Silhouetted within the frame

Silhouetted within the frame

A Poem by Pebbles

You held me closer to your  skin than felt comfortable
Come on we are only passing strangers
There's no need for all these niceties
Pass me a cigarette and be gone with you
The moon is high and I'd rather be alone with my thoughts of who you might of been

Sober for a change
I wipe your sweat from my brow
Too close brother god dam you

Did I say you could come that close
Pushing through my barriers
There's such a thing as personal space my friend

Do I want to join you for a drink
I don't think so
Yep I may have called you friend but that doesn't make you my family
My brother
Hell in just a moment I'm joining the other wanderers on the road to oblivion
Until then speak your truths
Tell no lies

I see you hide behind eyes of ice cold blue
The hues are amazing
But they aren't enough to catch this heart
Not on a night like this anyhow

Ok so your cultured and refined
Behind your grey shaggy hair and your hair spiked chin

Your breathing is shallow upon my skin

Why do you try to touch my soul
Do you really think there's anything left
I've been bleeding on these god dam paper sheets for years now
An obscure poetess from the other side of town
No body notices me
Not until now that is I guess

You deal
Ill win
I always do

You stand silhouetted in the light of the window
I'm sure you were once a handsome soul
Something like loneliness lines your brow
A feeling of need arises in my chest

You are an angel of darkness
And so I let you stay
You may wander my corridors a while if you desire
What be it you desire my way wood friend
You touch so much more

And words will not give away the secrets our bodies hold

Sleep fast on pillows of Egyptian cotton
Crisp white sheets
Blood stained
By my poets hand

Tomorrow you will run wild
Beckoning for your freedom
The silhouetted man with a need for a connection

Spit me out quick
Before your words fail you

© 2014 Pebbles

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The first stanza is a poem in and of itself, and a beautiful one, at that. The spelling and grammatical errors take away from the elegance of the poem; you may want to go back and proofread.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on April 8, 2014
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Bristol, South West, United Kingdom

If I didnt write I would probably go out of my mind, I am inspired by everything and everyone around me, you want to know more about me just read my poetry ... all is good in my world .... The film .. more..