Writing on the wall

Writing on the wall

A Poem by Pebbles

Go figure
The writing on the wall is so clear
But still you fail to hear the warnings
That swirl around that confused mind of yours

Newspaper print simple
You left your mind behind whilst
Contemplating your next agenda

Should of been easy to understand
It was there right in front of you
Open your eyes d****t

Blood stains
The imaginary beasts that roll behind those glass eyes
Satin no longer stained with marks of love
Skin torn from your back has healed

The bruise inside your heart it festers still
Admit to yourself
Then release and forgive

You beg
Please don't let this be real
The shapes and hues are too bright and sharp to understand
Crumble to the ground
But at least you cant fall further

Further is where demons hide
Ready and waiting
A place of no return

Look closer at the writing on the wall
look in the mirror its written in biro across your forehead
Newspaper print in black and white
Says don't be afraid of the night
Its yourself you need to be afraid of

© 2014 Pebbles

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Added on April 8, 2014
Last Updated on April 8, 2014



Bristol, South West, United Kingdom

If I didnt write I would probably go out of my mind, I am inspired by everything and everyone around me, you want to know more about me just read my poetry ... all is good in my world .... The film .. more..