Your different reflection

Your different reflection

A Story by Life_editor

they are watching you live, because you are their lives


“Three, Two, One. Action!” the director signalled. I sat up straight and smiled with confidence as the reporter kicked off her beginning statement. My shining teeth impressed my director as he gave me his thumbs up. I looked at his bald sparkly head and giggled to myself as it reminded of a bowling ball.

“Hello Anna! It’s such a pleasure for you to visit our “The Real” show” the reporter exclaimed with her crafted smile on her face. It seemed so real for a second that I was about to flash her my real smile back but instead gave her a little nod. “So there were rumours that you had to call the police for more than 50 times because of your stalkers! Is that true?” She questioned as she peeked into her flashcards. “Yeah, it’s true.” I uttered.


Everyone’s life revolves around himself or herself. We are always the centre of our lives, we live our own lives but stalkers, they’re different. Stalkers are people who are obsessed of another person and their lives are always evolved around the person they are obsessed with. They watch you eat, drink, sleep. They are with you at every moment. They will always be with you and the very moment you take your last breath, he/she will be there watching you die.  


 “So tell me about one of your extreme cases if you don’t mind,” the reporter says with her brows lowered, trying to make a serious look. “I do mind actually because I’m pretty sure the stalker is watching me doing this interview right now somewhere.” The reporter flinched a little and her perfectly done curls wiggled side to side. I smiled and reassured her that I was only joking and that there are no more stalkers around me although I perfectly knew that it wasn’t true. I looked directly at the camera and imagined the stalker looking right back at me. My hands started to get clammy and my fixed smile started to wear off until the reporter threw me another of her well-prepared questions.



Stalkers are not normal fans who respect you, adore you and is keen to see you on screen everyday. Stalkers are more like monsters that haunt you second by second.  They are abnormally obsessed and they give up their own lives just to watch you brush your teeth, eat your scrambled egg and just breathe. No no, they’re not trying to scare you. They are not trying to harm you in any ways. They are just people who follow you around every single day and watch you live your life. That’s their life. You are their lives.


The reporter casted a brief look at the director who gave her the sign to make a quick conclusion. She nodded slightly and gave me another of her charming fraud smile, “Thank you again for this wonderful time Anna. Is there anything for you to say before we end this session? I hesitated, looked at my small palm card and looked at the camera. “I have something to say to the one whose watching this right now, on my couch, drinking my leftover wine. Do you think I don’t know your eyes directed at me as I go to sleep? Do you think I don’t realise the soft footsteps behind me every single day? Well, I can feel your presence every day of my life and I know you’re there. But please, live your own life. Look at yourself in the mirror and see who you actually are. You’re not me. Go and please live your own life.” 

© 2014 Life_editor

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Added on September 23, 2014
Last Updated on September 23, 2014
Tags: fiction, crime, fame, stalkers, different, reflection, thriller, mystery




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