he ignored me.

   "These are for you. Make sure to come up to our chamber later, I have some things I want to talk to you about." He handed Rosaria the American Red Cross bag, before he shot up the maroon velvet staircase (with a vampire's speed), his jet black hair flying behind him. Probably off to torture some other unfortunate vampire.  

   Rosaria sighed, looking up at the staircase the way Eli had left before giving me a genuinely concerned look. "Are you okay?" She asked.

   I held my head high, "Yes, no thanks to your boyfriend. I got enough for the week, didn't I?"

   Rosaria delicately peered into the bag, examining the contents. "Yes, yes, it will be. Thank you, Abby." she said (Also the only person in the world who could get away with calling me "Abby").

   Something seemed to be bothering her, though. Her usually friendly smile wasn't in place as she popped the lid to the O positive contents and took a sip.  

   "What's up?" I asked, arching a blonde eyebrow.

   Rosaria's expression grew dark and she said, "It's Eli, he's-" She paused to make sure no one was around to listen, "storing new weapons."

   I didn't really see why that was upsetting her at first, Eli was one of the most violent (and psychotic) vampire I had ever come across. Just because I hadn't personally seen the stash of stakes didn't mean we all didn't know they were there.  

   "Rosaria? You're my friend, so I know you won't be offended when I say you're boyfriend is a cold blooded murderer who kills anyone that even slightly annoys him. Is it honestly surprising to you that he has a few extra weapons lying around?" I tried to put on an innocent face at the end of my question, so it really is too bad I don't have one.    

   Rosaria threw me an annoyed glance, "First, he's not cold blooded, he's really sweet if you get to know him, " I rolled my eyes, " and, yes, I've always known he's had a few extra devices around the mansion, but now he's buying torches, stakes, crossbows, and all things of that kind in huge quantities." She sounded sincerely worried.     

   "How much is huge quantities?" I asked.

   Rosaria pursed her lips, and after a second's hesitation asked, "Why don't I just show you?"

   I nodded.

   Rosaria and Eli's room was on the eighth floor, the last floor. The entire mansion was gothic style thanks to Eli's choice of interior design back in the 1200s. They're room was always had multiple crystal vases filled with roses (something Eli did for Rosaria), the king sized bed was draped with thick, black curtains that matched the color of the room's walls. 

   "It's over here." Rosaria motioned to their huge walk in closet, but upon opening the wooden doors were not clothes, but vampire killing weapons of every kind. Stakes, torches, crossbows, guns filled with the scent of wooden and silver bullets, and pyro bombs (bombs that set a vampire on fire upon contact) were the closet's unnerving inhabitants.

   Unless you were planning on taking down a hundred vampires, which is the size of an average coven, you wouldn't need this many weapons for simple self-defense.

   First off, you'd have to train a lot of vampires just to be able to use these dangerous objects in the first place (and not burst into flames from the pyro bombs), and to fight off...what? Other vampires? I was almost one hundred percent certain we were the only coven in North America. We're not common, or the world would have been taken over by us already.

   I never said the inferior race of humans didn't deserve it, just that it hasn't happened yet. Keep that in mind, mortal.

   So that brings us back to our original question, unless we were at war, what was Eli up to? Was it paranoia? A newly found branch of his own personal morbid?   

   "Rosaria...what is the hell is Eli trying to do? I asked.

   The answering voice nearly made me jump out of my perfect skin, "Why don't you ask me?" Eli asked.  



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so I know it took forever for chapter two to come out, but please review.

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