Rosie's story - The letter

Rosie's story - The letter

A Story by Pebbles

Rosie held the vanilla envelope in her shaking hand.
The familiar handwriting, the subtle fragrance of musk, the one smell he knew drove her wild.
Rosie knew this letter would arrive one day soon, but she wasn't sure she was ready to hear Eathen's heart broken words. The heartbreak she had left him with, when she realised there was nothing left for her. The relationship she had with Eathen was unloving and disrespectful and she felt like she had come to a dead end. How long do we pretend to ourselves that everything will change for the better? She used to feel that without him she couldn't survive, loving him was simple, if you stayed on his term's, followed his dream's and never complained.
How she fell for this vain, egocentric fellow she never quite understood.
But five years down the line she knew she had had enough.
Rosie turned the envelope over in her hand, sniffed it and then let it drop from her shaking hand onto the hard surface of the table.
Rosie brushed away a tear that had excaped and ran down her cheek; this wasn't what she needed right now. She had got used to the comfortable numbness which hid a thousand tales of pain.
Rosie didn't go back to the letter at this moment in time; instead she decided to go for a wander , a wander that led her down to the seagull cafe.
There was always a cheery smile and a jolly banter going on in the Seagull.
After the dirty grimy town life she came from, Rosie loved nothing better than to spend tiime with people of substance, people with a little more character than those worrying just how much cash they have in the bank or how fashionable they could make themselves look, as if their moral standing depended upon it.
Ha ha most of the people she had left behind didn't even understand the concept of morals.
God save their souls because they couldn't possibly save their own.
Rosie put her self in check after this thought, there she was going back to old ways of thinking, hadn't she only months before been one amongst these folk.
How time and reflection changes things and who was she to judge.
We are all going forward on our own paths, she was just glad she had decided to take a diversion.
She paid for her coffee and retired to the window seat, a place she had often sat contemplating over the last few months.
There was such a lovely view of the sea from here.
Rosie couldn't actually believe she had found this place, it fed her soul and her heart was slowly healing, her writing was surely going to benefit from the change.

How she loved the sea air
Floating its velvet fingers through her hair
How she loved the sea rushing up to meet her
Like a long lost friend and tickling her toes
In rememberance of good times gone by
How when it was rough she could see her
Soul mirrored in it's madness
When there was no one to hold her
The sea had washed over her
And brought her back to her senses

Rosie was so sure she had at last found her heaven on Earth, a haven from the constent turmoil of her emotions laid bare before her.
But today Rosie had something at the back of her mind as she sipped her warm sweet coffee.
The feeling of safety and contentment had been now replaced with an anxiety that was eating at her frayed mind, threatening chaos to take over once more.
The seagulls banter and laughter seemed muffled and she knew she had to go home to read the letter Aethen had sent....

© 2011 Pebbles

Author's Note

I started writing this on hello poetry at the begining of the year .... more chapters to follow ...let me know what you think ...thankyou for taking time out to read :)

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You are able to breathe out the words that make us feel like we are there.. standing beside Rosie and feeling that sense of recollection and wonder... we feel the beauty drift into anxiety, and hope with all our heart for good news to come again...

Posted 8 Years Ago

Often we find areselves caught in thoose who care less or not at all for us and that story speaks of that feeling.
Dam good work and see i really do read these writes now for your Gonzo comment.

Pebs what I look for ina good write is simple kickarse pics and half naked maidens and dragons cause thats one sexy hampster okay maybe thats just the booze talking

This write has lots of big words and has that thing that eludes me i belive most call it depth but yes i know great writting when i read it.
I have to admit this hit home for i know how it is when men just wont return the love i swear there just so dam stubborn oh snap!

Thats why us girls have to stay togather and have lots of half naked slumber partys
im just saying.
Yes did ya really think I could ever give a comment without just a mild hint of total perve showing up somewhere

Great write my friend and looking forward to the follow up
untill next time avoid unclean hampsters and as always stay crazy


Posted 8 Years Ago

really likes this madam

Posted 8 Years Ago

What an incredibly detailed piece of writing - it's almost a novella! Read through it twice, there's so much packed into it, it's hard to digest all the facts, events! There's a mix of usual language, some traditional, some modern, maybe it's wise to stick to one or other.
Whilst i certainly want to read on, discover more of the past and discover a few future secrets, maybe it would be a good idea to know exactly where you're going with your plans - or, maybe you're letting the story write itself .. surprise, surprise, it happens!
Will return. Thanks for sharing. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

I really like this story. Great flow and captivating. Well done..xx

Posted 8 Years Ago

I enjoyed the poem. The strong description took me to the ocean and her thoughts. I like the internal battle to understand what she wanted and needed. I like the use of the letter. Sort of a mystery to the story. Thank you for a outstanding story.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Wow. This was really good. I am eager to read more of it. And the little poetic piece in between the text was superb. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

awesome Pebbles.......perhaps this should be under stories? Especially if there are going to be more chapters.

Posted 8 Years Ago

You know I love the Rosie Series.. bring it on.. It will be great to see her again..xx

Posted 8 Years Ago

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